Monday, December 31, 2012

Baby, I'm A Firework

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Last year, after I succeeded surviving the worst year I thought I had ever faced, I told myself that the following year would be a whole lot better year to walk through.

God saved something good for me, I entertained myself. Way good enough that He made 2011 that suck to give this year a nice one to be grateful about.

And I was right.
2012 was so wonderful.
Can't even stand to say goodbye.

I experienced a lot.
I learned a lot.
I felt a lot.

I explored myself high, like a firework.
And sparked while the world enjoying.

Now I'm ready for 2013.
Another amazing year I'm sure I'll have.

So welcome, the year of human-race-survival-celebration.
Goodbye, 2012 :)

Friday, December 28, 2012

Saltwater Mistletoe

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Ho, ho, ho...

So christmas is finally over. But umm, okay this one this year was the best I ever felt -since I never celebrated one, anyway. But in spite of experiencing it in polar-like ground, I rocked the christmas in the sandy land of Bali!

It was just four-days-escaping-self-from-those-freaking-exams getaway but, damn fun! We didn't go to Kuta, Sanur or any other places we usually go. We stayed at Seminyak, and our beachy itineraries were... Umm... Don't tell anybody okay?

Those were secret beaches!

Yes, secret! These are anti-mainstream beaches that are not what come up to mind once people plan to go to Bali.

So by the first day we went up to Jimbaran. Tough road, I must say because we rode through many turns, ups and downs, and stuff. If you ask me to get you there, I don't think I might remember.

But gotta tell ya, the place is paradise. People call that Tegal Wangi. On that day, there were only some people, thank God, and the ambient was... indescribable. The cool thing was, you have to walk down some steep steps of rocky path to get the beach.

On day two, we went down south to Benoa area. Today we planned to go to the southernmost point of the island, and paid a visit to this beach called Pandawa. White sand, clear sky, nice wind blowing... The only thing that's missing was the silence. Yea, this beach is much more crowded than Tegal Wangi.

But that's alright. Because the journey to this beach, as one of my friends said, was dramatic. So we had to take a quiet long ride. Then entered some cut-off valley -which looked like a mighty entrance gate- until finally we reached this corner where you can see the wide sea right before your very eyes. God, writing this can't ever picture the real scenery!

Anyway, besides those new tourist spots, I also dedicated this trip to explore some new culinary experience. So yeah, my friends introduced me to these two restaurants named Warung Kolega and Warung Italia!

I never planned to blog this so I didn't take any photograph of Warung Kolega.
So the left pic is from here, while the right side is from here

Warung Kolega was more about Javanese food. Like warteg, as you know it. While Warung Italia, yea I don't think I have to tell what it is. So one thing that makes me want to share about this two eating places is because they set a very, very cheap price for the foods. And the concept's kinda cute. You pick what you want to eat from the buffet, they'll give you the price tag of those food and, you eat first then pay later.

What an experience! I prepared quiet much for this. I mean, for the christmas. Picked red and green rubber for my brackets, wore red-themed shirts for the christmas eve and the christmas itself and of course, wore the Santa hat all day long! Including airport and the plane :p

With a friend from Australia. Argh if only you could see my braces... They're so christmasy!

Never been so ready for christmas.
Can't wait to do the same next year and-
Oh anyway, talk about next year... Santa?
Can I please step on snow rather than sand?

P.S. : Amen to what I wished ;)

Sunday, December 9, 2012

They Heard Me


Visit Indonesia.

Familiar with that? Yea it was our tourism tagline long ago. Until some other day, when I thought the tagline was still the same, I read something new sounded like, "Wonderful Indonesia"

Now what is that, I questioned myself. “Is it a new tagline for Indonesian tourism?”

The next thing I know, I was on my laptop already, searched the web for the answer. And yes. Although it was announced almost two years ago, now I knew that the Ministry for Tourism and Creative Economy had dropped the old tagline of this

To this

All these years, I never stopped wondering about why they picked “Visit Indonesia” at the first place. It sounded pathetic. Like we beg all other nations to try checking out our country. Just a simple visit and, yea, if they want to go back home then please just do.

I personally don't like the word 'Wonderful', but I'm not going to make a big deal out of it. Again. At least this one is better than the previous one.

It made Indonesia like a surprising paradise. A land of mother nature, carrying thousands of natural wonders that most people around the world have no idea about. It’s like a place where people experience more things that they ever expected.

It’s simply a heaven’s touch.
They’re so right calling ourselves wonderful.

Now although they have made such big step to collect tourists,
There's still this only one last thing they have to do.

Some people are still careless about this. They don't feel like included or something. Each of them still trace their own path, with different way of walking.

Yes. We want tourists to come gathering in Indonesia,
Yet we people of Indonesia are not fully gathered.

Whoever in charge of this, please put us together.
Make us united, make us accept the identity, make us care.

Or at least,
Make me change the title of this post to
"I Heard Myself"

Video source: here

Worst Gig, Maybe...

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If the fucking traffic jam,
If the sudden heavy rain, and
If the wet outfits are included.

Aside of that...


Djakarta Warehouse Project
At Istora Senayan, Dec 7th 2012

Emang sih, gue nonton cuma bertiga. Sama Cika sama Kejot. Yang lain entah dimana beredar ga karuan, gue gak bawa hape dan males ngubungin satu satu. Dan gue gak nonton dari awal. Karena macet yang guguk banget itu, gue baru sampe venue jam setengah 11. Dan stage yang gue pantengin cuma satu dari tiga.

Tapi entah gimana, gue ga ngerasa sia sia ngeluarin 500 ribu.

Meski gue cuma bisa nonton Angger Dimas yang gue gatau samsek lagu-lagunya -pun gue baru tau ada orang namanya Angger Dimas hari itu juga- sama Calvin Harris -gila aja kali kalo gue sampe ga dapet Calvin Harris, masa insiden 13/10 keulang lagi??- yang gue cuma tau tiga dari sekian lagu-lagunya... I was having fun though.

Apalagi pas "Feel So Close". Udah gangerti lagi keseruan yang terjadi di dunia pada saat itu. Berasa... Apa ya? Semacam hidup bebas hidup ringan tanpa perlu kerja karena uang dikasih sama pemerintah -beraque, mana mungkin yak :')

Trus yang bikin mood gue boosted adalah karena sejak awal, gue udah dapet semua insentif yang dijanjikan dengan maksimal. Foto booth dapet 3 -tanpa harus follow account twitter mereka- jadi masing-masing dapet satu. Neon stick dapet 6, masing-masing dapet dua. Gantungan Wakai, meskipun stoknya udah abis, tapi karena Kejot sama Cika anaknya seductive parah gitu kan, jadilah dapet 3.

But one thing I like the most from the event was, because I explored a little further about the other side of me that was able to enjoy the show wholeheartedly, sincerely. Was like Pitbull all over again. Without forces, without pushes and tensions, if you know what I mean.

Because with him,
even the gig that I thought was supposed to be the worst
Could turn so extremely marvelous

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

And Our Childhood Lived Happily Ever After

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Where should I start?
Well, I don't know.

So there was this guy.
A man of honor.
A noble guy.

He helped us making our own earlier stage of life, our childhood.
Taught us lessons, delivered morality through animated livelihood.
Brought us all up to the sky, down the sea, deep inside the wood.

Every kids' hero. The god.
His name should be carved in Olympus.
His portraits should be hung upon every castle's hall of fame.

King of the Wonderland.
Made our days like Neverland.

If someone ever ask whom I'd be happily working for,
That's going to be the time I mention his name.

Happy 111th Birthday
Walt Disney

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Quick, It's Still So Hypstah!

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There will always be a time when hipster things started to turn mainstream-ish, whatever it is. That's what happened to Logos Quiz. Yea so I lost the exclusivity of the app. Especially since the game outline now are ruined by annoying ads.

That, is the time I found Icon Pop Quiz!

Basically the rules are the same. Only in this app, the questions are all about TV series or movies, and whole wide range of characters and even mascots.

The major thing I like most is the icons. Those are super cute, and minimalist. For me, the generator of the questions are much more creative than the one who made Logos Quiz because they did more than just erasing or wiping some part of the logos. They constructed more twisting things to be answered!

I can't tell how dumb I laughed when trying to answer the top-left question.
Felt like I needed to hit the creator of the app with a tank :'D

But one thing I hate about the app is, you know, the inconsistency. There are some certain confusion in answering because sometimes the answers are flexible. Like for example, Princess Jasmine of Disney. When you just answer 'Jasmine', it turns out to be incorrect.

Some characters need to be answered with their full name, yet some others don't. Like 'Mickey' with 'Mouse', but on the other case the answer is just 'Fred' without 'Flinstones'. Sounds unimportant tho, but for perfectionist people who craves for perfect answers with full points like me, that's just a big, big deal.

But yeaaa, at least the game's fun.
Let's enjoy this before it turns to be
Another no-longer-indie game

Saturday, December 1, 2012

I'm Oh So Done!


Friday, November 30th 2012
Maybe the best day of the entire 5th semester,
I suppose.

So you knew about Jiffy Jive. I was in charge of the opening performance -which turned out to be a fashion dance- AND the honor to be the admin of the event's twitter. Those are quiet much jobs for one person, eh? Ho. Ho. Ho. Not for me.

At the same time, I was asked to handle the publication and design of another big big event called Barata Dwipantara. That was an event of feature, photography and poster competition of Indonesian travelling. And there was a talk show by the end of the event, which was yesterday. Oh, for your information, I never had any experiences about this division. And once I had the chance, I was the coordinator :')

Anyway that's just not all. Although I have some men who were in charge of this, I was also taking care of the event's twitter! Can you imagine that? Two crucial positions at two big events, with two twitter accounts under my control?

Hectic, yes but... I did learn a lot.

About fashion. About publication strategy. About clothing line. About media partnership. About British slang. About digital designs. About life. About choices. About priorities. About hard work. About coordination. About... Cherish.

Thank God.
I made it, I survived.
And I worked with the best team.

Now I really need some time off.
Like no more committee things for now!

But still...

Friday, November 30th 2012
Was the best day of the entire 5th semester,
I'm pretty sure about that

P.S. : I swear I'm gonna post pictures of my co-workers. Soon enough.