Monday, May 28, 2012

Men in Black III


After Boris the Animal succeeded releasing himself, he went back to the past and killed young K to avoid his arrest. This affected to the change of history afterwards and yet erasing K from the post 60's timeline. Agent J, which had partnered with K for 14 years is the only one noticing the disappearance of K. He then traveled back to the past and prevented the murder of his partner.

What did I feel right after? Tricked. Gausah nontonnya dulu deh, baca resensinya di atas aja udah bingung kan lo? Haha. Mikir sih emang filmnya tapi jujur, keren abiz. Yaiyalah, kalo gak keren ya gabakal gue post juga. Pokoknya segala yang berbau time traveling itu, menurut gue, selalu menarik. Karena sepanjang jalan pasti satu per satu semua keanehan yang muncul di awal film bakal kejawab. Dan satu lagi yang seru adalah ngikutin pertumbuhan tokohnya. Siapa yang nyangka, misalnya, agent K yang dingin dan pendiem itu ternyata dulunya banyak omong? Atau agent O, si pengganti Zed ternyata dulunya punya lover? Atau agent J ternyata dulunya makmur? Mau tau banget keselanjutannya? Nonton sendiri, jangan banyak nanya.

Because some wise men once said,
"Don't ask questions you don't want to know the answer to."

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Madison Avenue Future Men


Me and my classmates, we call ourselves Adple.
It's the short form of Advertising People.

Me myself, I consider us as a group of mad people.
Cause term 'mad' is somehow suitable for us.
And um, well... things around us.

Especially after yesterday.
Gotta tell ya, things were all mad.

Mad Lecturer
Jadi kemaren ada company visit ke Yahoo! Indonesia di Senayan. Karena satu dan lain hal kita ngaret satu jam dari rencana berangkat, dan muter-muter ga karuan karena salah jalan. Alhasil, kita telat satu setengah jam dari jadwal janjian sama orang Yahoo! nya. Marah? Jelas...

Mad Bus
Nah buat transport bolak-balik kampus-kantor nya, kita disewain bis kuning. Tapi tunggu dulu. Bikun yang ini bukan bikun sebagaimana sejatinya. Yang satu ini semi-rongsok, karat dimana-mana, kursi jebol sana-sini, sistem pendingin alami. Bahkan ada yang nyeletuk kalo bis ini lolos kerusuhan '98 karena kaca depannya retak... Tapi overall gue seneng-seneng aja sih selama naikin itu bis.

Mad Passengers
Di perjalanan pulang sebelum turun dari bis, bikunnya kan ngelewatin beberapa halte sebelum akhirnya nyampe halte FISIP. Nah ketika itu ada yang ngusulin supaya pintunya dibuka pas bikunnya udah deket halte, biar orang-orang yang lagi nunggu pada siap-siap. Berubung gue yang ada di deket pintu, yaudah gue kerjain apa yang sudah direquest fufu kocak juga kan kalo dipikir-pikir. Dan bener aja, di halte Psikologi, pas bikunnya udah deket, banyak banget yang udah berdiri ngarep bisa naik eh ternyata bisnya cuma numpang lewat HAHA ya Tuhan dosa banget sih sebenernya.

Mad Friend
Udah gak dipengenin, udah sedemikian rupa diusir, dicengin, dikacangin dan pas di bis semua orang sengaja duduk rapet-rapetan biar dia gak duduk di sebelah kita, teteup aje doi berkeliaran tanpa dosa.

Mad Creative Director
Ternyata bukan cuma mahasiswa yang dekil otaknya. Jadi setelah ke Yahoo! sorenya kita ada company visit lagi ke Iris Worldwide. Nah disana ada satu sesi sharing sama CD setempat. Dia sempet nanya gitu kan siapa yang minat jadi creative dan pas gue angkat tangan, dia justru bilang supaya gue jangan jadi copywriter soalnya gajinya sedikit. Sumpah ya gue udah jiper sebenernya. Tapi usut punya usut, ternyata dia cuma berusaha menakut-nakuti diriku supaya gue gak jadi masuk creative department dan posisi dirinya sebagai CD pun tidak terancam. Bisa ye masnye.

Mad Duck
Sepulang Iris, beberapa dari kami makan di restoran bebek di Margonda yang gue lupa namanya apa. Karena udah skip dan capek, yang ada disitu ngomongnya udah pada ngelantur semua. Ada lah lawakan karena kebanyakan makan bebek trus pas cegukan bunyinya 'kwek', ada lah yang ngebayangin ada bebek di depannya pas lagi makan, ada lah yang nyeletuk abis ini ada nugget bebek, hadeeehh bocah. Tapi yang paling gila disitu mah sambelnya. Ih Tuhan, gue cuma makan seiprit tapi besoknya mules-mules ga karuan...

Mad... Us?
After all, the main reason why things were going mad around us was because of ourselves. Everything seems  a whole lot funnier, wilder and dumber when we're placed together.

So that's that. Our marvelous experience.
Marvelous day we ever had so far.
Marvelous Advertising Men.
Mad Men, I call us

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Re-Calling: Piggy Bank


You do remember about the AirAsia promo I told you about earlier right?

I got those freakin' cheap airplane tickets to Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok woohoo!! It means that by the early of 2013, if we made it on doomsday, I'll be flying to Malaysia and Thailand yaaayy!!

The image of Malaysia is from here, Thailand's from here

So do you remember back then, well, if you've been my loyal reader since 2010, in which I'm kinda sure I've lost some of my old readers already because by 2011 I happened to stop posting things due to some personal issues and--whoa, whoa easy, Vick! You're out of control...

Okay let's start over.

You remember back then, on 2011 when I planned to go to Bali with my friends, and I promised myself that I would save my money for the whole semester just to make sure I'm living in welfare on that trip? Okay if you forget, or yet if you don't know, just click here...

So yes, that's why I'm here. To state another oath to myself, to save my money for the rest of the year, and make things easy on my trip abroad! And here it is,

"I, Rifky Ramadhan Amin, will officially announce that on this fourth-to-fifth term of my college, I will rarely spend my money for flash-term pleasure things such as watching movies, eating out and buying things prodigally."
-Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok Trip Oath-

Soooo psyched!! Never done this before! And you know what, when I find out about these tickets, I got panicked and started to hunt them aggressively until by the time I had the tickets purchased, I just realized that...

I didn't ask anybody else to go with me.

And now the promo has finished and I'm still on my own.
This is so fvckin' awesome!! I'll be going abroad, ALONE!!
But ssshh, please don't tell my parents, cause if they know,
I may ruin my finest trip ever

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Local Taste Never Lie


So there is this girl.
This famous, famous girl.
Well no longer a girl, actually.
She turned to be a fair, dainty lady.

She's a star of L'Oreal ads here in Indonesia. Back then, when her line was "No More Bad Hair Day", I was mesmerized, indeed, but I have no plan at all to get her worshiped.

Now she came with her new ad, still with L'Oreal.
Several years after the old ad but still, gorgeous.



Burgundy themed ambient.
Flawless model-like gesture.
Long, wavy, fluttering hair.
Lips like licorice.
Fancy dress.

Five chicness, one whole package.
I'm into you, Dian Sastrowardoyo

Let's Get Blogly Bound


Udah *ngitung dulu* tiga taunan gue punya blog. Tapi sepanjang itu, isinya begini-begini aja. Selama SMA ngomongin kegetiran hidup menuntut ilmu dan perjuangan masuk UI. 2010 isinya cuma seneng-seneng pasca lulus-lulusan sama foya-foya jadi maba. 2011 pait--lewatin ajadah.

Nah 2012 ini, gue pengen icip-icip sesuatu yang baru. Kalo kalian peratiin, makin hari gue makin banyak posting. Makin bawel. Bahkan jumlah postingan gue sampe Mei ini udah ngelebihin keseluruhan jumlah postingan gue taun 2011. Bagus apa jelek tuh?

Buat gue sih ya bagus lah. Toh gue jadi makin luwes nulis, traffic naik pesat, silent readers makin banyak, cespleng dah pokoknya. Tapi nih ya, gue masih ngerasa kurang. Sampe akhirnya ada orang yang -sumpah gue lupa siapa- ngerekomendasiin gue gabung Bloggers' Shout Out!

Jadi intinya, organisasi ini punya campaign namanya Blogger Campaign Project. Nah tiap bulannya bakal diangkat satu tema sosial tertentu yang mesti dibikin tulisannya sama seluruh anggota BSO dan dipublish dalam waktu bersamaan. Lucu ya? Gemesh :3

Nah berubung gue anak iklan, ikut-ikutan beginian kan bisa sekalian ngasah kemampuan gue masarin sesuatu. Masarin ide. Ide tuh ya, buat gue, udah lebih mahal daripada baju-baju Topman. Lebih berharga daripada sepatu-sepatu Zara. Kalo gue bisa dapet ide, terus gue jual, mungkin Topman ama Zara udah turun level setara warung buat gue hohoho *evil smirk*

So um, nothing to lose, I thought.
In fact, I'll feel like being forced to write.
In a positive way, of course

P.S. : Jangan cuma nontonin doang, mending gabung disini hayuk-hayuk jangan malu-malu.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Farewell Your Majesty

No comments:

I'm not the biggest fan of this club.
I don't even know that much about it.
About the history, lineups, strategies...

Also about the coach.
That Kenneth Dalglish coach.

You may considered to be failed.
You may not be succeeded giving achievements.

But still, thank you.
Thanks for igniting some hope.
Thanks for convincing me that I picked the right club to cheer upon.

Thanks, King Kenny

P.S. : I read from somewhere, something saying that Pep Guardiola will be the one replacing the manager spot on Liverpool. That will be cool I guess, and I'm kinda excited.
image source: here

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dear Airlines, Sincerely Passenger


Lately, started from two days ago when a friend of mine told me that AirAsia offered promo for the period of January to May 2013, I began regularly visiting the web and checked for some flights I may be interested to fill my fourth-to-fifth semester off.

And I started to feel dizzy. Man these schedules. I can't decide which flight to take cause I really, really want to go to Bangkok but fly there from Jakarta will cost quiet much. So I checked the flights from KL to Bangkok which indeed, were much cheaper than Jkt-Bkk. But if I take this one, I'll have to pay more for my flight from Jakarta to KL and plus, more for my hotel rooms too.

It's sooooo depressing yet I really want to experience this!

Then somehow I remembered to a story told by one of my lecturers about someone who hated Adidas so much that he shared his thoughts on his blog. Then out of nowhere Adidas knew about that and started sending all their products to this someone until he finally flipped and turned to like Adidas, and shared his best experience online.

That happy ending story inspired me to write this:

"Dear AirAsia, 
I hate you and your schedule! I really have no interest to take your flight from Jakarta by January 30th and from KL by February 10th, including your hot seat and nasi lemak. Not to mention your other flight from KL by February 3rd and from Bangkok by February 7th. I don't ever want to take that and your other hot seats plus your finest chicken curry, ever!
Please consider my letter."

Okay, okay I'm just kidding.
But still, deep inside, I'm hoping.
Will I ever get free flights after this?

Monday, May 14, 2012

Reported to You, From Manchester


Just now, as you all probably knew, was the last matchday of the English Premier League. The top two Manchesters were head to each other's head to be the toppest. They earned the same point of 86, same winnings of 27, same draws and loses of each 5. Only the number of goals made City stayed on the first place.

And so the battle began,

Manchester United vs. Manchester City
Stadium of Light - Etihad Stadium
Sunday, May 13th 2012

You felt that too, eh? Although United was against Sunderland and City was feasting QPR, it felt like those two were the one battling. People turned hectic. I observed my twitter timeline and saw many people were like switching channels to see each match's progress.

Things started to heat up on the first half when both United and City scored one. But the best happened on the second half, in Etihad.

When QPR made it 1-1 by Cisse and Mackie, several minutes later turned things over by making it 1-2. It was so depressing for Mancini, I supposed. The commentator even said, "It's yours, United! It's yours!!" when Mackie scored. And the desperation lasted until the injury time, until United finished their game.

However, quote "Save the best for the last" truly happened.

Like a soap opera plot, City fired up after being bullied. Dzeko scored a goal by the last three minutes of the injury time, and ignited a tiny little hope for the fans. They needed less than two minutes to make one more goal, just one.

It was like a sudden death match -well, not a match actually, a sudden death minute will be suitable- for City. They scored one and they won it, they didn't score then um, they didn't win it.

And yes, miracle happened. Aguero was the one who scored the league-winning goal, ruining the temporary euphoria United just had for only two minutes.

So yea, Manchester City is the winner of EPL 2011/2012

Phew what an ending. I'm not a fan of either one, but that was a hell lot of a match. So breathtaking that I wanted to post it here. And yet, I overread on my timeline, a tweet that said,

"We are witnessing a history"

It had me thinking. He was right. This kind of drama, it's just too precious just to be told. And remembered. And talked about. It has to be recorded.

So um, you can call me 'karbitan' yea whatever
But I was one of witnesses of this epic drama
And since it's a big part of EPL's history, so
Just let me write

P.S. : Bestest ovation for the keeper of QPR and QPR themselves, because they can fought the almighty City even just with 10 people. And congrats for not being kicked out from the EPL ;)

Sunday, May 13, 2012



So yesterday I happened to install an app for my iPod and guess what, it's about a brand logo guessing game woot woot!! Some of you may knew about that, but for you who hasn't heard, it is called LogosQuiz.

I know sooner I'll be dealing a lot with these
That's why I'm soooooo interested to play the game
I may even call myself a logo-fvcker

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Dark Shadows


Had love rejected, evil witch Angelique Bouchard cursed Barnabas Collins to be a vampire and trapped him inside a box for 200 years. After released, Barnabas searched for the remaining family members of his and reunited with the brand new Angelique. He also met a girl named Victoria Winters, whose figure was way too similar to his lover back then named Josette. To be able to win Barnabas' heart, Angie will cast all the spells and curses she has and do anything she desires, including destroys the Collins.

dark-shadows-character-poster-banner-johnny-deppWhat did I feel right after? Entertained. Jujur plotnya, bagi gue, agak berantakan tapi kayaknya justru disitu seninya. Tim Burton gituloh. Pokoknya banyak kejutan dan kekocakan sepanjang film deh. Plus, I guess I've told you before, movies that consist lots of characters and family members could really win me. Dan satu lagi yang bikin gue sampe ngepost film ini di blog adalah karena main actornya itu Johnny Depp dan salah satu actressnya itu ada si Helena Bonham Carter. For me, those two are the god and goddess of casting art. Johnny Depp tau sendiri kan, segala macem jenis peran udah pernah dia lakuin. Nah Helena Bonham Carter ini menurut gue, adalah versi cewek si Depp. Sayangnya, peran doi disini cuma minor jadi gak muncul banyak. Padahal mantep tuh kalo dua duanya jadi jagoan. But still, I love the whole story.

"This was where a vampire made love to a witch
This was where the hero slept with the villain.
This was un-guess-able"
image source: here

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Heroes and Perfectionism


So now everybody's talking about The Avengers.

Yeah, uhuh I know, mainstreams... Well I'm dying to see that too but uh, you know, the cinema's too crowded lately although the movie's shown in dozens of studios all around the city.

But honestly, I'm not that interested. Why? Because in the Marvel Universe, I happen to be the fan of X-Men and Fantastic 4. Now that neither of them are allied to The Avengers, I'm not so moved to watch.

Speaking of Fantastic 4, I guess I know why they're not joined to the gang. What? Scarlett Johansson's way hotter than Jessica Alba? Haha over my dead body, dude. Alba's much more gorgeous.

Okay now people, back to business!
I guess I know why they're not joined to the gang.


Because there will be two Chris Evans

The image of Human Torch's from here, Capt. America's from here

Lumpish. Why on earth didn't they -I use term 'they' because I have no idea who's responsible of picking the actor for each hero- consider first before choosing the actors? Didn't they ever imagine about how if someday, these Marvel heroes will team up as a whole superior group of earth-savers and fight an evil set of villains??

Sigh now see what they've done. The one-hit-wonder-group just consists of a maniac engineer, the scientific green beast, some heroine that even had no movies of her own, and some other characters I barely know.

Well I'm not saying that the movie sucks. I haven't even seen it, please note that. I'm just stating my disappointment of them not recruiting Fantastic 4 and X-Men. They're a hell lot cooler than other Marvel heroes you could ever ask.

So seriously, no offence.
I'm just a freaky perfectionista

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Self Defence


It's so early in the morning but I'm here already, posting.
Well yea I got this idea inside my head and I didn't wanna miss it.

Now if you noticed, I put a banner of "Sayembara Ahmad Wahib" in this blog. The competition is somewhat a search of an inspiring blog that spreads tolerance and values about diversity. It sounds so not like me but um, it's worth trying. Nothing to lose tho.

However, it's not that I did it all for granted. I know, my blog's just like a bible full of baloney and drivel, and even sometimes you can find some harsh words here.

But at some point, I want to show my passion in blogging that never stops.
I have no time but I write. I'm busy but I share.

I want to tell everybody that even I, an amateur writer that has no background about writing skill, is willing to write. I want to let everybody know that even I, an inexperienced young adult who really has no idea about the whole world, is willing to share.

So whoever whenever wherever you are, write now. You can share your thoughts and nobody else can forbid you doing this. This is your media, our media. We own our own things.

You may consider this post as a coax to suck up the judges.
Well, assume whatever you want to assume.
I just stated what I really intended.

So good luck to me, then.
May the best one wins.

It's so early in the morning but I'm here already, posting.
And that's what I want others to do