Friday, August 19, 2011

Some Other Breathtaking Girls


It all started when I accidentally watched 90210 on Star World.
Then I realized a thing: most of the girls on this series are gorgeous.
Either young ones or even old ones, they're all pretty.

But wait! among those, I have my two favorites:
Naomi Clark of AnnaLynne McCord and Adrianna Tate-Duncan of Jessica Lowndes.

naomi's pic is from here, while adrianna's from here

Naomi, for me, is a semi-antagonist one of the serial. She's rich, spoiled and intriguing, but sometimes she has good manner. Even better than the protagonists.

While Adrianna, the drug user, is Naomi's 'wingman' who's always by her side in school. On other serial, this kind of partner usually has the same evil deed, and tend to help the antagonists do their evil plan. But Adrianna and Naomi are not that kind of girls.

Actually I don't really know who the main role of the serial is. Everybody seems to have their own conflicts and appear as much as the others.

But hey, who cares.
As long as these two appear often.
I'll be glad watching this
Mellow girly teenage drama

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hamdellah, They're on My Side


have i told you how i like Mesut Ozil so much because he's such a great football player and also a moslem?

okay, now it's not only him. i've got more to idolize
Samir Nasri

Karim Benzema

and also some more that i questioned before
Robin van Persie

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

now including Zinedine Zidane, Omar Frederick Kanoute, Franck Ribery, Nicholas Anelka, Solomon Kalou and Patrick Vieira, i have eleven moslem football player as my favorite ones. enough number to build a new club, right?

although they are spread to many clubs,
most of which i hate so much,
well... i don't care because
i adore them personally

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Thursday, August 4, 2011

You Know I Want 'Cha (Concerts)


Proverbs are actually made based on real experiences. Yaaa, salah satunya "mati satu tumbuh seribu" yang selama ini gue acuhkan dan ternyata ada benarnya juga.

Jadi begini kawan kawan.

Beberapa waktu yang lalu, gue dapet kabar kalo The Script, yang kedatangannya ke Jakarta udah gue prediksikan di beberapa post sebelumnya, bakal beneran dateng. Gue, dan beberapa temen gue yang dulu pernah berjanji akan menjadi yang paling depan kalo The Script dateng, seneng parah parah parahhhh denger kabar gembira ini. Apalagi tiketnya gak sampe 500rb. Lengkap gak sih?

Belom, sampe akhirnya gue dapet kabar bahwa konser yang dibopoh oleh Guinness itu cuma boleh didatengin sama manusia yang umurnya udah 21. Mantep kaaaaaaaaan?? :'/

Setelah sekuat tenaga meyakinkan diri bahwa gue dan The Script belom jodoh, gue dapet kabar lain dari belahan dunia lain:
Panic! At The Disco, which concert on August 17 2008 I beautifully missed when I was in high school, will come along with some other bands to GBK
Argh, hidup gue pun jadi jauh lebih berwarna mendengarnya karena Panic! At The Disco adalah satu dari enam konser laknat musisi favorit gue yang gue lewatkan dengan indahnya.

Dan di hari yang sama, gue dimention salah satu temen gue di twitter tentang suatu hal yang amat menakjubkan:
Pitbull, which concert I also missed because I never thought that the tickets wouldn't run out that fast, will also come and rule the Balai Kartini
Sumpah ya, yang ini gue gamau lewatin banget. Status doi juga sama kayak Panic! At The Disco; one of six darn concerts I couldn't afford. Dan lagi, euforia Bali yang hampir tiap detik gue dengerin suara doi, masih kerasa dan gue mau menggila lagi di konsernya.

Ngeri gak sih lo?? Ngeri uang gue abis kalo mereka beneran dateng dan gue kali ini beneran bisa nonton mereka tanpa ada hambatan apapun.

But the point of this post is, proverb "mati satu tumbuh seribu" does really exist though in my case it changes to "mati satu tumbuh dua".

And I hope it's only the two of them.
If there come others like Michael Buble or Rascal Flatts,
Please just shoot me now