Sunday, December 2, 2012

Quick, It's Still So Hypstah!

There will always be a time when hipster things started to turn mainstream-ish, whatever it is. That's what happened to Logos Quiz. Yea so I lost the exclusivity of the app. Especially since the game outline now are ruined by annoying ads.

That, is the time I found Icon Pop Quiz!

Basically the rules are the same. Only in this app, the questions are all about TV series or movies, and whole wide range of characters and even mascots.

The major thing I like most is the icons. Those are super cute, and minimalist. For me, the generator of the questions are much more creative than the one who made Logos Quiz because they did more than just erasing or wiping some part of the logos. They constructed more twisting things to be answered!

I can't tell how dumb I laughed when trying to answer the top-left question.
Felt like I needed to hit the creator of the app with a tank :'D

But one thing I hate about the app is, you know, the inconsistency. There are some certain confusion in answering because sometimes the answers are flexible. Like for example, Princess Jasmine of Disney. When you just answer 'Jasmine', it turns out to be incorrect.

Some characters need to be answered with their full name, yet some others don't. Like 'Mickey' with 'Mouse', but on the other case the answer is just 'Fred' without 'Flinstones'. Sounds unimportant tho, but for perfectionist people who craves for perfect answers with full points like me, that's just a big, big deal.

But yeaaa, at least the game's fun.
Let's enjoy this before it turns to be
Another no-longer-indie game

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