Monday, June 30, 2014

You're Not Lost

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Hey readers, sup?

Well umm... I think I'm going to apologize
That lately, everything's all about football.

Seriously I can't control myself on this. Exactly three hours before the kick off I doubted myself if I still have my desire to watch the Cup or not. But you see what came next? Tons of smart-ass talkings about football crowded my blog. Consecutively. And I even have like three unwritten topics that'll be released when the time's right.

Okay so what I'm going to say now is, that you're still on my blog, buddy. I'm the same guy who writes about dumb stuff, but happen to be on the euphoria of busy-ing myself with football. It's just, I'm crafting something for my future me to read back soon. Like in a year or two, I want to re-feel Brazil, yes, that's when these football-analyst-like posts will be browsed again.

I'm bringing this up because I'm on this level where my blog could possibly be visited by my future employer. You know, I graduated, it's time to work like a real professional, so I sent away tons of applications and this blog is like my portfolio to convince them how lustful -and good- I am in writing. In English.

So yes, my future bosses, my soon-to-be co-workers,
You're now on the blog the address I put in my resume.
I'm here, if you need a help :)

Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Wall of Hatred

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From several posts I've made, you might noticed that I have a severe grudge towards some football players. Well ya, you know that celebs will always have haters and stuff... This 'grudge' thing is more like it.

This year, it's expanded to five, with five different nations.

Torres, Suarez, Ronaldo, Messi and Neymar

So the grayscaled ones, as you know, are they who went home already. In chronological order. But Uruguay was just sent home last night, why would they be placed before Portugal? Hey, slow down, Rita Skeeter!

I told you it's not about the nation,
It's about the person himselves.

Suarez bite Chiellini two days before Portugal's match. It marked the time he was started to be considered going home. I myself don't really care if Uruguay could proceed to quarterfinal, semifinal, or even be the champion, because Luis Suarez has become a loser already.

About Torres, I started hating him since he took off from Liverpool. Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are the two remaining persons from the last I-don't-like-you list I made in 2010. I've been fallen in hatred since forever with them.

Now Neymar, Neymar...

He's 22, successful and has met many stars. While I'm 22, sitting in front of my laptop, hating him from afar. Lol no, that's not the reason lol just kidding. Well, not so kidding because... Which boy in this world, 22, and wouldn't be jealous of him??

Okay, back to the topic, shall we? :)

Neymar, he's just the old CR and Messi. Young, talented, skillful, and too much. Too much exposure, too much talked about, too much pressure, responsibility and hope put on his shoulder. And I can see it already. The arrogance. Like what CR had always shown.

And the fact that he and his squad played really dull game last night, got tied by Chile but managed to send them home BY ONLY WINNING THE PENALTY KICKS, oh God I'd really love to see him and Brazil out of the game, humiliated in front of the whole country.

Phew, breathe Vick, breathe.
Three down, two to go, it's not a big deal.
But things could still be changing in some scenario.
Like, if something happened to either USA or Algeria,
Some people will crowd the list

Saturday, June 28, 2014

World Cup 2014 First Half

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The 20th World Cup's group stage had over.
It's only one hour left to the next round's kick off.

The knock out round.

So far the cup has served very entertaining games. So many hell-based groups, underdog teams gone wild, big ones returned home, many surprising stuff happened only on the first round of the tournament. You guys of course knew everything about what happened in Brazil, but then I just don't want to forget the moment so I'm gonna recall anyway. I have summarized some of surprising moments happened in this World Cup that according to me personally, were mind-blowing. And here they are.

1. Spain was the first going home
The defending champion, the last one standing on the previous cup, the last one going home from South Africa, had to be declared as the FIRST TEAM eliminated from Brazil. Even before Cameroon and Australia -whom to me, gave more fight than Spain did. I knew this would eventually happened to Spain, they're just too overwhelmed. But still, lol, I never expect them to be the very first one leaving.

2. Costa Rica survived one of the hells
This was totally unexpected. People kept saying that Group D was hell. For three of the previous champions, to one another. Leaving Costa Rica as the underdog, shouldn't be given shit about. But then everything's flipped. Group D was literally hell, but the hell itself was Costa Rica. Who won two matches and one draw. Being the champ of the group, giving dusts to the remaining three. I seriously can't wait for what happen next.

3. Ghana tied Germany, USA tied Portugal
No doubt, the second set of Group G matches were the best games. I mean, Ghana who lost to USA, could have a draw match against Germany and USA who eventually lost against Germany, could have a draw match against Portugal. To make it better, their draw matches were not such no-goal matches. Both ended 2 against 2, with very dramatic scenes and stuff!

4. Algeria qualified to the next round
Out of all the underdogs succeeding to enter the round of 16, I might say that Algeria's the one people had been taken granted of. They're like, the underdog's underdog. And this is literally their first time ever, entering the knock out round of the World Cup. Oh Allah they're so becoming my fave team, seriously. But next one will be against Germany. I'll give some money for charity if Algeria can beat them :)

5. What else but... Luis Suarez
I was surprised about the biting incident. I was surprised about how actually foolish he was, acting all plain dumb like Chiellini would say nor complain nothing. I was surprised that the punishment given to him, the ban of total 4 months of all football-related activity, plus 9 international matches, was the biggest and the harshest FIFA had ever granted so far. But what I was surprised the most was, the fact that I'm not the only one, even not the only Liverpudlian, that hate Luis Suarez's overall attitude.

Skill-wise, he's definitely one extraordinary football player ever born. But behavior-wise, he's below scum. I never liked how dirty he always plays. Even if it gives benefit for Liverpool. He's just plain filthy. And I was more than happy to see him punished that hard. He. Just. Deserves. It. And I. Hate. Him.

And Back to his game versus England, it was actually hurting. Because Suarez was in there, stripping his fellow Liverpool's honors, scoring both goals, and on top of that, what pissed me off the most, he came to Captain Gerrard and cheered him up like there was nothing happened. I mean, what the hell??  If only somebody else scored the goals, what he did was really respecting. But he was the one crushing them!! That act was seriously offensive to me. So now following his punishment, I personally would love to say "EAT THAT BAN!"

Okay that last one was purely personal.
I'm a little bit too carried away about him.
So I guess I'm done now. Brazil vs Chile next.
Bem-vindo, segunda rodada

Friday, June 27, 2014

Adeus, Ogyam!

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I was actually preparing this post if US was sent home.
But apparently, the squad succeeded to go to the round of 16.

So goodbyes were wished to

Ghana & Portugal
Group G

A game to send both home. Sad. Pic's from here.

Ghana was surprisingly... Surprising! I mean, they were inconsistent. Supposed to be one good team, but they lost against the US. Hopes were raising high when they could do a draw match against one strong team Germany. But then last night, they were ruined. I want to blame the referee, because, I don't know, he seemed to do an unfair service. Until Ghana's true devastation happened as the own goal made. Duh, tragic.

And Portugal, if I could I wouldn't want to talk about them in this touching post. But I get to keep the uniformity tho, I talked about Spain as the other loser of Group B so, I have to talk about Portugal too as the loser of Group G. But that's okay because I'd love to say, "EAT THAT!" Well, not to all of them, but to Cristiano Ronaldo, personally.

Lol I don't know why I hate him too much. He's just too overwhelmed, too overexposed. The whole squad was like having no choice but to give all the chances, all the trusts, in his shoulder. But then what, he only scored one goal. Against Ghana who was already mentally dropped. I'm just so happy that he's gone.

As for Portugal itself, well, their walk to going back home was actually shattering for me. The peak was when their keeper Beto was forced to retreat. He insisted not to go, but then he was benched. And cried. A very masculine, buffed and bearded tall guy, crying like a little girl. I'm not mocking. I'm respecting him instead. It was even the most touching scene I ever seen so far in World Cup 2014.

I know what those tears were for. Disappointment.
His stubbornness and resistance not to be substituted,

You owned my heart now Sir.

Pics are from here and here.

Well. Nice games. Both of you.
You didn't deserve to go home, Ghana.
You actually didn't either, Portugal. And I'm sorry.
I don't think I will ever like your Prince Charming Ronaldo.

I'll see you guys in four years from now
With more of my appreciation and stuff.
And oh, of course, more hatred for CR.

Mah Krow, Amigo!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Arrivederci, Lads!

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More teams gone.
It's time to say more goodbyes.

Italy & England
Group D

Pic's from here.

Aside the fact that Italy beat England, I was actually into the team. I put so much hopes towards them. Beating Costa Rica so England could still have a mini chance to get into the second round, but they didn't manage to do that. Beating Uruguay so England's grudge would be paid off, still they didn't manage to do that. They played tremendously good, but not good enough for a World Cup. And after last night, after the referee's unfair decisions, after the red card for Claudio Marchisio, after Suarez's biting scene, they got my respect. And Uruguay made themselves a bitch I'd really love to slap.

While England...

You know England was the team of my choice. They didn't play amazing games, no, but they seemed much stronger than usual. I could sense that from their very first game, against Italy. And both of their loses were actually not big a deal. I mean, they were losing only one goal from each team they were lost to. Still, I know, it didn't show how England is actually qualified for further stages.

But I just can't stop thinking about Steven Gerrard. This World Cup could be his last one. I was kinda hoping England could go at least to semi-final, makes their Captain feel like brand new. Fired up. Ecstatic. Well that's okay. Liverpool's on the Champions League next season. I'll get to see him crushing like his young days on that tournament. Hopefully.

See you later, Captain Gerrard. Pic's from here.

After all, nice games. Both of you.
You've done enough for the revenge, Italy.
And I'm sorry our intercourse stopped here, England.

I'll see you guys in four years from now.
With more of my adoration and stuff.

Farewell, Amico!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Despedida, Matey!

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So the World Cup is finishing its group stage.

We knew several teams were kicked out early. But last night was like the official-est time for those losing teams to say goodbye to Brazil.

To be honest, I never felt this much entertained only by watching the very first round of the cup. There were too many un-favorited squads, turned out to be crazy good. On the other hand there were also top teams who umm, ended up unsatisfying.

As for those teams I cherished, I'm going to craft posts as my sign of dedication and salutation to your entertaining games. Also being my farewell to you, and your other group-mate.

This one, is for

Australia & Spain
Group B

Last (night's) game. Pic's from here.

Australia was the one I had my hats off. They've been playing good, actually. Especially against the Dutch. Their quick revenge goal and their first ever leading moment when they were one goal ahead from Netherlands, it showed much about their true ability. It's just, the last two goals made by Persie and the other guy -I forgot, caused too much pain in their asses.

While Spain, yaaaaa, I never planned to go for them since the beginning anyway. I knew they'd make mistakes. The same squad with World Cup 2010, the over-amount of stars, it was just... Too much. Get a grip, ex-champ, you held too much pride and arrogance. Time to start over.

Nice games. Both of you.
Really entertaining, Australia.
And enough being on top, Spain.

I'll see you guys in four years from now
With more of my smart-ass critics and stuff.

G'day, Amigo!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Insanely Crazy

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Let me teach you guys a word.

It's my language, famous, can be used in either formal or informal situation, male or female, young or old, it just suits everyone. The Indonesian term of "crazy",

"G I L A"

And why would I bring this up? Because yesterday's Germany vs Ghana, and just now's USA vs Portugal, are simply crazy ass matches.

Klose, Nani, Howard and Muntari

Both ended up draw.
Both gave us four goals.

Unfortunately when Germany and Ghana played, it was 2 fvcking AM here in Indonesia so... No, I woke up, I did! But I kind of missed most of the nerve-wrecking moments. Don't worry I got to see Miroslav Klose's dramatic and world record-breaking goal. He's insane.

Now for US and Portugal, I didn't plan to miss it.

I think I've told you about me being totally supportive to whoever performing a match against Portugal, haven't I? And since it's also gonna be my second home -amen o Lord- so, I was with the US. But waking up in the minute of 10, which Nani's goal had already been made, I was like "okay, no hope from the US."

But Tim Howard showed me the other way. He really played well, made many important saves, that first goal was just unfortunate. I didn't expect him and the whole US squad to be that strong and tough. They attacked fiercely, and defended consistently at the same time.

Then Jermaine Jones scored. One of rare beautiful goals I ever seen so far.
And Clint Dempsey rocketed everybody's expectations toward the US.

Since after their second goal -their supposed-to-be-offside goal, Uncle Sam's boys started to play defensive. And lol they committed so many insignificant substitutions. Their supporters are practically everywhere, screaming in satisfaction. They were basically, and supposedly, winning.

But the match, as you all knew, ended up draw.
Varela scored in the very last seconds of the match.


Aside of how much I hate Ronaldo -that affected to how I also hate Portugal, I must admit that the last goal was the actual climax. Feel like orgasm watching the game ended that way.

But still, to me, US won the game.
Another underdog came unleashed.

Just as I expected.

Wow. Again.
Group G, more like
... Group Gila!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

I Think It Must be True Love

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I think.

I don't have enough desire to look for other teams to cheer upon.

England's officially out.

"If Italy win two games and England hammer Costa Rica, they will
qualify for the last 16 of the World Cup. But the hope has gone."

So my analysis was completely right.
It's just the reality went the other way.

After Costa Rica's surprising victory against Italy. With two winning games, the underdog turned to be the group's winner. Leaving Italy and Uruguay with a death match they'll be facing for the upcoming game, and England in the exit.

Yaa, with Italy and Uruguay each earned one loss (from Costa Rica) and one victory (from England), one of them will definitely go on to the round of 16, sidekick-ing Costa Rica. Even if the match end up draw, Italy will go because they have ONE goal difference more than Uruguay. England, on the other hand, even if they win big time against Costa Rica, with their two loses, they'll never make it...

So yeah. I don't have enough desire to look for other teams to cheer upon.

This was the fastest romantic story ever happened to me. Within a week I decided to choose England over many other possible options, be in my peak of love when I found out that England's consisting of many fine footballers, suffered another lost but survived by hope, and eventually got myself in a real heartbreaking situation.

All in just seven exact days, one single week.

But I know now that England's just the team. I've been searching through three World Cups but never had I found emotional relationship as strong as the one I put in England. I don't know, maybe because of Liverpool?

Lol I know I'm not that maniac with Liverpool tho.
But I know, I exactly know how it feels when I'm in love.

That's why I don't have enough desire to look for other teams to cheer upon. I'm stuck in England, and probably will always stuck with them for the rest of the World Cup I will ever watch. This is love, I'm talking about.

Now for this World Cup, I will definitely cheer for every single team who has a match against either Argentina, Portugal or Brazil -because I simply hate them and certain players they have- OR, Costa Rica, Italy or Uruguay -because you know why.

Ya I still have reasons why I need to keep watching World Cup 2014.
It's a globally-celebrated-once-in-four-years fiesta, for God's sake,
I'm not gonna waste it just because my fave team's gone!

Yesterday I was so optimistic, Roo, but Costa Rica screwed us all. Pic's from here.

Oh, England...

They still have one match left, against the group leader.
People claimed that it's mathematically impossible for them.
But fuck math I'm still gonna watch anyway, if it's even aired.
Science is nothing if love works

Friday, June 20, 2014

Hope's G(on)e

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Duh, it was a tough match to watch last night. England vs. Uruguay.
I don't even have the desire to make a beautiful opening like I always do.

I was totally heart-broken. Not only because England lost two games out of two. But also because I realized I'm surrounded with stupid ignorant people who think that they're noted football commentators, but they're not! They're just talking empty bullshit.

Hear me out, people.
I'm not the biggest fan of football,
But I don't take things and facts for granted.
England is not going home after last night's game.

I deliberated with myself,
And came up with a sharp and legit analysis as follows:
You see on Group D, each of Italy, Costa Rica and Uruguay possess 3 points with Italy and Costa Rica will be playing tonight. In order to get England proceed to the next round, we have to wish that Italy win both the match against Costa Rica and Uruguay, so they'll earn full points of 9. It'll leave Costa Rica and Uruguay with each 3 points, IF ONLY England can beat Costa Rica on the upcoming match.

And by 'beat', is not just a simple 'beat'. England needs to win big time and score tons of goals so out of three teams with each 3 points, England will finish on the second place with the highest number of goals difference.

Hmm, I'm getting good at this. I should start considering of joining a football analyst team. Haha kidding. Phew I trashed enough already. I think it's time to go now--Oh wait!

I got one more thing to say.

Don't you ever blame our Captain Gerrard for Suarez's second goal last night.

Did you even know how under-pressured he could be on that time? Could you even feel how handful he was, getting the whole team together and the whole nation's hope was on your shoulder? Or hey, let's talk technicallity. Could you even control such long-way coming ball only by your head, with the other team's players around you??

DON'T YOU fvckin criticize a blunder made by somebody on the pitch! They're watched, they're intimidated by the watchers, and they simply couldn't take control of every single thing!! Would you even do better if you were them??

Gosh. I can't believe how those dirty words of disappointment could even come from such regular fans who know almost nothing about football and the players... Especially if it's a girl, dude, bitch off! You don't even watch football aside of the World Cup, what do you know??

Lol ya that's football.
And this is World Cup.

Sudden fans and analysts showed up everywhere like they know everything about football. I'm one of them, but I know my limit. And all my thoughts are based on hopes.

Don't worry, Captain, we still got your back. Pic's from here.

Ya, hope. That was just ruined.
But that's okay, there's still a way.
Because even within a devastated hope
There's still the word 'hope'

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

When Void Came Amusing

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Back to World Cup, ladies and gentlemen.
I finally started to feel the vibe, I knew it...

So, the cup is not even a week yet.
But I guess I've seen the best match already.

Brazil v Mexico
Tuesday, Jun 17 2014 - Estadio Castelao Fortaleza

Neymar's pic is from here, Chicharito's from here.

They started with the possession from 57 : 43 for Brazil, but constantly increasing to 53 : 47. I found it really tremendous! I mean, it's so obvious that their strategy was majorly defensive, I could see that from how Julio Cesar almost did nothing significant along the game. But possessing almost half of the whole ball? They're dogs! The players were crazy striking, yet on the same time, solid on the back!

But what mind-blew me right through my fvckin head was, the Goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa. He was so damn sharp, intuitive yet bald! You should've been amazed by how he saved the goal from Neymar's head. Crazy brilliant.

But the best safe happened on 85'. Brazil earned a corner, the ball flew right to the captain's head in front of the goal -seriously in front of the goal, in front of the keeper!- and the unbelievable Ochoa managed to block it anyway. Even from such point-blank range, God, he's something!!

I knew from the start that Mexico
Would be a total pain in the ass for Brazil,
But I never thought they could be this handful!

Yes he can!

Wow, I was totally amazed. Fvckin speechless. I don't think I ever felt so much amused watching a draw match like this. So entertaining from the very beginning. Of course, hats off to Ochoa. And take a bow to Mexico. For me, they won the match. 11 against 60.011, that's crazy amazing!

Best 0 - 0 tie game ever!
Way so much more entertaining
Than matches with too many goals.
And thanks to them too, now I realized
That goalkeepers can't be taken for granted.

Gracias a ti, México!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Thanks for the Tears

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This post might change a little bit of your perception about me.
Again, but don't worry, this is not something I expose too often.
I'm still gonna be your cool guy who loves Pitbull. And a bit of Liverpool.
With the hobby of traveling. And watching Disney classics over and over again.
Okay that doesn't help. Or does it?

Okay so me and Naruto.

It's nothing big, c'mon. I'm not that freak about the anime. It's not like I bought the konoha headband, learn their jutsu sign, run the way they run -oh for God's sake if you ever see me doing that on a daily basis, not because I'm joking or mocking someone, please, be my guest, hit me hit me hard, and dream of being a Hokage lol please, no. It's just because I simply adore the storyline. And the characters. And how I want to learn Japanese so bad, that's all.

Although, sometimes, I got a little bit too carried away.

Like when Asuma sensei died. Or Jiraiya died. Or Sasuke finally knew about Itachi's real story. Shit man, the creator's playing with my emotion--I LOVE YOU! Also when I found out long ago that in the comic, Neji died too.

Damn. Neji. My favorite.
A member of my all-time favorite team.

But life must go on. I kept on watching the anime. Until today, the scene I've been expecting for, came to my iPad screen. I've been prepared for the last episodes because on the opening song, there's this hint of his death. Causing Naruto shocked. And Hinata trembled in tears. So ya, I'm prepared to see his death.

His death okay.
Not the everyone else's death.
Which happened on the same fvckin episode.

Shikaku, Inoichi, Ao, Mabui and every single ninja in the headquarter, was killed with only one attack. I mean, it's the HQ. A place where it should've been the safest of all. But still they got killed.

What broke my heart is not because of the characters who died. But the scene where they knew that the lethal attack was aimed for them. And they acted calm for the sake of finishing their last duty. Until death came. And it brought shock to Shikamaru and Ino who were on the battle field. Tears came down. On their faces, also mine.

I mean, oh Lord, those kinds of scene, I can never stand watching. Like what happened in Toy Story 3. When all Andy's toys are sliding to the combustion on the dumpster. They knew that the end of their life is before their very own eyes. And they couldn't do anything but, holding hands...

Why would you do that, creators of anime and cartoons, why??
You animations should bring joy to the watchers, not tears...

But after all...


Life's always full of joy.
And tears. Shocks. Deaths.

So ya maybe that's what animations are for.
To keep remembering us about all aspects in life.
Well if that's the case so... Thank you all, died shinobis.

And rest in peace

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Trust in Three

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Time went by too fast, don't you think?

After yesterday I decided to call England for this World Cup, last night they played. Against Italy. And lost. Time did go fast. But that doesn't mean that I'm doubting my choice. Instead, after last night I got pretty sure that I'm supporting the right one.

You know that I recently lost contact in any updates about soccer world, yes? And that's why I didn't know many things about who's called and who's not, to play in Brazil. So I just happened to know the squad of England, yesterday.

And I just realized that their main fortress, is

I knew how well he's been performing with Manchester City. To be honest I can't even mention who else in England is good in goal keeping. I wanna say Chelsea's Petr Cech, but then he's not British. Seeing Hart's name on the list, it seriously gave me tons of relief before the game started.

And then there were Steven Gerrard, Wayne Rooney, old names ya I believed they'd do their best. But when there's these three names appeared, names I knew well and heard often from the Premier League, but I was pretty sure that they never played for World Cup, I swear it boosted my confident.

The Queen's three knights, I'd consider them as The Real Three Lions.
Raheem Sterling, Danny Welbeck and Daniel Sturridge

O yeah, I'm sure they'll give the best show. England as a whole, with the help of these three stallions. And for last night's game, they seriously performed way better than my expectation towards England. My brother and I agreed that they played like they're possessed with some weird yet powerful phantom.

Although they eventually lost the game. But I don't care, there are two games left to go. Balotelli's goal wasn't impressive enough anyway. And many people even claimed that Italy played dirty but hey, I don't want to find any excuses. Lost is lost but that doesn't necessarily mean that England's as lousy as they usually are.

Spain lost their first game in South Africa.
And they came out to be the world's champion.
Too early to lose hope, England

Saturday, June 14, 2014


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Day two has just passed.
All teams of two groups had played.

Then I got to see some good teams performed.
Brazil. Mexico. Netherlands. Spain. Australia.
But still, I don't know who to support.

Definitely not Brazil. They're the hosting team. Too much benefit for them. Not Spain either. Well, not because they surprisingly lost their first game, no. But more because they're the winning team. Too much euphoria, and pressure at the same time. As well as too much stars in it. This thing could be good, but on some other level, having too many good players could be a boomerang.

I was thinking about Netherlands long before 2014 even came. But now that the Dutch won last game, it got me rethinking. It could seem too shallow, you know, people might think that I suddenly call them simply because they played good last night, lol, c'mon I'm not that blind about football. Australia seems fun to be with tho, but gotta be honest and be realistic, I get to find a team with good future haha. And my idol Harry Kewell's no longer in the team so, maybe not.

Never in the world, would I be thinking about Argentina or Portugal HAHA, no. As long as they still have Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo in their squad, I'll be always cheering for the other team. Even if it's Malaysia. This hatred towards them, will never be off the table.


It's now down to Germany or England. Or France.
But no, I'm thinking about Germany or England.

Germany. Oh, Germany. They always brought us surprise with new talents they revealed in each World Cup. Remember how Lukas Podolski and Miroslav Klose amazed their own nation and the whole globe with their nice stuff in 2006? Or Thomas Müller and Mesut Özil in 2010? And Özil, oh Özil... I've always adored him because, ya, simply because he's a moslem.

Now England. Actually I have not much reasons to go with England. It's just, I feel like I owe too much to Liverpool. I abandoned them for the whole season, missed how they made it through the second place which I never expected! And, I turned them off by choosing Pitbull over them when both came here in Indonesia last year... It's just, I feel like I owe too much to them. Especially to Steven Gerrard.

A guy I never thought I'd adore so much.
The most loyal human being on earth I ever known.

And this could be his last World Cup.

Wish the best for you now, Sir, and oh! Pic's from here.

I think I just made my decision.
England it is

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Finding Excitação

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Four years ago today,

The biggest once-in-four-years sport event took place
And the whole world was like excited as hell. So was I.

This year,

Four years after the last once-in-four-years sport event took place,
Is about to start soon. The whole world was like excited as hell but umm.

I'm not.

I don't know what's wrong. With the euphoria. With me.
The World Cup has always been, and should be something I can't ever deny.

I remembered my first World Cup ever. 2002. Korea Japan. I called for Italy. Not a good start for my newborn euphoria, Italy was stopped by South Korea in the second round. I was so damn pissed off I swear I swore South Korea so many times since after. Ya I was an immature and knew nothing much about football. But after all I enjoyed the whole cup.

Then my second World Cup. 2006. Germany. I called for Brazil. It was a very emotional path for us -me and Brazil. Especially when Brazil was beaten by France. I cried of a heartbreak. But I moved on. The cup changed my whole perception about football. I started to be a football fan for the next one year. Bought sport papers, stayed up late for matches, I was a fanboy. Of AC Milan, of Kaka. Ya that couple of year was like my adoration reigm towards him. Thanks to WC 2006. Surely the best cup ever.

My last cup, 2010. South Africa. I called for Spain. Was a smooth cup because my team played well. I supported them like I know everything, like Spain was my nation. Tons of blog posts were made, gazillions of tweets were shared, not only for Spain, but for everything about the cup. Until I realize I can't just like football during and along the euphoria of World Cup. I needed to have my favorite football team. That I like completely, not because of some certain player I idolize. That was when I started to be a Liverpudlian.

But as you might notice.
Recently I forgot about Liverpool.
That's acceptable because that's what I am.
But losing interest towards The World Cup, well...
Something is wrong with me, and I don't know why.

Three hours away before the first kick-off.
I haven't posted anything about World Cup 2014.
I haven't stated any of my excitement towards the cup.
I haven't even decided which team to be fvckin supported!
And for God's sake it's Pitbull who's singing the primary anthem!

Que está errado, Vick?!

Monday, June 9, 2014

From Feather to Feather

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All my life, I've been exposed to so many cartoon characters.
And been in love with so many of them, like literally, many.

I liked certain things on some certain ages. But then after some time, I began to stop adoring them and started to idolize something else that was more related to my current age. Adoration comes and goes, adoration comes and goes. It's just like love, comes and goes.

But there's this guy.
Back on my early ages,
He appeared and stole my heart.

And there's nothing that could stop me from loving him. Because he's just like me. He's hotheaded, he swears a lot, freaking selfish, tends to be the sidekick, but loved. I forgot when was exactly the time I started realizing that we're actually two birds of a feather, flocked together. He's so me.

Yea there's just nothing that could stop me from loving him.
Because he's been my favorite since, oh, God knows for how long.

And this date, 80 years ago,
He hit the screen for the first time.
Which means today, is his birthday.

And I can't help but dedicating this post to wish myself a very happy birthday :)

Here's for the old Donald, and here's for the new one.

Long live to you,
Donald Fautleroy Duck.
Always be by children's side,
And by my side as well.

P.S. : Did I just say, "wish myself a very happy birthday"???