Sunday, May 5, 2013

Team Retarded Pops

Speaking about the Animation Domination I brought before, let's proceed to the first similarity those series have in common. Well as I mentioned before, the stories are about families. The Simpsons, the Griffins, the Browns and Tubbs, the Smiths and the Belchers. The member of those families are mostly the same at numbers; a set of parents with three children -except the Smiths, only two kids.

So what else? Well, let's say that
The man of the family, the husbands, the fathers,

Yes, they are jerks.

From left to right: Bob Belcher, Peter Griffin, Homer Simpson, Cleveland Brown and Stan Smith.
Pictures aren't mine. I obtained it somewhere in Google.

You know Homer Simpson. An absent minded guy from Springfield, an idiotic husband which the only things he ever think about is just food. And donuts. He's just so similar to Peter Griffin, Cleveland Brown and Stan Smith which, as I told you before, are all made by the same guy Seth MacFarlane. In summary, they're a set of loser dads with short-termed way of thinking.

Bob Belcher from Bob's Burgers, well as I observed from some episodes, is actually not as dumb as the other four dads. He's considered retarded, in other way. Like the way his burger restaurant is so poorly managed, and somehow he often face various unlucky moments due to his rivalry with the Pestos.

But after all, these fathers love his families. Too much. Despite their nonsense behavior, they put their families upon any other things. They truly love their wives, and -a bit- care for their children. Although yea sometimes, most of the times, they are hated by the kids, especially their daughters. But whatever, they'll fight for them.

Well that's the Animation Domination's first requirement.
So now if you want to air your fantasy family in FOX,
Create a lunatic father

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