Saturday, February 23, 2013

Scrubs Hopes Up A Little Shine

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It's always been my habit when I watch back-to-back episodes of a TV series, then I started to like the show and couldn't seem to control this hunger of watching. It first happened long ago when I watched Cougar Town.

And it happened again after I watched Scrubs.

I didn't realize that until I stared at the show for four episodes in a row, four days in a row. Until I began to idolize John Dorian. Oh, sorry, Zach Braff.

See in Scrubs, he plays J.D. quiet fun. That quirky personality, that day-dreaming habit he's got, and that endless narration voices in his head, I'm picturing myself when I see him. Well you know I'm not a doctor and I'm not publicly shown for my quirky side but aside of that, he's just so me!

Now... It's always been my other habit. When I see some familiar celebrity faces on TV, then pops in my head about where these celebrities had appeared before, that I end up browsing IMDb and there fulfilled all my wonders. I did that to Braff.

Before finally I realized, and narrate to myself...
I knew I had ever heard his voice somewhere before.
And yes I had. In Chicken Little. As Chicken Little himself. Itself. Himself!

Damn it's always been my other, other habit. To envy voice actors whose lives are fun enough even without have to voice cast. You know like Tom Kenny possesses Spongebob Squarepants. Like Tom Hanks owns Sheriff Woody. And Tom Kane wields Darwin the Chimp. I've always been into voice casting!

Now that the Z.B. guy plays the role I'm thinking as similar to me to,
And he fills a character from the industry I'm forever in love with,
And better yet, on top of all, he's a voice actor as well...

I'm officially a fan of Zach Braff.

Little's picture is from here, while Braff's from here

It's always been my habit.
To idolize people with odd reasons.
Well there's no harm in day dreaming, tho.
Because the end is still far from near

Thursday, February 21, 2013

One Beautiful Lady Stand Before Us

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This blog, I must say, people might get bored reading it. Because umm, on the last six posts, it's all about my trip to Malaysia and Thailand, and the last one is about that Japanese model I'm currently adoring.

But it won't stop there.
I'm continuing my fascinated thoughts about fascinating woman from the industry.

This time, a local touch again.

The original image is from here, I just edited it a little bit to fit my blog ;)

You know her. International standardized celebrity with highly, highly national oriented values. And lately, she's all well known for her appearance as the host and the main judge of Asia's Next Top Model.

And it's so proud making.
Like she ruled the game. Other judges that are from other nations obey her. And all the contestants who come from countries in reality, are better and more developed than Indonesia, bow before her.

So proud making.
Like even when the contestant from Indonesia got eliminated, I didn't really care because no matter how, Nadya will always be there until the end of the show. Until comes another cycle.

Proud making.
Like on top of all, on the finale, she wore kebaya for the final judging. In front of multinational people. In front of Tyra Banks.


Yes I'm proud of Indonesia.
And I love Indonesia. As well as I
Love, Nadya

Friday, February 15, 2013

Sakura From The Blue


Ever since one of my friends showed me some mixed-descent-Asian-European girl friends he has, I started to have a thing about those kind of girls. And currently, there is this girl I've been dying to tell you about.

Since last month -or more maybe, I can't recall- I had always been waiting for her appearance every week. Now that she's out of the show, and I would probably not see her again, it's time for her tribute in my way.

Her name is Sofia Wakabayashi

The third runner up of Asia's Next Top Model Cycle One. Or was she just considered as one of the contestants? I don't know. For me she's fine, whatever the judges thought about her that she had to go home before the finale.

She's pretty, she's tall, she's model-like. Boys will fight for her and girls will fight to be like her. But no, let's not talk about her figure.

I'm adoring the mixture her mom and dad gave her when she was born. There is something different beneath her semi-oriental face. Okay it's not just her, it comes from all mixed girls like her.

Oh, I haven't mentioned which part of Asia she obtained her face from, have I? Well you gotta be knowing it from her name but, let's say that you don't know.

It's Japan.
And I'm currently into Japanese.

You know what,
She could really be the reason,
Or maybe my major motivation of
How much I love Japan

Image source: here

Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Beginner Backpacker Story


Halo, semoga pada gak bosen deh ya ngebaca postingan gue soal perjalanan kali ini haha. Gak peduli deh mau dibilang apa. Tapi yang pasti, gue suka banget trip kemaren like, banget banget!! Dan postingan ini lebih kayak summary nya gitu karena ini bener bener kali pertama gue jalan jalan ke 

Bukan cuma itu aja, di trip ini juga kali pertama buat gue dalam berbagai macam hal di dunia per-traveling-an.

First time traveling alone
Should I tell you more about this? Haha please percaya sama gue. Gue jalan sendirian. Gue kemana-mana sendirian. Gue ngatur skejul, ngurus uang, makan, mandi, berak sendirian. Dan gue gak ngerasa itu menyedihkan. Gue justru ngerasa ketje. Karena setiap ada yang nanya gue pergi sama siapa, dan gue jawab gue sendirian... I've always liked the reaction appears on their face :)

First time staying at and hanging with locals
Meski demikian, gue nginep di tempat temen-temen gue yang emang asli sana -kecuali di Penang, gue nginep di dorm. Walopun resikonya, gue harus nyesuain skejul gue sama mereka, tapi ngobrol ngobrolnya sama berbagi ceritanya itu gak ada duanya.

First time suburban visit
Di Kuala Lumpur, temen gue si Joseph ngajakin gue ke daerah Ara Damansara. Semacem suburban gitu, dimana yang tinggal disana adalah keluarga berpenghasilan rendah. Jadi si Joseph ini anggota gereja gitu dan tiap dua minggu sekali harus ngasih bantuan makanan ke salah satu keluarga disitu. Kebetulan hari itu gue lagi bingung mau kemana, jadi ya gue diajak kesana. Two sides of KL in one trip, eh?

First time uncommon overnight experiences
Jadi dari KL ke Bangkok, flight gue itu pagi. Nah kan dari pusat kota ke LCCT itu jauh kan ya, daripada gue grabak grubuk pas pagi, jadi gue pikir mendingan nginep aja di airport! Haha seru parah, apalagi ternyata banyak orang yang ngelakuin itu juga.

Nah trus pulang dari Bangkok, sampe KL jam 9 malem. Gue pun buru buru ke Puduraya Bus Terminal karena jam 12 nya harus naik bis ke Penang. Seru gak sih?? Gue sengaja pilih tengah malem biar sampe Penang pagi dan gue punya banyak waktu buat jalan jalan. And gotta tell ya, bis nya pewe parah!

First time university observation
Di Bangkok, gue kan nginep di dorm temen gue yang sekolah di AIT (sekolah khusus master degree). Nah jadilah gue punya kesempatan ngeliat liat kampus di Thailand haha. Apalagi AIT itu deket banget sama Thammasat University (sekolah khusus bachelor degree) jadi hampir tiap hari gue ketemu anak anak seumuran gue yang sedang menuntut ilmu.

First time massage
Seumur hidup gue gak pernah yang namanya pijet. Jadi mumpung lagi di negara asalnya, Thailand, dan kebetulan gue lagi capek parah waktu itu abis jalan jalan ampe betis segede semangka -dan besoknya balik ke KL jadi yaaa foya foya bath gitudeh haha- jadilah gue pijet Thai dulu sebelum mamam malem.

First time CNY experience
This was the best. Read more in here.

First time being a truly annoying 'bule'
Selama di Bangkok sih emang gue gabisa berkomunikasi kalo gak dalam bahasa Inggris. Nah tapi di Malaysia, sebenernya kan gue bisa bisa aja dan ngerti ngerti aja bahasa Melayu. Tapi berubung ini trip abroad kan ya, gue maunya bahasa Inggris dong haha. Jadi kalo gue lagi nanya orang di Malaysia dan ternyata dia gak ngerti bahasa Inggris, gue mulai sok sok nanya pake kata kata Melayu dengan logat bule gitchu haha trus mereka yang kayak bahagia gitu karena gue bisa sedikit berbahasa lokal hahahahaha oh Lord I miss those moments so bad...

I'm addicted. I never thought, traveling alone could be that exciting. I didn't have to discuss of where to go, I didn't have to face confusing ideas from different confusing heads. It's all about me and myself, and my own choice!

And damn I'm proud of myself. Gue selalu iri sama temen temen gue yang bisa keluar negeri karena ada proyek nari misalnya, atau marching band, atau delegates dan semacamnya. Tapi mereka pergi juga karena sebagian uang mereka kan, bukan sepenuhnya ditanggung si pembuat project.

And yet, they went there in groups.
Not all alone like I did, not a single fighter like I was.
I must reward myself for these brave things I've done.
A trip to Vietnam, maybe?

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

City Three: The Best Closure

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George Town, Penang
Three days of calm and prosperity

After a wild, hectic life in Bangkok, I flew back to KL and then took a bus straight to Butterworth, Penang. Another indescribable experience, I must say, because it was a night bus and then I had to take the ferry so early in the morning to the island.

But that long, exhausting journey to get to the city was all so worthed. You know why, because George Town is a paradise for, uh, how do we say that... Yeah, a peaceful seeker.

It was a small town, clean, quiet, with a few number of cars, as well as the pollution. The tourist spots are close one another and for me, those are all in a walking distance. If I want to take a bus around the city, they have this free shuttle. And if I want to go somewhere out of George Town, other buses are always available and you can ask anybody on the street about how to get there!

Read the board :p
Jalan Tun Syed Sheh Barakbah 
Kek Lok Si Temple

And Chinese New Year was so close. I still had lots of ringgits and yeah, I supposed it was the time to start being prosper. So I stayed at a dorm booked from the named Roommates. I ate more expensive foods, I didn't care anymore about the money I've been strict about since the first day of my trip. It's all about self welfare.

The best part, was the CNY evening. I was invited to have a Chinese dinner with a local Penangite, ate steamboat with them and spent some time with their families. Finished? Not, yet! After that I went to the Esplanade to attend this CNY countdown event!

Ferry and its wind
Ms An Lim and her lovely family
When this happened, I almost cried because on the next day, I was going home :')

Yea and that was all. George Town and its tranquility. I loved all those three cities I visited, but for this one, it's more than just love, I guess.

Now I know why George Town's called as a World Heritage.
I can't describe it, I just know :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

City Two: The Land of... Freedom?


Bangkok, Thailand
Four days of self discovery

I flew to Bangkok after KL. It was a culture shock actually, haha. People changed, sense of currency changed, way to live changed, and stuff. You saw many mosques and heard prayer calls around KL and now, all you've got to see are temples.

Yes, temples are all around the city. Even in malls. You can pray everywhere, if you want to, and nobody bothers. You can come and see others praying, and nobody bothers.

I visited like tons of temples. It was like a spiritual journey for me. Haha no, kidding! I'm not converting to Buddha. But yaa along the visit to the temples, somehow I explored this potential of myself where I turned to be a shy-less guy.

You see, I was alone. And to have a picture of myself with the best sceneries, I've got to ask people to take that right? Yea that's what I meant by shy-less. I didn't care what people thought about me being only with myself, I just need some photographs :p

Night market in Thammasat University
Student's dorm at Asian Institute of Technology
Taxi boat on Chao Phraya river
Grand Palace
Wat Pho, Temple of Reclining Buddha
Silom - Sukhumvit

And once again, what I liked from this trip was the people I met. This time, they weren't locals. It was my friend whose dorm I stayed at, a Tunis guy named Sadek. Such a fun guy, talkative, insightful, tricky and somehow, moslem. We shared a lot about our similar interest and it opened a lot about my mind.

But the best guy is Rin. A forty something doctor, Filipino decent from US. He's married, but free as a bird. He was even visiting Bangkok without his wife knowing that. I adored this guy, a lot. Some of his words are way too hard to understand, and too much -seriously, he talked a lot- but I learned so much about myself from him. At last, I considered him as a mentor haha.

GOD! After all, it was that free in Thailand. It's beyond just a religion choice. People can dress whatever they want to dress, think whatever they want to think, be whatever they want to be. And just the time you think what people do is inappropriate, stick to this phrase:

"But again, it's Thailand :)"

Monday, February 11, 2013

City One: The Praised Child


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Five days of cultural transmission

My single-fighter-twelve-days-trip started from the city. First impression, the airport wasn't as cool as Soekarno Hatta's Terminal 3. But after I took a bus to KL Sentral LRT Station, I shut the fvck up.

Have you watched a drama of a poor child and rich one, switched at birth? The poor's raised by the rich family and grow to be the bad ass, while the rich's taken cared so so by the poor family and soon will be bullied by the poor child and can't fight about it? Yea well along the trip, that's the scenario I've always played in my mind. Malaysia's the poor, and Indonesia's the rich one.

No wonder why Malaysia enjoys annoying us. They are actually not as rich as Indonesia, but they know best how to manage what they have. It makes them a nation worth to visit, and I did enjoy my trip there. Although I was alone, I still can survive because information is easy to obtain, and most people speak English.

A longest night market, weekly in Cheras
Genting Highland
Batu Caves
KLCC - Petronas Twin Tower
KL Tower 
Bukit Bintang

And the locals, man, they're so up in the air. I stayed at my Chinese friend's boarding room, his name is David, then moved to my other friend's house, a Malay named Hazwan. Then again, I also spent much of my time with my other Chinese friend named Joseph. And the three of them, are impeccable. Best services, best helps as well.

But the best part I liked was the one where we shared about culture. Like how there are so many words in Indonesian and Malay that literally similar, but have different meanings. Or about Jakarta and its famous traffic jam. Or about local foods and snacks that apparently have so many similarities. God! It was soooooooooooooooooo fun and priceless.

After all, I love Kuala Lumpur. I love how it could let me wander around it, even I was just traveling alone. Aside all what Malay had done to us, I still adore the city. Tidy, structured, not as strict as Japan tho, but still, way way better than Jakarta -and Bangkok.

But one thing I couldn't stop thinking,
Was the one with the mighty question of
"Why the hell can't Indonesia do the same?"

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Mr Worldwide: The Birth

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Udah dua belas hari di bulan Februari, tapi gue belum juga ngepost apapun. Hmm gapapa dong ya, karena gue baru aja pulang dari perjalanan super menakjubkan gue di negara tetangga dimana gue cuma seorang diri.

Banyak banget yang mau gue ceritain, banyak banget yang mau gue share, malah tadinya gue mikir apa mending gue bikin satu blog sendiri khusus buat perjalanan ini aja yak? Haha tapi gamungkin sih.

However, I'll tell it anyway, anyhow.
"Two passports (stamps), three cities, two countries, one (plus eleven) day" -- Pitbull

So, shall we
Get it started?