Thursday, June 7, 2012

Pee I Tee Why

So umm, for Media Planning and Buying final exam, the lecturer asked us to make a campaign for a retail-clothing line named Tuileries -it's a fake name actually- that's going to be opened in Jakarta. That's kinda cool, eh?

But uh, my friend and I, the Chitose agency, happened to just start focusing on the campaign right ONE DAY before the pitching day because we had too many things to deal with before this. So by the D-day, we didn't win it. Worse to come, the other group from my class didn't make it either. So both winning places were taken by our "rival" class. Sucks.

Okay enough talking about that, now I just want to post what I did.

these items belong to this Galeries Lafayette

Yea yea, "ngibur diri" as you might think.

But who cares. Who knows that there will be a fashion hunter looking for somebody to handle their fashion booklets or spreads, and they happened to peek my work, and they're interested, and they hire me, and then I stop imagining such wild and silly dream haha.

Yea well, anyway, I love that agency I was in. Seriously.
We were actually strong, brilliant and fresh people.
Just one thing: preparation affects presentation.
But overall, I enjoy the task

P.S. : I just made the layouts and combined the components. Image one, two and three ARE NOT mine and yet I forgot the web where I obtained 'em ;)


  1. it's cool huh you're running your own company :D
    btw have a look on my new blog :p

    1. well actually, that wasn't a real pitching. it's one of the exam i had in campus haha. and the agency was just the other term of in-class group. after all, those were all fake :p

  2. Ohh, jadi ini lo yang eksekusi, Vick?
    Sumpah keren loh. Salut!

    Anyway, enjoy the task or the lecturer? LOL

    -Your future AD partner

    1. cah si olip nih pasti haha gak kok, i enjoyed the lecturer's french friend haha

      amiiiin ya Allah semoga beneran jadi partner AD gue yakk :')

  3. did you do all those? they look awesome...although the pics were not yours but the combination looks great...the Fashion Spread could do some coloured background a little..but looks professional..nice work. :)

    1. hahaha thanks so much!! and for the background, it came with the models so i couldn't do much about it haha

  4. fashion??no worry..maybe u'll be ramli, mario lawalata..hahahha...kidding bro...

    do your job and hope one time u'll be real enterpreneour

    1. amin amin! haha mau sih nyoba main main di fashion, tapi cuma sekedar bikin katalog aja biar dapet foto foto modelnya haha :">