Sunday, September 28, 2014


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Have I told you that I, am a cat person?

Well, I'm forced to be a cat person. Long ago, and as I told you guys in a post too, my brother got us a cat, then got us another one. They're called Ebol and Ebul. We never actually had good experience in handling cats. But with these two, we learned.

Then one thing led to another. They formed a family on their own. Four adorable kittens, let's just call them "Batch One". Today, they're a year and a week old. Yea they had their birthday last week. One year raising these kittens from the very beginning up til now, we admit that we can't let even one of these cats go.

On May this year, Ebul gave birth to five more kittens we'll call it "Batch Two". One died -it crushed my heart really bad because he was so ugly but I was always by his side along his sickness days- and the other four grew healthy. Just when we thought we had enough, Ebul's daughter gave birth to three relatively-ugly kittens we'll call this "Batch Three".

So we had thirteen cats under one roof. Those crazy times, thank God I was still unemployed back then. Can't imagine if mom should do everything herself. So yea we began to deliberate about how to deal with this. Subconsciously we would've let Batch Three go because, umm ya you know, they're not good breeds. But really? Letting go of one month old kittens? I wouldn't forgive myself if that ever happened.

Then we had to face the truth.
Batch Two, consisting of four crazy cute cats,
Yea they should go. We really had no other choice.

It was really stressing. They were like, I took care of them my whole unemployment days. Unlike Batch One which I was still busy with campus stuff, with Batch Two, I saw these kittens grew before my very own eyes. 

They were inside the cage for one full month, sleeping with me, and with my American-Vietnamese friend who visited me, began exploring the out-cage areas during World Cup, then they grew and became very demanding kittens, screaming for milk when my family and I had our sahoor, we spent Eid together, I let them crash my bedroom like everyday, playing with my stuff and I'll be like, "oh shit, don't play there!", keeping them inside during their meal time because if they eat outside with the others, their food would be stolen by their bigger relatives...

Oh God...

Then all of the sudden Friday two weeks ago my brother's friends came to take two of them. I was screaming inside, grouching to myself "what the hell are these people thinking!? I raised them with so many pain in my asses and they're here now to take them away from me!?" but I had to. So two gone, two to go.

Until Sunday last week.

Yea, a week ago. Another friend of my brother's came to take one. My favorite one. The one who was dying and I was there to see him getting stronger and stronger. The one who was the weakest of all three, always becoming the object of bullying, got wrestled and choked, and all he could do was gasping. The one whose belly was weirdly warm, whose snore was the most adorable sound I ever heard from another God's creature. The one who always stopped while he was playing, walked into my room and just stood there with his big goofy eyes, kinda wishing to be grabbed and hugged. The one who... Shit, I'm literally crying now.

I don't wanna talk about how he finally left my house. It was the hardest thing to go through. I slept early that night just because I can't stand the heartbreaking moment. And it's still breaking me until now. Because remembering that he's alone in his new house, after all these months surrounded by twelve other cats, Lord, I hope at least he's living a good life so he doesn't even have to feel lonely.

Batch Two. And that who's staring at you, he's the one I felt so hard to let go

Fortunately, the last kitten of Batch Two remained here until today. We lost Ebul somehow, she never came back it's been more than a week. So we decided that she'll be Ebul's replacement. And the one that will remind us about her three leaving brothers.


Never thought that having cats could cause such emotional troubles.
I learned a lot from this tho, that I am actually an animal person.
But in the future if I want to have pets, I have to make sure

That I only have one and no more

Saturday, September 27, 2014

First Week, Versed Week

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Okay, so...

I got a job now.
A freelance job, tho.

Something my dad really doesn't want me to do, because, you know, "freelance". But this is not a freelance I can do from home. This is a temporary-being-an-employee-for-a-company-go-to-work-Mon-to-Fri-10-to-6-kind-of-freelance to replace their actual employee who's taking her maternity leave. So it's like being a true worker, only in a limited contract. And since the position is something I'd kill for, my dad had no choice but to let me.

Yes, I'm a copywriter.

Crazy eh? It's like the position I've always been longing for, I've always been bragging to my friends in campus that I'd apply soon after graduating. And now I'm living it.

For real. Not as an intern.

It's a local agency called Celsius. In the history of doing interviews, there were two local agencies who were interested to try me. The other local agency was actually too local. Their clients are mostly local brands, although their projects tend to be bigger. Celsius, on the other hand, has more variations of clients. And I still get to write copies in English!

This is why I like it a lot.

So that's why I kinda feel like I nailed my first week. Still pretty idle, to be honest, with so many time wasted for just browsing the internet. But my jobs for the whole week were all in English so I was more than just excited.

And I think I got my job more than right.

Even the boss shocked when I overdid what he asked. And kinda felt overwhelmed because I've finished something I shouldn't have finished yet. I'm too fired, too much driven. But that's good tho, at least I'm showing my boss that I'm actually interested and have that passion to work. Newbie. Typical. But so what, the boss liked it!

Well, guys, lol.

Pardon me for being somewhat too over-confident.
This is my method to keep my zest boosted.
After all this is my very first experience

Entering the real world

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Verge

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How many times, in this blog, did I tell and brag to you that a copywriter will always be my dream job? I told that many times along my study. Wait, are you thinking--oh no, really, it's not that I'm no longer into being a copywriter no, I'm still dying to be one.

Until I realize, that my other 'stuff' is interfering.

Travel Writing.

I never realized how much I'm actually into this field until I started my book project. It was so alive, so flawless, I enjoyed every page I wrote and the next thing I knew, I had 200 pages ready to be sent to anyone like, ANYONE, who would want to publish my script.

So now I feel like, petrified.
Standing at the end of the road,
Facing two branching streets,
And I have to pick one.

I've been through several job interviews. Two of which were interviewed by expats. Which, apparently, both turned out to be the best two interviews I've ever done. Why, is it because I nailed both? Well I rock'd the first one, but definitely not for the second.

Let's talk about it one by one.

The first one was on May. My very first professional interview ever -and it was 3 hours public transport riding from home. I was interviewed for a writer position. Travel writer for a website, to be exact. The interviewers -yes, multiple, for my very first interview- were kind of flattered about me. We had a great convo tho, it wasn't even like a formal interview at all.

But then my limited editorial experience held me back from getting the job. The interviewer updated me about anything, shortly after my interview, and even gave me suggestions about how to improve my chance in succeeding journalism. I didn't feel so much upset tho because, I figured that I still have to enhance my skill.

Now the second best interview, it was two weeks ago. This time, I applied as what I've always been longing for: a copywriter. In a big multinational agency. A road to my dreams come true. But that didn't happen smoothly. A very strict woman interviewed me.

This'll be a pain in my ass, I told myself as I learned that she's very cold and flat. I could tell that she wasn't even impressed at all and I was totally correct. And right after I shut my mouth of presenting my portfolio, the first thing came out of her lips are "can I just be frank?"

"Crap, this ain't be good" my inside trembled like shit but my face showed the sweetest smile I could ever generate.

She started pointing out that my portfolio wasn't strong enough. Too campus-ish. She then lectured me this and that, and I couldn't even forget about the topic of "choosing what's the best in life". It was hard for me to actually accept those words from somebody who just rejected me, but, apparently, this became the interview that opened my eyes about what I really want.


The two interviews, from two distinct industries, made me realized that I haven't figured out which way I'd totally want to dive really deep into. I don't even have strong bases on both fields it's like, I only commit to fifty fifty in each.

So should I let go one of them and focus on the other one?
But, which one? Giving the fact that I love, both of them?


Don't call me Vicky if I ever give up on what I like.
I have plans, believe me :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


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Let me just peel one by one the layers of my true identity.

Usually, I really put a massive jealousy towards people my age, that has become very famous or successful in his or her own way. Let's get back to yesterday's World Cup. If you notice who I felt so envy to, ya, it was Neymar. He's 22, popular, rich, and I hate him. I know, it's very pity. But I can't handle it it's one of my weird natures.


Maybe I've grown to be a more mature man in just two months but, now I don't think I have that thing anymore. Pft, no, I still hate Neymar. He'll always be on my death note til doomsday comes. I was talking about the jealousy. Ya it's kinda disappear. Or maybe it has a higher tolerance level now. I don't know. But the thing is, I don't feel much of a jealousy, when I see

S  A  M     S  M  I  T  H

In fact, I love his art. His songs. He has a weird voice tho, but it's unique. And I happen to like many of his songs. It's just not my habit, you know, to listen to something slow, sway and, a bit sad. You know I listen to Pitbull and all those upbeat music. But then when Sam appeared with his money on his mind, I just fell. To the ditch. Of course not! I fell, in love with his music!

Then compared to Neymar who's a month older than me, Sam's two months younger. So according to my "guide to hating people", I should've carried more grudge towards Sam. Because he's younger than me, he's a newborn singer but globally noticed, classy, got an attitude, well, I gotta stop because if I keep mentioning, I'll begin to hate him :)

Now why do I accept him more than Neymar? Well, maybe because the field of music is more reliable to me than sport -you know I'm not a big fan of doing sports- so I'm acting much rational to Sam than Neymar, so... There we go.

Or maybe, maybe... Because of the fact that Neymar's been like all over the world I only been able to dream of, meeting all kinds of football stars I only been able to see from the internet, because of those two big points I've been longing to come true, that could be the reason why. While Sam, he's a newbie. And I never been exposed to him being somewhere in the other side of the globe that can make me being jealous about. Maybe.


Don't get too all comfy now.
Because if you ever travel the world,
Or worse yet, meet Pitbull or even collaborate,
You'll surely be be on top of the list, of people my age
Whose ass I want to kick hard

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Shalom, Ishah Metuka

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Let's get all freaky.

Remember the time I confessed about having a crush towards one female protagonist of one crime investigation TV series I like a lot, and really hated her successor so much? Yes, I'm talking about Kate and Ziva here.

For you who didn't watch NCIS, Special Agent Caitlin Todd was the initial female heroine of the show. She could probably end up fornicating Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo, one of the male protagonists, if her portrayer Sasha Alexander didn't decide to leave NCIS. Kate then got killed in season 2 finale, replaced by Liaison Officer Ziva David of Israel's Mossad.

At first, I hated Ziva. A lot. She appeared in a very wrong situation, with a very wrong attitude. To make things worse, it was Ziva's half brother who killed Kate. How could I not hate her? :) I also knew, by the first time I watched NCIS, that Ziva remained on the show in way longer terms than Kate did. I just, didn't want my favorite agent be less popular than the newbie.

But as time went by, as I was exposed more and more to Ziva David and her overall background plus personality, as you know my weakness, I began to like her. A lot. But not even close to how I adore Kate. But still. I eventually gave in, and found her really interesting.

It's her growing attitude. From an enemy-material bitch kind of character, to a loyal supportive committed agent. Also her low understanding in American culture. Her natural wild-survival appearance. Her gesture, her way of talking, basically, everything!

And the fact that she's an Israeli added her value for me. I have an Israeli friend and Hebrew somehow began to be so interesting to be learned. Of course Ziva taught me many stuff about how to suddenly surprise my friend. I can out of nowhere greet him in Israeli, use Israeli phrases in the middle of our discussion, many things Ziva said and did along the series, I could just imitate those all and apply it to my friend!

Although apparently, Cote de Pablo who played Ziva, she is Chilean and can't at all speak Hebrew. Well... Does that make me love her less? On the contrary, since I recently am learning Spanish, I LOVE BOTH ZIVA AND COTE!

Well, well, well... As usual, I got carried away.
I was all about Kate, and now, I'm all about Ziva.
Which leads me now to guess what you are thinking.
I'm thinking that you're thinking of what I'm thinking about

Which one is better, right?

Well, to be honest, I can't pick.

I've been too attached to Kate so no matter how realistic things go, I'd always pick her. But then Ziva's character was just so smooth, she was a bad ass who brought more colors, tensions, as well as stories to the overall NCIS series. But please keep in mind that Ziva appeared after NCIS survived its vulnerable yet crucial first-two-seasons. Without Kate's constant appearance, it's not impossible that NCIS might had been cancelled already by FOX long ago.

But as far as I believe, both Kate and Ziva made the team looked so much vibrant. Despite the fact that Kate was a former President's bodyguard, and Ziva was even wilder an assassin, the two girls made the show, sweet.

Caitlin Todd's pic's from here, Ziva David's from here.

So, Kate or Ziva?

I don't know. Well, at some point, maybe I actually know.
But I prefer to act like I don't know

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Eyes Opened

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"... that I'll write right after this."
-- previous post    

Pft. Me and consistency. Big issue. But no worries, it's only 24 hours late. Now I'm here, ready to write about the quick escape to one of Indonesia's pearls,


Parai Tenggiri Beach, Sungailiat, Bangka

First of all, let's have some prologues. Bangka, was my very first domestic trip I ever did. I know, pity. Mom's from Manado and I never even been there. Dad's from Cirebon I go there all the time, but I don't really consider that as a 'real' trip. Also when I went to Palembang, Bandung, Jogja, Semarang, Solo, Surabaya, Malang and Bromo, ya, because with mom and dad around, that's called 'vacation', not 'traveling'.

And Bali... Well, I've been there tons of times without mom and dad. So whenever I go there, it is, a traveling. But not domestic. I don't know, Bali no longer feels local to me. It's too overexposed with bules, bules everywhere so... Yea, really un-local. I love it tho, really much! But it just doesn't taste 'domestic'.

So when I say "a domestic trip", it should be something... Exotic. Something mainstream people don't go to. Something you can't easily see in your Instagram timeline. Something expats don't wander around because, there's not many expats! Just, something when you mention to people about your plan going there, they'll be like "wow, what are you gonna do there?"

The Bangka trip, actually it wasn't my plan at the first place. My friend initiated it. I myself preferred going to Belitung tho because, it's more popular. But then one thing led to another and Bangka it was. Only three days, two nights, but eventually, I realized a thing.

Indonesia, is really, literally rich.

Not being cliche, but it is. You don't even have to fly far to the east to see how diverse this nation is. Bangka's just 500 kilos away and there you go! It feels more like Malaysia rather than regular Indonesia. Then the next thing I know, I imagine myself in Sulawesi, and it'll feel like Philippines. Then I'll be in Sumba and it's the extremely different other thing! Crazy.

I saw common tourist spots tho in Bangka. Beaches -sick, sick beaches because those were so beautiful, museums, historical residences, Chinese temples, souvenir shops, yea, regular. What made me stunned, and really made my eyes opened about this whole "Indonesia's so fvckin marvelous" thing was, the local living itself. As well as the culinary.

Oh my God, wow. Can't believe myself.
Never thought I'm so obsessed with locals.

Went to Vietnam, acted like a local. Went to the US, tried to be local. Went to Philippines, people thought I was local. At this point I really just realized that my main personal ultimate objective of traveling, is actually nothing but to see how locals live!

It's not just overseas trip, apparently domestic ones too.

Air Anyir Beach, Pangkal Pinang, Bangka
Presindent Soekarno's Excile House, Menumbing, Bangka
Pangkal Pinang City
Tin Muesum, Pangkal Pinang, Bangka

Now Bangka, thank you so much.
You didn't only make me see that
Indonesia's filled with sick islands.

But you also made me be fully aware of
The true essence of traveling

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Traveling: In or Out?

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Lately, traveling's been a very popular activity for us Indonesians. Some people stay inside the country in search of hidden beaches, experience of hiking mountains, sensation of island hopping, and many other ways. Some others, on the contrary, fly over the continents, hang around Doraemon museum, pose in front of Eiffel Tower, sleep at Sappada Mountain, damn, never thought that Indonesians are actually rich!

Many people said,

"Why traveling abroad? Indonesia's good already."

And to be honest, I don't like that justification. I mean, without a doubt, Indonesia's the most beautiful set of lands I ever known in my whole life. There are indeed, some scenic islands somewhere on the other side of the globe but, that could be all for the country. While Indonesia, there are lots, and many others yet to be discovered.

But there are many things you can't see, or learn, just by traveling within Nusantara borders. Like culture. Or, what others have that we don't. And vice versa. Then you can figure out similarities between them and us, as well as learn their origins, way of living, language, economy, God, I can't even mention everything. Traveling is not just about the beauty you see with your eyes, but also what you feel in your heart.

Okay you've seen crazy panoramas, sick beaches and volcanoes, but if inside you don't feel challenged like, you're just safe at home, well, it's just a simple holiday that happened to be exciting because of the good visuals. I'm not offending Indonesia's potential in tourism, oh God no, because believe me, I just figured out that I actually want to start conquering this country. In fact, this post is actually a teaser of my very first domestic trip I ever done, that I'll write right after this.

So why am I bringing this up?

Simply because I just want to make things clear. That from traveling own country, and traveling overseas, I don't think you can make a comparison out of those two. There's a whole lot of different things to be talked about in each side. You can't say which one is better than which one.

Although to be honest, I still have one ultimate point of why I slightly prefer go on an international trip. The one thing you can't have from just traveling inside, from just enjoying your own treasure, which is

The grateful feeling,

That you weren't the citizen of those places you're traveling to
That instead, you were born, and raised, in such rich nation

We call it "Tanah Air"