Monday, December 31, 2012

Baby, I'm A Firework

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Last year, after I succeeded surviving the worst year I thought I had ever faced, I told myself that the following year would be a whole lot better year to walk through.

God saved something good for me, I entertained myself. Way good enough that He made 2011 that suck to give this year a nice one to be grateful about.

And I was right.
2012 was so wonderful.
Can't even stand to say goodbye.

I experienced a lot.
I learned a lot.
I felt a lot.

I explored myself high, like a firework.
And sparked while the world enjoying.

Now I'm ready for 2013.
Another amazing year I'm sure I'll have.

So welcome, the year of human-race-survival-celebration.
Goodbye, 2012 :)

Friday, December 28, 2012

Saltwater Mistletoe

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Ho, ho, ho...

So christmas is finally over. But umm, okay this one this year was the best I ever felt -since I never celebrated one, anyway. But in spite of experiencing it in polar-like ground, I rocked the christmas in the sandy land of Bali!

It was just four-days-escaping-self-from-those-freaking-exams getaway but, damn fun! We didn't go to Kuta, Sanur or any other places we usually go. We stayed at Seminyak, and our beachy itineraries were... Umm... Don't tell anybody okay?

Those were secret beaches!

Yes, secret! These are anti-mainstream beaches that are not what come up to mind once people plan to go to Bali.

So by the first day we went up to Jimbaran. Tough road, I must say because we rode through many turns, ups and downs, and stuff. If you ask me to get you there, I don't think I might remember.

But gotta tell ya, the place is paradise. People call that Tegal Wangi. On that day, there were only some people, thank God, and the ambient was... indescribable. The cool thing was, you have to walk down some steep steps of rocky path to get the beach.

On day two, we went down south to Benoa area. Today we planned to go to the southernmost point of the island, and paid a visit to this beach called Pandawa. White sand, clear sky, nice wind blowing... The only thing that's missing was the silence. Yea, this beach is much more crowded than Tegal Wangi.

But that's alright. Because the journey to this beach, as one of my friends said, was dramatic. So we had to take a quiet long ride. Then entered some cut-off valley -which looked like a mighty entrance gate- until finally we reached this corner where you can see the wide sea right before your very eyes. God, writing this can't ever picture the real scenery!

Anyway, besides those new tourist spots, I also dedicated this trip to explore some new culinary experience. So yeah, my friends introduced me to these two restaurants named Warung Kolega and Warung Italia!

I never planned to blog this so I didn't take any photograph of Warung Kolega.
So the left pic is from here, while the right side is from here

Warung Kolega was more about Javanese food. Like warteg, as you know it. While Warung Italia, yea I don't think I have to tell what it is. So one thing that makes me want to share about this two eating places is because they set a very, very cheap price for the foods. And the concept's kinda cute. You pick what you want to eat from the buffet, they'll give you the price tag of those food and, you eat first then pay later.

What an experience! I prepared quiet much for this. I mean, for the christmas. Picked red and green rubber for my brackets, wore red-themed shirts for the christmas eve and the christmas itself and of course, wore the Santa hat all day long! Including airport and the plane :p

With a friend from Australia. Argh if only you could see my braces... They're so christmasy!

Never been so ready for christmas.
Can't wait to do the same next year and-
Oh anyway, talk about next year... Santa?
Can I please step on snow rather than sand?

P.S. : Amen to what I wished ;)

Sunday, December 9, 2012

They Heard Me


Visit Indonesia.

Familiar with that? Yea it was our tourism tagline long ago. Until some other day, when I thought the tagline was still the same, I read something new sounded like, "Wonderful Indonesia"

Now what is that, I questioned myself. “Is it a new tagline for Indonesian tourism?”

The next thing I know, I was on my laptop already, searched the web for the answer. And yes. Although it was announced almost two years ago, now I knew that the Ministry for Tourism and Creative Economy had dropped the old tagline of this

To this

All these years, I never stopped wondering about why they picked “Visit Indonesia” at the first place. It sounded pathetic. Like we beg all other nations to try checking out our country. Just a simple visit and, yea, if they want to go back home then please just do.

I personally don't like the word 'Wonderful', but I'm not going to make a big deal out of it. Again. At least this one is better than the previous one.

It made Indonesia like a surprising paradise. A land of mother nature, carrying thousands of natural wonders that most people around the world have no idea about. It’s like a place where people experience more things that they ever expected.

It’s simply a heaven’s touch.
They’re so right calling ourselves wonderful.

Now although they have made such big step to collect tourists,
There's still this only one last thing they have to do.

Some people are still careless about this. They don't feel like included or something. Each of them still trace their own path, with different way of walking.

Yes. We want tourists to come gathering in Indonesia,
Yet we people of Indonesia are not fully gathered.

Whoever in charge of this, please put us together.
Make us united, make us accept the identity, make us care.

Or at least,
Make me change the title of this post to
"I Heard Myself"

Video source: here

Worst Gig, Maybe...

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If the fucking traffic jam,
If the sudden heavy rain, and
If the wet outfits are included.

Aside of that...


Djakarta Warehouse Project
At Istora Senayan, Dec 7th 2012

Emang sih, gue nonton cuma bertiga. Sama Cika sama Kejot. Yang lain entah dimana beredar ga karuan, gue gak bawa hape dan males ngubungin satu satu. Dan gue gak nonton dari awal. Karena macet yang guguk banget itu, gue baru sampe venue jam setengah 11. Dan stage yang gue pantengin cuma satu dari tiga.

Tapi entah gimana, gue ga ngerasa sia sia ngeluarin 500 ribu.

Meski gue cuma bisa nonton Angger Dimas yang gue gatau samsek lagu-lagunya -pun gue baru tau ada orang namanya Angger Dimas hari itu juga- sama Calvin Harris -gila aja kali kalo gue sampe ga dapet Calvin Harris, masa insiden 13/10 keulang lagi??- yang gue cuma tau tiga dari sekian lagu-lagunya... I was having fun though.

Apalagi pas "Feel So Close". Udah gangerti lagi keseruan yang terjadi di dunia pada saat itu. Berasa... Apa ya? Semacam hidup bebas hidup ringan tanpa perlu kerja karena uang dikasih sama pemerintah -beraque, mana mungkin yak :')

Trus yang bikin mood gue boosted adalah karena sejak awal, gue udah dapet semua insentif yang dijanjikan dengan maksimal. Foto booth dapet 3 -tanpa harus follow account twitter mereka- jadi masing-masing dapet satu. Neon stick dapet 6, masing-masing dapet dua. Gantungan Wakai, meskipun stoknya udah abis, tapi karena Kejot sama Cika anaknya seductive parah gitu kan, jadilah dapet 3.

But one thing I like the most from the event was, because I explored a little further about the other side of me that was able to enjoy the show wholeheartedly, sincerely. Was like Pitbull all over again. Without forces, without pushes and tensions, if you know what I mean.

Because with him,
even the gig that I thought was supposed to be the worst
Could turn so extremely marvelous

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

And Our Childhood Lived Happily Ever After

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Where should I start?
Well, I don't know.

So there was this guy.
A man of honor.
A noble guy.

He helped us making our own earlier stage of life, our childhood.
Taught us lessons, delivered morality through animated livelihood.
Brought us all up to the sky, down the sea, deep inside the wood.

Every kids' hero. The god.
His name should be carved in Olympus.
His portraits should be hung upon every castle's hall of fame.

King of the Wonderland.
Made our days like Neverland.

If someone ever ask whom I'd be happily working for,
That's going to be the time I mention his name.

Happy 111th Birthday
Walt Disney

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Quick, It's Still So Hypstah!

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There will always be a time when hipster things started to turn mainstream-ish, whatever it is. That's what happened to Logos Quiz. Yea so I lost the exclusivity of the app. Especially since the game outline now are ruined by annoying ads.

That, is the time I found Icon Pop Quiz!

Basically the rules are the same. Only in this app, the questions are all about TV series or movies, and whole wide range of characters and even mascots.

The major thing I like most is the icons. Those are super cute, and minimalist. For me, the generator of the questions are much more creative than the one who made Logos Quiz because they did more than just erasing or wiping some part of the logos. They constructed more twisting things to be answered!

I can't tell how dumb I laughed when trying to answer the top-left question.
Felt like I needed to hit the creator of the app with a tank :'D

But one thing I hate about the app is, you know, the inconsistency. There are some certain confusion in answering because sometimes the answers are flexible. Like for example, Princess Jasmine of Disney. When you just answer 'Jasmine', it turns out to be incorrect.

Some characters need to be answered with their full name, yet some others don't. Like 'Mickey' with 'Mouse', but on the other case the answer is just 'Fred' without 'Flinstones'. Sounds unimportant tho, but for perfectionist people who craves for perfect answers with full points like me, that's just a big, big deal.

But yeaaa, at least the game's fun.
Let's enjoy this before it turns to be
Another no-longer-indie game

Saturday, December 1, 2012

I'm Oh So Done!


Friday, November 30th 2012
Maybe the best day of the entire 5th semester,
I suppose.

So you knew about Jiffy Jive. I was in charge of the opening performance -which turned out to be a fashion dance- AND the honor to be the admin of the event's twitter. Those are quiet much jobs for one person, eh? Ho. Ho. Ho. Not for me.

At the same time, I was asked to handle the publication and design of another big big event called Barata Dwipantara. That was an event of feature, photography and poster competition of Indonesian travelling. And there was a talk show by the end of the event, which was yesterday. Oh, for your information, I never had any experiences about this division. And once I had the chance, I was the coordinator :')

Anyway that's just not all. Although I have some men who were in charge of this, I was also taking care of the event's twitter! Can you imagine that? Two crucial positions at two big events, with two twitter accounts under my control?

Hectic, yes but... I did learn a lot.

About fashion. About publication strategy. About clothing line. About media partnership. About British slang. About digital designs. About life. About choices. About priorities. About hard work. About coordination. About... Cherish.

Thank God.
I made it, I survived.
And I worked with the best team.

Now I really need some time off.
Like no more committee things for now!

But still...

Friday, November 30th 2012
Was the best day of the entire 5th semester,
I'm pretty sure about that

P.S. : I swear I'm gonna post pictures of my co-workers. Soon enough.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Excitement in Here, There, And Everywhere

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November 24th, 2012
We call it A Day In The Life

Jadi di Komunikasi UI, ada satu tradisi turun temurun dimana satu angkatan diharusin buat bikin acara semacem pentas seni yang nunjukkin bakat-bakat maba, sekaligus ngundang senior-senior dan para alumni. Taun 2010 lalu, gue jadi pihak yang dieksplorasi itu. Tahun ini, angkatan gue yang bikin acara itu.

Dulu namanya "Komnight". Tapi, angkatan gue pengen sedikit merubah persepsi dan branding yang udah diasosiasiin sama nama itu. Nah jadilah tahun ini -atau mungkin buat seterusnya- namanya jadi "Kom Art Fest".

Tiap angkatan punya tema yang beda-beda buat Komnight mereka. Nah taun gue, kita ngangkat The Beatles gitu deh. Namanya pun beda-beda sesuai tema. Kalo angkatan gue ngasih nama

Jadi sejak angkatan 2012 masuk UI, panitia Jiffy Jive udah mulai ribet sendiri. Nyusun konsep acara, nyari sponsor, ngaudisi talent buat ditampilin, nentuin artis, nentuin sistem ticketing, bikin media publikasi, la la la~ ye ye ye. Nah kalo gue, ditunjuk jadi PJ Opening, dibantu sama empat cewek kece ini.

From left to right, meet Ratih, Paula, Catia and Bunga

Alhamdulillah semuanya lancar sampe hari H. Yaa ada sih ya sandungan-sandungan kerikil nyeri yang ampuh bikin gue jadi kepikiran siang malem gitu tapi untungnya dengan bantuan Allah Yang Maha Kuasa, semua beresssss.

Ngomong-ngomong soal hari H. Gimana ya bilangnya. Hmm pokoknya setelah kemaren itu, gue jadi makin sayang sama angkatan gue.

Gimana nggak. Jadi kan kalo pas mabanya lagi nampil, senior yang gemes banget pengen kenalan sama itu anak-anak baru itu, pengen banget nerobos stage buat ikutan tampil. Nah buat menyiasati itu, dibentuklah yang namanya Komborder. Nah kemaren itu, entah kenapa secara alamiah Komborder kebentuk dari cowok-cowok angkatan gue.

Se. Ru. Ba. Nget. Awalnya sih masih sante. Kiri gue Kristo, kanan gue Reza. Tangan udah saling kait-kaitan, kaki udah nyilang. Apesnya, posisi gue ada di ujung panggung nih, perbatasan leveling. Jadi kaki kiri gue ada dibawah, kaki kanan gue di stage. Ngaco gak ngaco gak??

Trus trus. Mulai deh gejolak dorongan senior berdatangan. Mereka histeris gitu kan minta dibolehin masuk sama teriak-teriak nyuruh kita duduk karena gak keliatan. Yang lebih ngaco lagi, senior yang ngegerombol di sekitaran gue itu banyak banget, ada kayanya seribu orang. Gila deh itu mah gue udah kayak rumput laut diterjang ombak.

Nah jadi ceritanya ikatan antara gue sama Reza udah melemah nih -cielaaaahh- gue udah meringis takut aja ada yang jeblos. Trus tetiba dari arah depan, bantuan datang. Willy langsung ngeback up kita berdua. Tapi bukan border aja nih guys yang bisa ngeback up, senior pun bisa. Makin gila aja kan tuh yang dorong-dorong gue Reza sama Willy.

Posisi gue udah kayak sumo. Ngerti kan, kaki ditekuk lebar membentuk huruf O, trus tangan ngepel diatas lutut. Nah tiba-tiba gatau gimana jadinya, kanan bawah itu lowong parah kan, siapapun bisa masuk. Duh yaudah daripada daripada, kaki kanan gue panjangin buat mengisi kekosongan itu. Jadi intinya gimana kawan-kawan? Posisi gue udah kayak sumo dengan kaki kanan diluruskan. Lu pikirin deh tuh.

Etapi etapi, gak selesai disitu oy. Dengan posisi terbaru gue itu, terjadilah kekosongan antara tangan dan kaki kanan gue. Senior yang mungil bisa meluncur dengan indahnya lewat lobang itu. Trus, gatau gue harus berterima kasih apa nggak, junior gue ada yang lari dan ngisi lobang itu dengan... Pantatnya :')

In the circle, anak 2012 yang dengan santainya duduk di kaki gue. Gue dimana?
Gausah dicari, kepala-kepala yang histeris pengen masuk ke stage itu ngalangin gue :')

Jadi bisa dibayangin gak sekarang? Posisi gue yang udah absurd itu, dengan kaki yang diluruskan, sekarang ada orang duduk diatasnya. Gimana gak gemeteran sih lutut kiri gue? :'(

Tapi sumpah ya, itu seru banget. Anak-anak cowok angkatan gue ada di atas stage, ga peduli dia panitia atau bukan, SAR atau bukan, semuanya naik buat ngebantuin. Bahkan Saurin yang disitu seharusnya jadi MC, bela-belain bantuin border huhu terharu.

Nah pas Komboys udah di puncak dengan perpiramidan mereka, gue pengen nangis tuh disitu. Bukan karena apa-apa, tapi karena pas itu gue ngeliat angkatan gue yang lagi susah payah menghalau senior buat masuk. Gila, cool abiz.

Setelah penutupan, ga ngerti lagi gimana senengnya kita panitia. Apalagi pas ada pengumuman kalo acara ini surplus. Gini deh, bisa balik modal aja udah seneng, ini surplus loh haha.

Oh well, that's a lot of story. I'm stopping here before I can't control myself.
However, although I don't tell the whole story, I have this bottom line to share.

When we come together,
With a little help from my friends,
We can work it out, no matter how hard it is.

Jiffy Jive, Let It Beat :)

All pictures belong to Aziman

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Finest Sick I Ever Suffered


Once, there are two fictional super annoying characters named Monica Geller and Sheldon Cooper. She's from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. and he's from The Big Bang Theory. Although they are irritating, most likely to be hated or something, I uh, find them attractive.

Picture of hers was obtained from here, while his was from here

Why? Because they're my people.

So there are times when I want everything is right in order. Where all things are placed, structured and organized in where they are supposed to be. When every single detail, or how those details work, is uniformed well.

This, is what people call as an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. 
Yes, it's an illness, actually, but it's not something that might kill you.

Those two guys I mentioned earlier are exactly the same, as me. Sheldon can't stand seeing untidy rooms, and brains, that work different from his way of thinking. While Monica... Monica, ahh she's the master of OCD I must refer her as the goddess of this.

Me? Pretty much the same. Like how this blog works, for example. Ah well it's all under the rule of this OCD thingy. And there are some other things!

I don't like seeing my room messy -just don't like, but sometimes I'm too lazy to clean that up so I have to suffer a massive OCD attack each and every day. Also I have to order my money in my wallet from the smallest to the biggest nominal, with those heroes faces out. Then I always rename contacts my friends saved on my phone, to similize the pattern as any other contacts inside. I can't even stop thinking why Agumon and Gabumon did Digivolve up to the Mega Level while the others stuck only at Ultimate! It bugged my childhood a lot!

Weird, eh? For us, everything has to be perfect.

Like last night. When I went to Sushi Groove. I ordered Mayo Dream Roll and Twisted Chicken Karaage. Long after, it was down to two bites; one chicken and one roll. Well, since I wanted the best for my dining experience, it took me long enough to decide which one to be eaten first, and which one could be the best closure of my meal.

The pain didn't end, yet. When the bill came up and my credit card handled it all, the waiter told me that actually I could use their student promo to obtain like 15% discounts. What. The. Hell. Why didn't you tell me earlier, I cursed her down inside myself. Up 'till now I'm typing this word, I still can't stop thinking of how happy I could be if I paid those meals less.

It's not because I'm cheap,
Not even because I'm stingy,
It's all because subconsciously,
I want everything works perfectly

Monday, November 12, 2012

Call For 90s Kids, Come In 90s Kids!

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You remember back then, when MTV used to air lots and lots of music videos? Yea well honestly I didn't, because on that time I was still too young. But what I heard from some people, MTV rocked each of their days.

Today, they play less high quality music for some stupid, non-sense uninteresting TV shows instead. And kids our age started complaining. Said that they--well, WE, missed the old MTV.

Yea? You agree uh? Well, let's try to stop whining. Why, because MTV starts counter-attacking us and blame us 90s kids as the main villain of what we've been moaning about.

You better see this.

Sounds silly, eh? But let's sit back and think about what Mr Destiny said on that video. And be honest to all of us. Subconsciously, after seeing that clip, you know you're a part of MTV's decreasing number of music video. Right?

So maybe, once again we need to stop complaining.
Although, well, that's not what I'm concerned about, actually.

"Admit it. You're getting older. You're afraid. Soon, you'll be totally irrelevant to pop culture. Face down."
-- Michael Destiny

That, is it

Video source: here

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Spot The Difference

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On the previous post, when I was about to describe how Chaka Khan performed the night I attended The Hitman concert, I said that I was gonna talk about it next. And I guess now it is.

So yea I happened to see her -and even heard her name- for the first time there, by the concert. Never before, never ever. She looked so energetic, fired up and all psyched. Speaking of appearance, she's sort of small, height-wise. But she's brave, you know like, "all out" if you know what I mean.

Here, here, take a deeper look at her.

What do you think, huh? Similar to someone?
Yea. Yea, I guess so; similar. To her.

It's hers. I got this from her own twitter

Speak no more! They might be mother and daughter, I thought. The first time Chaka came to the stage, I couldn't help but calming myself and tried to stop me from matching her with Nicki Minaj!

And their performance, Lord, so identical! So passionate, so powerful, danceful, loud and, don't forget, seductive. You can even see some curves here, there and everywhere, if you know what I mean.

About voices, well Chaka's was unbelievable. My friend even joked that she could create high pitched voice with no effort seemed. Nicki's not as marvelous as hers, but I like her raps. I like her, as a matter of fact. Although my girlfriends think that she's slutty and disgusting, I don't know, I still find her attractive. In a humor way, anyway.

Overall they're so, so each other. The appearance, the outfit, the gesture, the extra show, if you know what I mean, are kinda twin-like.

Chaka's portrait's from here, Nicki's from here

But yea telling this won't make you just agree with me straight away.
You got to see how each of them perform on stage.
Then you'll know what I mean

Saturday, November 10, 2012

As I Say 'Gig', It Usually Means Standing And Dancing All Along


But for last night, well it's the other way around.

Jadi semalem gue nonton sebuah konser. Alhamdulillah dapet tiketnya gratis, tapi kayaknya gue gamau ceritain disini karena ntar merusak esensi postingan yang mau gue dedikasiin full buat

David Foster & Friends
Mata Elang International Stadium, Ancol

Haha sumpah gue gapernah aware sama sekali sama si om David Foster ini. Bahkan awalnya gue kira dia penyanyi! Tapi setelah menelisik lebih jauh, akhirnya gue tau kalo dia ini pencipta lagu, dan lagu-lagunya dinyanyiin sama orang-orang tenar yang gue tau. Meski demikian, meski gue cuma tau satu dari lusinan lagu yang muncul dalam konser itu, gatau kenapa gue ngerasa seneng-seneng aja gitu nontonnya. Oh wait, gue tau!

Karena konser ini beda sama yang sebelum-sebelumnya. Ya ya, pas David Guetta juga gue bilang itu konser beda dari yang sebelumnya. Tapi yang ini beda dari awal sampe akhir, beda luar dalem!

First of all, and the most crucial thing, we didn't really have to take a queue. Damn, I love high-end concerts! Karena si promotor tau yang dateng bakalan orang-orang generasi terdahulu, jadilah seat nya tertulis di tiket, jadi gapake rebutan. And yes, we got a seat! Seumur-umur nonton konser, selalu bediri gitu kan trus jingkrak-jingkrakan ampe modar.

Then the line-up, well don't get me started with the line-up. But I have to!

Please click each name to see the source of the pics

Let's talk about each of them from left to right! Fernando Varela, gila suaranya dahsyat banget. Hayley Westenra, pertama kali denger doi nyanyi langsung keinget Celine Dion. Paul Young, yaaa gak terlalu berkesan tapi okelah. Chaka Khan, well I'm so gonna talk much about her on my next post. Kenny "Babyface" Edmond, ahh thanks to him because he sang "The End of The Road" which was the only song I know from the whole concert. Raisa, baca aja deh disini. Terakhir Dirty Loops, band dari Swedia apa kalo gasalah, yang semoga aja mereka cepet terkenal, jadi at least gue pernah nonton mereka pas masih cupu :')

One last thing that I loved was, the interactivity. Si David Foster nya itu kayak gak keburu-buru gituloh. Bawain lagu, becanda, ngundang orang, becanda lagi, ngajak penonton nyanyi, becanda lagi sama Om Pri, ngenalin anggota band, becanda lagi ahh lucu deh pokoknya. Beda banget ama Pitbull yang bet bet bet tiba-tiba udah selesai -tapi tetep, itu konser yang paling oke sejagad.

Trus ada satu segmen dimana si Babyface disuruh bikin lagu dari kata-kata yang bakal dipilih sama penonton, saat itu juga. Trus muncul ide bikin dari kata 'Obama', kata 'rainbow' usulan seorang gadis Malaysia, dan kata 'Pri' sebagai primadona yang dielu-elukan pada malam itu. Dan Babyface bisa aja gituloh bikin lagunya haha gue gak sempet ngerekam saking terpesonanya.

Tapi, ehm... Kadang karena terlalu iteraktif, muncullah orang-orang yang penjilat malesin yang argh pengen gue lempar pake makanan ayam biar kepalanya dipatokin. Jadi kan di beberapa sesi Om Foster kayak nyari talent gitu kan, siapa yang bisa nyanyi. Nah mulai deh berdatangan orang-orang yang sok ngefans, sok-sok bilang, "We watch you again because we love you" bla bla bla pup meong -had to smoothize the word.

Gue bukannya sirik ye, haha liat mungke si David Foster aja baru kemaren itu. Tapi gimana ya, gue males aja gitu liat orang-orang carmuk sok penting cem mereka. Haha sudah, sudah. Gue gamau mencemari kesakralan postingan ini hanya karena baby-baby -had to switch the words because I got complained hehe- itu.

Oke, sudah kepanjangan sepertinya. I gotta stop here. Dan gak kayak biasanya, gue pulang dari konser ini tanpa membawa cinderamata apapun.

Hmm yea well that's just fine, it was costless anyway.
Nevertheless, considering all those things, it was priceless.
There's a fine line between them

P.S. : Pas lagi nyari kata buat dibikinin lagu sama Babyface, awalnya si gadis Malaysia dengan seronoknya mengajukan kata 'Malaysia' like we were okay about that. Nyatanya? Ya nggak lah!! Satu auditorium langsung nge-huu-in dia trus David Foster nya bilang, "Malaysia? Hmm it's not sexy." huff puazz!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Once Upon A Time


Dahulu kala, hiduplah seorang lelaki muda idaman diriku. Rambutnya unyu bergelombang, tubuhnya kurus macem susunan tulang. Meski begitu, dia lincah dan sering olahraga. Yaa bukan olahraga macem futsal atau basket sih, tapi paling nggak dia punya hasrat untuk bergerak.

Bukan raganya aja yang sehat, imannya juga kuat. Rajin solat, rajin ibadat. Otak pun diberi asupan yang cukup. Hampir tiap minggu jajan buku di Gramedia. Kebanyakan emang buku hiburan, tapi paling nggak dia masih nyisihin waktu buat baca tulisan lewat kertas, bukan gadget.

Siapa sih dia?
Vicky namanya.

Iye, gue. Gue yang jaman dulu tepatnya. Gue yang masih segar bugar, yang tidur lebih dari jam 12 itu gue anggep dosa, yang masih bisa bangun pagi buat jogging atau latian Parkour, gue yang seharinya paling sedikit solat 4 kali, yang doa-doanya lengkap banget selesai solat.

Ya gitu deh. Gue ngerasa akhir-akhir ini kualitas manusiawi gue menurun. Terutama masalah tidur. Sekarang paling cepet tidur itu jam 1 malem. Bangun jam 8, turun ke kamar nyokap trus lanjutin lagi sampe sesuatu dalam diri gue teriak, "EGILA KALI LO YE, BANGUN!" baru deh gue bangun.

Trus olahraga. Jujur gue seneng banget latian Parkour. Tapi setelah bulan Juni, setelah pulang dari Singapur, udah gitu selama libur gue magang, selalu aja ada alesan buat gue gak ke Senayan. Apalagi abis motor dijual. Magerwati deh pagi-pagi bangun trus busway-an kesana, pulang naik bis lagi dengan badan lengket penuh kotoran dan rerumputan.

Padahal tiap Minggu gue selalu baca tweet anak-anak yang baru ikutan Parkour, mereka kayak seneng-seneng euforia anak baru gitu kan trus gue jadi semacem ketampar gitu. Tapi yaudah cuma ketampar sama janji-janji palsu minggu besok mau latian lagi aja. Pas Minggu dateng lagi, boro-boro bangun buat latian. Mau bangun dengan motivasi nonton Sinchan aja gak mempan :'(

Masalah buku juga. Udah lama banget gue gak beli buku. Dulu tuh gue inget banget gue punya amplop uang yang isinya khusus buat beli buku doang. Trus gue beli komik The Simpsons yang gapernah gue baca dan akhirnya cuma buat koleksi doang.


Hari ini semacem dapet angin surga gitu. Intermezzo aja sih, hari ini cuaca bersahabat banget. Pagi-pagi gerimis sabi gitu, siangnya adem ayem. Agak sorean gue ke Gading dengan riang gembira dan pulang jalan kaki nenteng kantong plastik isi buku.

Ya, akhirnya gue beli buku lagi. Soal branding yang gatau kenapa akhir-akhir ini gue jadiin salah satu tujuan hidup gue nanti selain jadi Copywriter.

Nah mungkin ini bisa jadi turning point buat gue. Siapa tau aja tiba-tiba ntar malem gue tidur jam 10, bangun jam 5 trus gapake mager gue naik busway ke Senayan buat latian Parkour kan? Yaa siapa tau loh, siapa tau.

Now this post is getting nowhere, unthemed.
Yea well after all, what I'm trying to say is
I miss the old me

Image source: here.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

If Only, If Only...


Here's the deal.

"All these things in this post, let's say I'm sharing it hypothetically.
So Dad -if you're reading this- please remain calm."

You remember one day, I thought when I grow older I'd love to pet a cat. Yea. Uhuh. Okay well now I don't think it's gonna work. As time went by, I learned quiet well about myself and I know I'm a lazy ass guy.

Owning a cat will make my life... you know, we both will just sit together, eat chips and watch some lame cartoon all weekend long. We'll grow older and spend our last times in front of the TV--Shoot, stop! That's, when I realize I'm not a cat person.

So yeah -here comes the part where I'm sure my dad's gonna freak out reading this- a dog will do. Dogs are active, fun, and protective. They'll bite my un-movable ass and force me to walk him down by the apartment park. They'll howl at me, try to wake me up and force my vulnerable feet to take him down to the jogging track. See, my life would be much healthier with a dog by my side.

But then I thought to myself, what kind of dog? A big one will cost me hell and effort because I gotta be wiping all his spits and poops. So then a small one it is. But still... What kind?

Okay you know how teenagers nowadays love to stalk others through the social media. In Bahasa we call that 'ngepo', from the word 'kepo' or 'kaypoh' in Singaporean. So yea basically we now have needs to ngepo somebody else.

I happened to stalk many people of BBDO Agency. Ya you know, they work for BCA and I happened to meet some of them. While doing the ritual, I found someone who has this adorable dog.

It's a Schnauzer. And I fell into a sudden love seeing him for the first time.

See? Geez look at his innocent face, and those spineless eyes... Who could say no to him? I may spend more money on him than on myself.

And his cute, crushable little figure... I can keep him inside my backpack and go inside places where pets are not allowed. Yea I'm sure I can't stand even one minute without him. Cause you know, I'll be attached to him real quick.

Then he'll be switching the role of my alarm. Every morning he'll jump to my bed, bark by me and weakly pull my blanket to wake me up. I'll stay in bed but once he starts his desperate yelp, I give in tho.

Ooo can't wait to have my own place to live. Can't wait to see a tiny four legged creature wander around my living room. Can't wait to show him to my friends and they'll all be like, "Aww what a cute dog! Can I hold him?" or "Aww you guys look marvelous together!"

Yea time flies, I get it. Maybe the next thing I know I'll be having like tons of them, breeding like uncontrollable beasts. Or maybe I'll only have one because he'll be loyal enough to walk me down my days? Well I can't tell.

What I know now is,
This post is just hypothetical

Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Gig I Never Felt Before


Gue emang gak terlalu ngefans sama doi. Tapi beberapa lagunya itu featuring artis-artis tenar yang beberapa gue doyan. Jadi mumpung dirinya lagi kemari gitu kan, gada salahnya juga sih gue nonton. So, jadilah kemaren, gue dan temen-temen kampus gue tongkrongin

David Guetta
At Eco Park, Ancol

Karena jadwalnya barengan sama Big Bang yang konser di Mata Elang, plus itu adalah malem minggu, jadi walopun open gate nya itu jam 9, gue udah standby di Ancol dari Maghrib. Ketemu Ichoy, Key sama Cika trus kongko kongko dulu. Biasa laah anak muda fuuufuufufuuf.

Jam 11 pasukan udah lengkap, baru deh kita masuk. Disini lah gue menyadari bahwa konser ini beda dari yang pernah gue datengin sebelumnya. Yaiyalah, biasanya jam 11 udah ketar-ketir bingung mau pulang naik apa, lah ini jam 11 baru cekakak cekikik masuk gate. Di voucher nya pun bilang, kalo acara selesai jam 4. Nah loh, bingung kan tuh mau ijin cem apa ke orang rumah. Untung gue anaknya jarang melawan, selalu patuh dan rajin menabung. Jadi sekalinya minta ijin pulang pagi yaa dibolehin hohoho.

One thing else, Guetta nya baru muncul jam 1. Lebih dikit. Performa gue yang udah keluar rumah dari masih terang, belom makan malem dan tenaga udah abis buat jogetin DJ DJ sebelumnya, mulai menurun. Dan lo harus tau, beberapa saat sebelum jam 1, GUE KEBELET PUP! Perut aneh, belum diisi udah mau buang hajat. Mana spot udah pewe banget kan itu gue sama yang lain ada di tengah-tengah venue.

Tapi yaudah deh, gue lebih milih memanjakan perut yang udah 20 taun nemenin gue hidup itu -si Landra dengan nyinyirnya bilang, "Jadi lo lebih milih tai daripada joget bareng gue??" wakakak sampiz- dan dengan lemah gemulainya menerobos ribuan orang yang lagi asik joget tanpa ngerasain gejolak perut yang gue rasain. Iri sih, tapi ya gimana ya. Jalan hidup orang kan beda-beda. Kali ini jalan gue adalah toilet umum. Itu doang.

Sampe sana, antriannya panjang parah. Gue ngantri sambil duduk, meremas perut dan membujuknya supaya tahan lebih lama sampe akhirnya fireworks berkumandang. Penonton membahana. David Guetta masuk.

Gue berasa dikhianatin. Bayar 400 ribu cuma buat ngantri toilet yang lo mesti tau, pas tinggal tiga orang lagi sebelum akhirnya gue masuk ke toilet yang fana itu, ternyata di pintu tertempel sebuah pengumuman yang bunyinya, "Toilet hanya untuk buang air kecil."

Tiba-tiba hajat gue kayak naik lagi ke perut. Gue minggat, langsung balik ke venue buat join the parteyy. Tapi ya kan gamungkin ya gue nerobos itu angry mob buat balik ke temen-temen gue. Ya jadilah gue ke barisan paling belakang, duduk sambil ngetweet karena sakit perutnya belum beres.

Sedih sih. Akhirnya gue keluar venue aja daripada sakit hati. Eh gak berapa lama, temen-temen gue muncul. Mungke-mungkenye pada gak excited gitu. Ternyata menurut mereka, David Guetta nya kurang 'pecah', gak semenggigit yang diharapkan.

Justru special guest nya, yang gue tonton dari jam 11 sampe tiba saatnya waktu pup itu tiba, yang menurut mereka semua paling nampol. Yes, it was


Untuuuuungg aja pas Alesso gue masih gagah perkasa. Joget-joget liar bareng Landra, bikin barikade supaya orang gak lewat-lewat, abis itu lonjak-lonjak dan foto-foto lucu. Dan untuuuuuungg aja David Guetta nya gak sehits itu. Jadi yaa kurang lebih keputusan gue buat ke toilet itu tepat -walopun ujung-ujungnya gue kaga jadi pup.

Ah gila, puas kok sebenernya. Apalagi ngelewatin itu bareng temen-temen tolol nan gila cem mereka semua. Some things are desperately needed to be reshared again at the campus, some things are mandatorily needed to be left by the park. Ngaco sih serunya, tapi mesti banget ada disana biar bisa ngerasainnya. Susah cuy kalo diceritain dari sini haha.

I might not get the chance to sing along some David G's songs I like.
But the memories I got last night, well it replaced the money I spent.
Can't wait to attend DWP!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

If You Consider This as Abnormal, Please Let Me Know Right Away!

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Before you go on, I warn you, this post might change your perception about me.

So you must know Naruto. That popular anime, and comic thing, that's just so... Popular. The story's about ninja lives. Consisting many characters of male ninjas and female ones, known more as kunoichi.

Speaking of kunoichi, I somehow have my favorite one out of many female ninjas appeared in Naruto series. Her name is Tenten.

From the buns set and suit she worn, and also her name, she's Chinese. She's a protagonist. But roll a minor part. That's why when she appears, it's such a sweet surprise because I somehow long for that.

When her thoughts are considered by other ninjas, I feel honored. Yet while she's ignored or forgotten, damn I feel like being cheated. Gosh it's weird, eh?

Guess I'm gonna stop it now.
It's not that I'm such a lonely, nerdy pervert.
I just appreciate the art of animation

Saturday, September 29, 2012

When The World's Against You


I assume that you all know 9GAG. Yes, that global boredom killer website that when you're browsing that, you'll be feeling like enjoying your own story of your life.

Cause it talks so much about the golden age of 90s.
Cause it tells you your daily facts that you're barely aware of.
Cause it hates so much about Justin Bieber and all those Twilight saga.

Then it makes you feel like the whole universe is on your side. You bookmarked it on your desktop, and installed the app inside your smartphone. Your life is all about the web.

Until finally, you realized that one of your idol was started to be made fun of on that site. The role model you've been idolized lately, and you're still so in love with.

Yes, 9GAG hates Pitbull.

This can not be.

Everybody knows how much I love that Cuban man. Everybody knows how effort-ful my story was when that Mr Worldwide thing came here to Jakarta. Everybody knows how uncomfortable I am when I found out that my juniors' dancing group's catchphrase is 'Dale!'

And now that the part of my life is confronting my idol,
All I can do is preparing for some counterattacks.

Pitbull's not that bad. Pitbull's not ruining everybody else's songs by get featured with. Pitbull's not violating the music industry by mixing English and Latino.

It's not the fact that Pitbull's appearance is almost everywhere that bugged you, 9GAGers.
It's the fact that you're not Pitbull, that disturbed you and had you insulting him.

Think again :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Another Way Out For Our Nation


Today on TV. I oversaw something interesting. Something catchy. Something about Indonesia. And its attempt to get developed.

You ever heard some other nations' tourism tagline?

The sight of Singapore is from here, India's scenery is from here, and Malaysia's from here.

Those are sticking in minds, don't you think? They use a few words, with unusual selection and combination, and brought with an ear-friendly jingle. What a smokin' good strategy.

And yeah, I guess our nation's trying to do the same.
Now let's get ourselves used to announce

"Remarkable Indonesia"

Yes. Remembering Asian's recent potential in, anything, the whole globe now aims their shits on us. And our Indonesia's joined the track.

But different from those three, Indonesia's approach in this "Remarkable Indonesia" is not tourism. More to economical business or something, nah I don't understand. I personally dislike it. For me, tourism is far beyond selling. At the end we earn income, yes, but at least we also sell our value.

And word 'remarkable', umm... It's strong. It's different. But for me -again- it's just not us Indonesian. Each nation is remarkable. Singapore is remarkably unique. Malaysia is remarkably Asia-ish. India is remarkably... Well, India's 'incredible' case is somehow similar to 'remarkable', but at least the words are both started with letter 'I' and that's the essence.

Haha I'm now acting like a pro. Seriously, don't take it personally. I'm just stating my opinion about 'remarkable'. But I'm sure that the word selection must have been done by experts and, we just have to leave it to them and their strategy then.

But speaking of strategy...

I don't know whether I, am the one who's closed somehow I never even heard anything about this campaign, OR the campaign itself is not that significant. But to be honest, this was the first time I catch the ad. The promotion strategy's still low, I guess.

Alright, alright, I'm doing it again--judging and criticizing. I'm stopping now and let's see the bright side: Indonesia's eyes has finally been opened. It's time to go down the battle. Join the war, and try to win something.

Let's see if we can get something good from this.
So basically, whatever way you wish, government, whatever.
Just make sure to get us out of the current misery

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Please Be Teased

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Good evening.

Since I don't like seeing my blog so empty, I'm gonna put this here.

Please just consider.
We're worth trying

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

As-Salamu Alaykum, Liverpool

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The new season of English Premier League have been rolled for four weeks already. But umm, yea well Liverpool, again and again, haven't found their pattern yet. Alright alright, I ain't gon' talk about that. I'm not that capable to discuss strategies and techniques.

So here and now, I'm about to share about how more excited I am about Liverpool lately. Most of which is caused by the joining of these two players.

I got the picture of Assaidi from here, and Sahin from here

Other moslem football players, and they're joined to my fave team!! Oussama Assaidi was bought from SC Heerenveen by the new manager Brendan Rodgers. The 24 year old Moroccan guy is given number 11. 

While Turkish player Nuri Şahin is loaned by Real Madrid for umm, a year if I'm not mistaken? Yea just a loan. Unfortunately a friend of mine -a girl, shockingly, whose knowledge about football is a hundred times wider than me- informed me that the contract with Madrid is somehow closed, means that Liverpool can't propose a purchase of Şahin after the loan ends.

Too bad for him. If I happen to be able to contact him, I will infect his mind to stay. "Mou's just not interested in you," I will tell him. "You just see, you were there for a year only. Finally been able to make friends quiet well with Oezil already, but he loaned you away..."

Yea well, skip it. At least now for this whole season I'll cheer louder for Liverpool. About next year Şahin be back to Madrid? We still have Assaidi, people of Allah Almighty!

Hey wait, I'm not yet finished. I got another reason for loving Liverpool more and more. You know what, one of the club's sponsors is Garuda Indonesia Airlines! 

So. Damn. Cool. Seeing one of our proud brands digitally hang around Anfield Stadium... That's just priceless. All hail and long live, moslem and Indonesia!!

Now the burdens are all on you, Reds.
Just, don't make me love you because of those reasons above.
Win the game, that's the best deal

Sunday, September 9, 2012

My Beat, My Rhythm of The Street


"The unsung hero."

Sadar atau nggak, pasti ada satu atau dua hal di hidup kita yang gak kita ngeh pertolongannya. Dan klise nya, pas hal itu udah gak ada, baru kita sadar betapa kita sebenernya butuh banget sama itu hal.

Kayak motor gue.

Honda Beat oranye taun 2009. Dibeliin bokap pas gue naik kelas 3, mengingat gue bakal sibuk bolak balik sekolah - tempat les - rumah, menjelang UAN dan kawan-kawannya. Bukan cuma jadi temen seperjuangan buat gue, tapi juga buat beberapa temen gue. Bahkan saking sayangnya mereka, motor gue ini dikasih nama Bumblebeat :')

Kita udah sedeket itu. Gue sama Bumblebeat. Doi udah tau lah rahasia rahasia gue. Gimana sering teledor nya gue di jalan. Gimana gak aware nya gue sama pengendara sekitar. Gimana gue sering curi-curi tidur kalo lagi boncengin si Mpi balik ke rumahnya.

Doi juga ngerti banget gimana senggak bisa itu gue berdiam diri pas lagi nyetir. Segala nyanyian, ocehan, renungan, celaan, bacotan, hinaan, gerutuan, penyaluran ide, pujian, syukuran... Semuanya udah pernah gue tumpahin di atas itu motor.

Sampe akhirnya gue masuk masa kuliah.

Kita udah gak seintim itu. Paling banter jalan bareng cuma pas weekend. Sisanya dimonopoli sama adek gue. Ke sekolah, ke rumah temennya, kemana, kemana. Bahkan kadang sebelum gue pake, gue harus nanya dulu itu motor mau dipake apa nggak. Padahal motor motor gue. Di STNK nama masih nama gue.

Dan yang namanya anak bocah, apalagi belom pernah dibeliin motor sebelumnya, pasti bakalan minta dibeliin yang baru. Karena di rumah motor udah ada tiga, jadi kalo mau beli yang baru salah satu harus dijual. So yea, our last days finally came.

Bumblebeat pun masuk forum jual beli online. Awalnya gue masih santai-santai aja. Tapi gatau kenapa, mungkin Tuhan berencana lain, baru beberapa hari dipasang online motor gue langsung banyak yang lirik.

Sampe akhirnya minggu lalu rumah gue didatengin calon pembeli pertama. Dan terakhir. Dan status 'calon' pun ilang. Ya, Bumblebeat langsung dibawa pergi hari itu juga.

Patah hati. Banget. Udah dari kapan tau gue ngerencanain kalo itu motor mau dijual, sehari sebelumnya gue bakal keliling dulu sama temen-temen gue yang kenal baik sama doi. Tapi ternyata jual motor gak se-high-involving jual mobil. Jadilah gue pun... Telat.

Ya sudahlah. Apa mau dikata.

My laziness in taking pictures, had me got these three as the only pictures of Bumblebeat :'

That motorbike, that mighty steed.
Thanks for every trip we've been through.
I'll see you again down the road, with the new rider
But with the same beat you've always got :)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Note Eight: Farewell

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Day Goodbye

A friend of mine once told me, several days before our summer off ended, that when we had something to do by the time we were off studying, going back to campus would be a suck thing to do.

And that's just so right.

I've done my internship period weeks ago. Said goodbye and thanked everybody there, from the Public Relation Aspect to Consumer Communication Aspect to the Media Communication Aspect to the agencies I was interfered with. It was so hard, yet exciting because finally I would feel the true holiday.

Until today, I went back there to drop the report I was required to do. And they still welcomed me like I was still working there. So warm, so fun, so supportive.

Ah, goodbyes. I never liked farewell. Especially to a place where I once said it was the best choice I've ever picked. Saying goodbye, for me, is a total awkward. And writing it is a bunch of wasting time.

So yeah, I'm done with this post and stuff.
I'm done referring myself as an apprentice.
I'm done being treated as an underdog.

But I'm not done keeping the memories.

From left to right, Bu Niken, Pak Tim, Bu Litani, Kak Sonya the secretary, you do know me, and Pak Matthew

Now it's time to face the truth.
Say hell-o again to campus life

P.S. : Too bad Bu Norisa wasn't there on the photograph... She's like the boss of the bosses of mine, and it feels like awkwardly impolite without her. Sorry, ma'am ._.