Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Homey Holiday

I've been talking much about Bali.

How I adore the island, the atmosphere, the people, and of course, the scenery. I never get bored of this place, and I've always had the urge to write everything about it—from the very first time I landed my feet there, started blogging about it after the second visit, then back and forth, back and forth, with different stories and companions, until finally I reached the time that I don't feel like writing about it anymore. I'm still in love with Bali, I just gradually lose my interest to keep reporting about my journey every time I finish a trip.

Like after I returned from Lembongan during 2016 New Year holiday. It was sick and crazy nice, but I didn't even have the interest to write about that because I knew, I'd be back really soon. And I did. Just last weekend. Initially I'd want to not write anything about it.

But somehow, I can't.

Because this one was different.

All these years, I've always traveled to Bali with tons of objective. Exploring this side of Bali, that side of Bali, this beach, that beach, Gili, Menjangan, Lembongan, blah blah blah. All was fun, oh really. Never once in my lifetime I visited Bali, and had a bad time in there.

And now, as it seemed like I've been to almost all Bali's top destinations, I felt like it's time to enjoy the island in a new way. Not to spot a new place, but to celebrate the whole place, in a new way. A more relaxed way.

Yes, a way to live Bali,
With not much of an agenda.

I call it Bali staycation.
Enjoying the island, by doing nothing.

Hotel, swimming pool, hip eating places, hotel, swag cafes, laptop by the rice paddies, hotel, clubs, nice drinks, good meals, hotel, slow bike ride, book by the beach, hotel, bright sun, hotel, rain, hotel, cotton candy sunset, hotel, hotel, hotel.


I stayed in Batu Belig area, and not even once going much too far away from my hotel. For some people it may be considered a waste of time, but, honestly, it was really worth the waste. Beyond valuable, precisely.

Because apparently,
Bali is a good place to apply

The art of procrastination.

I've unlocked another way to enjoy the island.
And I've always found more reasons to return.

Well Bali,

You just can't ever fail me

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