Saturday, July 31, 2010

I'm Ready! I'm Ready!

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It was so dark and comfy in my room when I was just woken up from my nap several hours ago. Then, out of nowhere, Spongebob came inside my TV.

What a blast! It was a right time for sure. And it wasn't a common episodes of that yellow thing, but it's the story of making Spongebob.

It told how Stephen Hillenburg began all his works, where he was inspired from, crews and voice casts of the cartoon and how they work, fans around the globe, and all the phenomenal things caused by Spongebob.

Nah, I'm not gonna talk about that. I do like Spongebob but, not now. The things I wanna share is... Well, I'm so fired up when I saw the casts. Yeah, I'm totally interested in dubbing.

It's so exciting! You got your very own cartoon character. You act how they act when you're voice acting. People won't recognize that you're the actor until you show them and they will mumble, "Ooh," or "Wow," in astonishment and somebody ask, "How could you do that?" to you right after.

Gosh, I want--I absolutely want to be a voice actor.

But well... Unfortunately here in Indonesia, dubbing is not so overwhelming. Yeah, maybe because we don't produce our own cartoon so there are no chemistry between the cast and the character. Some do, but not all.

No worries. Obsession will be obsession. Who knows, God will send me to US and I got a chance to cast something there haha AMEN O GOD!

- Spongebob and his voice actor, Tom Kenny -
images from here and here

Oh, one more!
Since I'm a student of communication science,
Being a dubber won't be so difficult, don't you think?
So thank God I'm already on my track!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Chocolate Blend And Friends... What a Bless!


Yesterday I spent my time at J.Co alone. Haha, that was a total peaceful moment for me. Having Choco Forest and holding iPod on each hand, I enjoyed that so much. But several times after, Mpi Dindut and Ali came to join.

It was a very short meeting for sure
But I don't know why, I felt somehow...

Well, I think I miss high school already

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Stay Away You Predator


Lately I've always been waiting for the newest news of Mesut Ozil. Yeah, that guy from Germany. The most obedient moslem footballer I've ever heard -the strongest reason why I'm waiting for his news.

Rumor says that it'll be Chelsea, Manchester United or Manchester City, the next club he'll be playing for after Bremen. Okay pick everything! Whatever, but Barcelona.

I'm sick of that club. After buying Villa, they keep hunting Fabregas. Now I don't know for sure where Fabregas will go. And yesterday, I heard from the radio, that this red-purple-stripes -or red-blue-stripes? naah, don't care- will try to approach Ozil no matter what.

Oh man, please. Those are my favorites. Okay you can grab Villa and Fabregas, but don't you even dare to steal Ozil. You're way too strong already so what more do you expect?

Haha, kinda confused why I hate Barcelona? Well, because they got him

- I never ever like him -

Please Barcelona
Don't be greedy

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Take A Look At The Paradise of Ours


Hi there! Recently, I got so many visitors out of my own country. It had me thinking of posting some great pictures of Indonesian most famous objects. Well kinda weird but instead of letting my blog empty, this'll be a good idea.

Now check them out!

Bali Island

Mount Bromo

- I visited this one last month, click here to see more pictures of Bromo -


Borobudur Temple

- This used to be one of the Seven Wonders -

Bunaken Water Park

The Komodo National Park is one of the candidates of the New Seven Wonders of Nature. If you want to give us some help, please click here and we'll appreciate you guys for your support.

Well, that's all. Hope you enjoy and
Indonesia welcomes you anytime

Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

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Sorcerer Merlin had three apprentices named Balthazar, Veronica and Horvath. Their villain Morgana, wanted to rise the dead armies and ruled the world. Horvath bethrayed his friends and with Morgana, he killed Merlin. Balthazar was about to fight, but Morgana was stronger. Veronica then sacrificed her body to had Morgana trapped inside and so Balthazar could keep them inside the doll of Grimhold. Once merlin said that he had a successor called Prime Merlinean and so, Balthazar began his journey to look for that kid; David Stutler.

What did I feel right after? Tertegun. Yah, ceritanya sih emang sedikit mudah buat ditebak tapi seru banget loh gatau kenapa. Sihir sihirnya oke, efeknya oke, ide ceritanya oke, pokoknya semuanya top deh. Dan entah kenapa gue ngeliat si David Stutler ini agak mirip gue. Bukan mukanya loh, tapi figur sama kesoktauannya aja sih yang agak mirip. Jadi sepanjang cerita gue ngerasa kalo tuh orang bener bener gue, jadinya yaaa gue kebawa cerita hahay. Yaa itu sih menurut gue haha. Pokoknya ini film super duper highly recommended deh. Buruan ditonton sebelom pada mulai kuliah!

image source: google

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Beach Youth Madness

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Oh how I miss you my blog!
I'm just landed from Ancol
What for?

Jalan-jalan ala sepuluh dua!

Haha sumpah ye ini ke Putri Duyung dadakan parah. Mana gak ada yang bawa bahan makanan pula. Dan yang bawa snack cuma Thea, lo harus tau! Jadi selama disana satu-satunya yang gue pikirin adalah gimana caranya berhemat untuk menyambung hidup.

Tapi udah sehemat itu pun, uang gue keluar juga buat maen aer di Atlantis. Tapi gapapa, karena itu worthed menurut gue. Haha, emang sih kebanyakan buat anak-anak. Tapi karena kita adalah segerumulan pemuda-pemudi fleksibel yang bisa terhibur dan menghibur dalam keadaan apapun, jadi ya jatohnya seru!

Selain berenang, kita juga sepedahan. Keliling-keliling situ doang sih, tapi lumayan loh. Dan pas hari terakhir, rante sepeda yang dipake Cumi rusak dengan indahnya. Terus doi sembunyiin tuh sepeda bareng Viera, sementara rantenya dibuang entah kemana. Haha geli deh ngingetnya.

Rasanya agak gak mungkin ya liburan terjadi tanpa adanya hal bodoh. Untuk kali ini, Ocit lah jawabannya. Hmm, gak kali ini doang sih. Kehadiran Ocit mah selalu bodoh.

Oke. Jadi selama tiga hari menginap, si Ocit ini dateng pas malemnya doang dan pulang pas pagi menjelang. Ets tunggu dulu, mana mungkin sih kita ngebiarin dia datang tanpa syarat? Haha canda. Tapi beneran. Hari pertama dia dateng bawa popmie, hari kedua dia dateng bawa nasi goreng. Fufufu emang paling setia deh doi.

Haaaaa seru kan ya liburan dadakan begini? Tapi pulangnya pas sampe di (mantan) sekolah lagi, gue mikir kalo setelah ini kita semua bakal misah.

Depok - Bandung - Jogja

Huff, sudahlah. Kehidupan harus diteruskan, kawan. Selamat berjuang ya buat Thea, Bacul, Upe, Ayip! Doain juga buat gue, Viera, Cumi, Nizal, Gerald sama Arsa yang bakal mati-matian bertugas di Depok. Oke, bukan buat kita doang, tapi gue juga ngarep semoga semua temen-temen gue bisa berhasil. Huhu, sok bijak kan, tapi gue serius.

Vacation with 10th grader: Done

--favorite moment:
Gue sama Thea naik sepeda tandem pagi-pagi. Karena baru bangun tidur, kita masih bercelana pendek dan kalo kena angin, mereka berkibar kibar dengan yahudnya. Alhasil, ketika kami melintas di depan sebuah keluarga Arab, sang kepala keluarga dengan sigap menyebut, "Masya Allah!"

Monday, July 12, 2010

So Long, South Africa!

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"Watch the World Cup on Intersport"
-Fernando Torres-

Familiar with that phrase?
Yes, we catch that almost on all June and early July nights.
But not again, now...

The World Cup has finally done.
Phew, that was a big event for sure.
Now it's about to be vanished.
All the things involved.


I'll be missing this so bad.

I'll be missing the "Wavin' Flag" and "Waka Waka"
I'll be missing the Vuvuzela buzzing stadiums
I'll be missing the "sounds of africa" tagged posts of mine
I'll be missing my clipping things
I'll be missing the late night tweets
I'll be missing the whole advertisements on both tv channel
I'll be missing the slow motion rewinds
I'll be missing the dubbings by commentators
I'll be missing the it-is-dedicated-only-for-you-my-nation goal celebrations
I'll be missing the World Cup widget and header of my blog
I'll be missing the time when I'm asked about today's matches
I'll be missing the look-I-am-on-tv shouts by supporters
I'll be missing the time when I stay up late and off to sleep on 3.30 am
I'll be missing to access the South Africa tracker app from my iPod
I'll be missing the time when I'm asked about last night's match result
I'll be missing to give live reports


Haha, that's me
When I'm really into some events, I'll be thrilled like crazy
And when it's ended up, I'll be sad like gloomy

4 years
Won't be that long
I'll wait

And I hope... I do hope I'll be a welfare man in 2014
So I'll be able to watch the World Cup live on the host country in 2018


And everybody will be singing it
And we all will be singing it

Farewell, World Cup
We all will be singing again in 2014

A Star Is Born


Glad to see you guys celebrating like crazy
Glad to hear that you guys finally made a new history
Glad to know that your first final was great
Glad to support you on this World Cup

Vamos, La Furia Roja!

all images belong to

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Off to Battle

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The biggest match is coming.
Many people must have been waiting for this.

Me too, but... not really.
Because by seeing this match,
means that this event will end up soon.

But the show must go on, buddy.
The new champion will be born tonight.

At Soccer City Stadium, Johannesburg
Match 64, The Final Round
Netherlands vs Spain

Why do I use their pictures? cause I'm longing for their best performance. Both of them, for me, haven't shown their true ability in this World Cup.

Okay, Van Persie's scored a goal. But his play isn't as good as others like Arjen Robben or Wesley Sneijder. And recently, through an unskilled-football-playing-boy's vision of mine, Van Persie played somehow... cruel. Yeah, something like unfair play he played. Not only him anyway, but almost the whole members of Holland. But among others, he's the worst one.

While Fernando Torres... I don't know what's wrong, but he's totally nothing in this World Cup. People said that it's because his injury or what. Oh God, I hope he's got miracles so he'll be playing better than anyone else tonight.

Wait, I got something else that i'm craving.

As I told before, Villa's one step ahead to the golden boots. Meeting Sneijder will be an absolutely magnificent duel between them. They both have scored 5 goals. And in addition, Thomas Muller of Germany and Diego Forlan of Uruguay both do the same. Since the last two names can't add some more goals, it's time for Villa and Sneijder to do the "goal-racing" and show the world who deserves the golden boot.

Well, this is it.
The last match of the event.
And i'm speechless...

images belong to

Saturday, July 10, 2010

3rd Place Match, 2 Matches to Go, 1 Meeting Left For These Two

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Tonight's match will be the warming up for tomorrow.

Uruguay vs Germany
Nelson Mandela Bay/Port Elizabeth
-Port Elizabeth Stadium-

Pictures taken from hereWell, you can see the preview of the match too.

Gosh, we're reaching the last two matches.
Never thought that it would be this fast...

It'll be my last support for Mesut Ozil.
I totally idolize him now.
More than anyone else in Spain squad.
Can't stop saying it, but I adore all moslem famous people.

Phew, I can't wait for this one.
But for God's sake I can't believe that
It's almost over

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Early Post of Excitement

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Spain won. Will meet Netherlands on the final.
Germany lost. Uruguay will be their last "matchmate".

Sorry, Mesut Ozil.
David Villa's much better.

But you're still the best.
Since I appreciate the moslem way you took.

Hope the best for you three...

Germany's the third.
Netherland will be the runner up.
Spain win the world cup 2010

P.S. : It's so great that finally Spain made it to their first final match. And well... I'm longing to know what octopus oracle Paul will predict for the final match. Spain again, please?

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

You Better Save Your Time To Do Something Else, Instead of Reading This Post


Gue mau konfirmasi ulang:
"Belanda, Jerman, Spanyol.
Tiga-tiganya jagoan gue.
Dan tiga-tiganya masuk semifinal."

Dan ternyata ada satu hal yang gue baru ngeh dan baru inget:
"Belanda, Jerman, Spanyol.
Tiga-tiganya adalah negara asal bule-bule
yang gue ajak ngobrol waktu pertama kali ke Bali."

Dan perlu gue tekankan, bahwa:
"Belanda, Jerman, Spanyol.
Urutan mereka masuk ke semifinal
sama persis sama urutan gue ketemu bule-bule itu,"

Hmm mistis... Sangat mistis...
Gue jadi penasaran gimana kelanjutan dari misteri ini.

Belanda udah ke final.
Kalo jerman yang nyusul, berarti ada satu tabir lagi yang tersingkap.

Tapi jangan ah, jangan sampe...
Gue maunya Spanyol yang nyusul

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Play Soccer? No! Watch One? Yes!!

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Sorry it's about World Cup again... Well I just can't stop thinking about this thing since it's almost over so... Enjoy.

Well. Semi final round. It's soooooooo exciting cause as I said, three of them are my favorites. But instead of talking about Netherlands vs Uruguay, I prefer the other one.

Durban Stadium, Durban
Wednesday, July 7th 2010
8:30 pm Local Time

Germany vs Spain

Gosh, this will be a big one. I do like them both. And each of them have their own points that make me confused of which one to be cheered when score goals later on.

But overall, I'm still on Spain. Why? Because Spain had never ever won the World Cup. This is the main and the strongest point for me. Though they're not my national team, I'm surely excited if they could win this event.

Geez, I'm acting like I know everything about soccer. In fact, I know nothing. And have no interest to play that.

"Well, no worries of what others think.
I am what I am, and I am proud of what I am."

So, Germany or Spain?
I don't know but
Good luck, you two!

again and again, all images belong to
wow, i wholeheartedly thank them for this

Monday, July 5, 2010

Bye, You Three

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For me, the world cup had reached the highest conflict.
Why? Because

"Portugal, Brazil and Argentina had blown away, and each of them was beaten by my favorite teams; Spain, Netherlands and Germany."

And you know what the best part is? Those three teams I like, made it to the semi final match! Gosh, I'm so excited. Whoever of those semi finalists wins, excluding Uruguay of course, will make ma happy. But still, I hope for Spain the most.

Talk about Portugal, Brazil and Argentina, if you read my blog frequently you must know this phrase, "Oh How I Hate Them!" -well if you don't, just click here.

Okay. I'm a kind of a kind guy. Seriously no kidding, I never like seeing somebody looks sad. Well sometimes I make somebody sad, but I can't stand seeing them sad.

And being knocked out on the World Cup match... They're kinds of heartless men of course, if they don't feel any sadness. But they did feel it.

Oh cheer up guys, I was just kidding. You're bright, you're skillful and you're still so young that there are lots more tournament you can work on and try to.

But you're done for the World Cup 2010.
See you guys in 2014 then

images are belong to

Javanese Car Ride Tour

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keluarga itu lebih utama dibandingkan apapun buat gue. salah satunya soal liburan. orang-orang sibuk ngurusin perpisahan, bahkan ada yang jadwalnya bentrok segala, tapi gue malah ngasingin diri dan lebih milih liburan bareng papih mamih

dan gue ke bromo
naik mobil
otomatis, gue ngelewatin macem macem kota diantaranya
yaaaa, anggeplah kita liburan dengan tema

"Tour de Java"

kira kira itu lah rutenya. dan lo harus tau, dari selasa sampe minggu itu, yaa 6 hari kan ya, kita tidur dengan baik dan benar sesuai kode etik dan estetis tidur, cuma 3 malem. sisanya di mobil. asik abis ya? berasa traveler beneran men

tidur dengan bener yang pertama pun, kita ngetem di sebuah penginapan yang dibuat khusus buat turis petualang di jogja. settingnya alami, bilik bambu, rawan roboh (gak deng), remang remang khas hutan, dan gak ada tivi anjir yang paling ngenes. tapi serunya ampun ampunan

abis itu langsung ke bromo gapake nginep nginepan. sampe sana kamis malem, bayar ini bayar itu makan ini makan itu, kita bobo di mobil baru deh jam 4 pagi hari jumatnya kita sekeluarga naik jip mendaki bromo yang dinginnya ya allah, nyebut nyebut deh gue ngingetnya

tapi semua itu sirna setelah gue dapetin ini di atas sana

subhanallah banget kan ya?

bromo usai, solo kita jabanin. untungnya ada rumah sodaranya sodara gue disana. jadi kita bisa hidup lebih manusiawi dan akhirnya mandi juga

besokannya jerman vs argentina. karena menurut sodara gue di solo itu gak terlalu rame, akhirnya kita cabut buat nobar di jogja. hahaha nekat ye nobar aja ampe ke jogja dulu. tapi tuh nobar worthed parah perparahan. suasananya dapet banget. ada yang belain argentina, ada yang jerman (termasuk gue dong pastinya). yang belain argentina dari awalnya baweeeel bener ampe akhirnya kicuap gak bersuara kayak dilakban tuh mulut

done done done, besoknya kita cabut ke semarang. ngapain? makan siang. hahaha sumpah ye kembang tahu tuh menunya. enak parah apalagi gue lagi laper

abis itu cipika cipiki dadah dadahan sama sodara gue, minggat deh kita sekeluarga ke cirebon. ngapain? makan malem. nasi jamblang pada tau gak? ih, anjir kalo lo udah super laper pengen makan puas ampe takewer kewer kapok minta makan, dateng deh lo kemari

di cirebon kekenyangan, akhirnya balik juga kita ke jakarte ibukota tercinte. huff, perjalanan yang menyenangkan yah meskipun di solo gue kurang begitu sreg tapi tetep aja mangstab

next tour, my cousin suggest us this theme
"Tour de Sumatra"
sounds insane but as long as he's the one who drives the car,
i'll be just fine hehe

P. S. : gue kan berangkat selasa malem, dan waktu itu jadwalnya spanyol vs portugal. sumpah ya gue udah kebelet banget pengen nonton tapi macetnya babi parah. akhirnya jam 12 gue tidur dan jam 2 kebangun, ternyata masih aja macet. udah deh, gue gak mampu ngeliat jam. gue gak mampu ngeliat twitter. gue cuma mampu berharap supaya bulan ngasih pencerahan ke sepupu gue, sebuah tempat pemberhentian dimana kita bisa berhenti buat nonton. alhamdulillah kesampean dan spanyol MENANG haha lo mamam tuh cr

My Palace Called "Home"

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pulaaaaang! huahaha akhirnya bisa bertatap muka lagi dengan layar laptop gue dan jari jemari gue langsung aja dengan lihainya berkolaborasi dengan kibor. ya allah, serius deh gak mampu gue pisah lama lama dari kamar gue dan komponen komponen di dalamnya. jadi kebayang bakal semerana apa gue nanti di kosan

oke. liburan kemaren sangat menakjubkan. jadi ada sekitar 3-4 postingan yang bakal gue bikin dan sebagian besar diantaranya masih berbau world cup dong pastinyaaaaaaahahahay. dan di kasur gue, telah bertumpuk dengan indahnya koran koran yang gue tinggal sejak hari selasa. ajegile, makan besar tuh buat gunting sama lem gue haha

yaudah, mau urusan sama kamar mandi dulu ah