Sunday, November 9, 2014

Classic Wish

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Disney strikes again.

Don't you think it's enough for you, Disney, that you've been stealing my heart for 20 years or so, and keep doing it again and again, although you're starting to let go of your classical hand-drawn style? I've been trying to dislike you since Brave because you were getting more serious in doing hi-tech animation and stuff but... You kept blowing me away instead! Especially after yesterday I watched

Poster's from here.

You never changed. You kept delivering fantastic creations. I'm not talking about the overall animation because it's starting to not looking a lot like, Disney. What can I say, for me, you're losing your Disney touch in the animation. But then, I wasn't talking about that. It was more to the storyline, that I loved the most. The emotion you emerged, the moral you highlighted. And my old wish you brought back.

Back to my childhood era, I was so obsessed to have my own robotic friend. Like a maniac. I used to build it out of blocks, made it with papers, enriched it with special features like compartments to keep my small stuff, gave a little pocket to smudge paper made tools--I was a scientist!

Then you came up with Baymax. He talks to Hiro, comforts him, treats his wounds. But nothing that made me envy-er than the time when Baymax was upgraded to fighting form. Shit man, it was like the only reason I once ever thought about entering the natural science major in high school so that I can proceed to engineering school -thank God I didn't manage to do that for real.

But. It's not Baymax that I want to steal from Hiro.
If I have to say what made me jealous the most,

It's Tadashi.

Definitely not mine, got it from here.

For you who has no idea, I was born as a first son of three. Having two younger brothers is extremely fun, but, I've always been dying to have an older one. An asshole guardian elder brother that takes me for granted, uses and abuses me in a comical way, tells me to do his chores, get his stuff here and there--yes, it could be a pain in the ass but I would want one. I didn't exactly know when this feeling began, I just think I grew up with that wish.

Tadashi, for his whole appearance on the movie, couldn't make me stop thinking that he's the kind of big brother I've been dreaming for. Protective, wise, seem to know my needs and wants, even more than I do. And that's not all. He's also a bit rebel, knows how to act crazy with his little brother, wrestle and drive like a nut together.

As freaky as it may sound -and I'm pretty sure that yes, I might sound freak, I literally got jealous of Hiro. Felt like I wanted to get inside the movie, kick his smart-ass butt out of the screen and have Tadashi -and Baymax too!- all the way for my-damn-self.


I never realized how weird this obsession was,
Until Tadashi appeared like a big bro of my dream.

And Hiro.

He acted like I thought I would be if I have an elder brother.
Reckless, silly, behave as if I can do anything and don't need him.

But actually, deep inside
I look up to him

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Indonesians Kan't be Expected Alot


For their English, yes, that's why the title of this post messed a bunch.

Oh, sorry, did I offend certain parties? Well I'm alerting you guys now. This post is going to be extra negative-toned due to this pretty unique phenomenon happened recently in my hometown. One word. Four letters.

See those people on bottom left? Guess what they were about to do! ;)

Yea, shame on us, the furniture warehouse just came in to our country. Some were familiar about it, some others just acted like they knew much about it but the fact is: they only happened to see the logo somewhere when they were shopping -not traveling- in Singapore, or, maybe just got exposed somewhere in the internet. The point is, the whole Jakarta was like really enthusiastic in welcoming the store.

I myself, wasn't really care that much. And I didn't really want to bother coming all the way down from home to the far-far-away store just to "check" what I want to buy. Check, got it? Check, not actually buy. Because I know I won't shop much in there--I know my limit in crafting things from zero to wardrobe-with-mirror, and I'd definitely, without a doubt, give up in the middle of the making.

But last week -geez, cool things happened "last week" lately I'm so living my weekdays as a worker :(- I went there anyway with a friend. It was okay, since I didn't drive, so it was okay. At least I could do a preliminary research if someday I urgently need to go there. And my college friend worked in there too so, maybe I could surprise her!

So it was Sunday, and as expected, full of people. It took more than 30 mins to search a for parking spot. And I was actually being grateful for that. Because when we -my friend, to be exact- were wasting time to park the car, I could see with my very own eyes, what people were actually doing in there.

I unlocked four (pity) insights
of what my beloved citizens actually do in IKEA

Walking away from the store, most people only had unnecessary stuff in their hands. Folded chairs, plastic plants, wall clock and... Freaking photo frames!? Oh wow, I just couldn't believe they were willing to go through everything only for frames they could actually buy in department stores closer to their houses. That's one.

Secondly, as you all might've guessed before, is dining. Crowding the restaurant. The eating place. The ice cream queue--I mean, oh my God, ice cream... Okay. Well. Good thing was, I lost my appetite when I found out that there were more people crowding the restaurant than the actual store. The warehouse where people pick their own packed furniture being the emptiest of all spaces, meaning that attendants who actually shop for actual home furnitures were, limited.

The fvcking ice cream queue :)

Then we have the "let's take a photo in front of the logo" scene. Well. No. I'm not gonna talk much about it. This case is really sensitive I think I'm skipping it.

Finally, messing around. Trash and mess are everywhere, I can't imagine what the expat employees of IKEA have in mind when they have to clean up the disaster Indonesians made to their working place. And they did mess much, but did buy nothing.

This was right before I entered the building. What a first impression.
I'd want to clean it but, I'm Indonesian so I took a photo and whine.

After all, what they were aiming for at the first place was, of course, the checking in social media part. I don't wanna be shallow about it, because I did it too. Although my actual objective of visiting IKEA wasn't either one of those four pity-ness I mentioned above, I did post a photo in Path and attach the location. But that's what everybody in Jakarta do, yes?

And of course, it's all about being the part of the euphoria. I really, really know that going to IKEA on the first two weeks would be a very fvckin bad idea. But then on the same time I felt really thankful because I had the chance to go there before the roar ends so I could see everything myself.

But that's okay, Jakartans. And Indonesians.
It's a good sign, to be honest, seeing us like that.
Means that we're growing. Socially, economically.

But we still need to fix our manner.
And please keep in mind about one thing:
Don't get too carried away

P.S. : I returned home with a wardrobe and a mirror, so don't judge me okay? :)