Thursday, February 1, 2018

Child Again

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Well ever since I returned from France,
I feel like my relationship with Disney was...


Getting stronger.

Yea yea thanks to my visit to Disneyland. It was just too magical, too unbelievable that my mind couldn't stop thinking how Disney universe relates in so many levels to me. And that final firework show, where the castle was projected with snippets of many Disney classic scenes, and the favorite songs played harmoniously with the motions, yea it wrecked my head. 

I still could remember how I got the chill when I suddenly saw Simba roared with its "Circle of Life", or when Ariel sang "Part of Your World" in French, or when Cinderella's "Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes" echoed all the way into my earlobes... I swear, I cried. No exaggerating, no lies just to make it all emotional, no. I cried.

Yet now here I am, so far from the reach of Disney magic, have no idea how to feel it all again... well, not exactly have no idea. Because if I really have no idea, I wouldn't be here writing this blog on the first place.


I always claim that I'm a Disney freak. Bullshit. Because if you ask me what my favorite cartoons are, my answer would be somewhere around "Tarzan", "Hercules", "Mulan", or the classic-est one would be "Beauty and the Beast". I would take the vintage ones for granted, and only consider Disney as the ones I actually grew up with.

Now with that background prologue, here I am, with an idea I think strong enough to prove that I AM, an avid Disney freak.

Here goes the plan: for the past two years or so, I've always had this initiation to watch ALL Disney Classics. Or what they call as Disney Animated Features. I wanted to watch ALL, not only the most popular ones like Disney Princess movies or all-time favorites like "The Jungle Book" or "Peter Pan", noI wanted, to watch, ALL.

Up until today, there are 56 of them, the first one being "Snow White" and the last one "Moana". My initial plan was to watch one or two every weekend, following its actual release order, so it'll be all finished by the last week of the year and I can redo it all over again from "Snow White" on the first week of the new year, and BAM! Now you can call me a Disney freak.

Unfortunately, my plan was just mere plan. I had no major booster to start doing it, giving the fact that I'm living a double life as an obsessive worker so my weekend has always been about work and work.

But now, I think there's no more holding back.
I've woken up from my long laziness and stupidity.
I've seen the sign, it's obvious, strong, and undeniable.
And it came straight from the core of Disney universe.

Therefore hereby, I declare each and every single weekend of 2018, to be the time for me to watch the cartoons of Walt Disney Studios, to extend the magic cast to me back in France, to show that I'm a worthy Disney devotee...

I made the layout, but each image comes from here and here.

...and, to be
Child again

Wednesday, January 31, 2018


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You know what.

I've been talking much about me loving to live my childhood life over and over again. Toys, cartoons, shorts, cat socks, kawaii backpacks, weird cutesy stuff in general... but never had I mentioned this one thing about childhood, that had always been a dream I desire to make true since I was a kid.

This one thing I had always wanted to see. This one thing so far off reach, that I thought it wouldn't ever come true. And after 10 years of claiming my extended childhood life in this blog, I would today tell you what this one thing is.

Well it's the

True Theme Park

I know, that sounds sad. But no, don't get me wrong. Don't mistake "Theme Park" with "Amusement Park" okay, because of course I've been to the latter so many times during my childhood. I was talking about THEME PARK, a park, themed, to something, that of course has elements of kiddy stuff I've always loved.

Indonesia has none of such kind -not until several years ago when finally we have a quiet big theme park in Bandung, but not the international one. We have a quiet amusing amusement park, and yes, it was entertaining enough to fulfill my childhood standard but, it wasn't themed. It has no connection to any cartoon, any stuff I usually saw on TV, and my imbecile heart demanded more. So yea, going to a real theme park, remained a dream to my young self.

Then I saw it assembling.
When Universal Studios opened its door in Singapore. It became my first ever theme park experience. Taking photos with Woody Woodpecker, sliding The Mummy rides, flying with Transformers coasters, and bringing home real Sesame Street dolls it was like, UNFORGETTABLE! But I was only 20. And being an ambitious, restless and never-seemed-to-be-satisfied young adult as I was, still, my heart said that it wasn't just the ONE, yet.

And it grew.
Two years afterwards, when I found myself in the midst of Tokyo hustle. Since the very first second I made myself sure that I'd be going to Japan, I couldn't stop planning to visit Disneysea. Tokyo's very own Disney theme park. And it's Disney, for God's sake. Something I always claimed I devote to. Something I could relate to much better than any other thing in this earth. Something that contains memories of my childhood more than what my photo albums could show.

My first intercourse with... Disneyland.

That day was one of the best in my life. Exploring Disneyland like a true kid, seeing characters I've always loved and buying all the magical things my money could affort, I was like, speechless even until the second I'm typing this shit. I was carried away by the visit indeed, but I still didn't feel like it was enough. Of course it wouldn't be enough, it's THE theme park I've always wanted to visit. Time was too short and that's when I realized, it wasn't yet a dreams come true.

And it went on.
Another two year had passed, and I earned my chance again during the trip with my company. To Hong Kong. And this time, it was the real Disneyland. The classic counterpart of Disneysea, with pure Walt's magic across the park. It did more justice than Disneysea. I got to ride more rides, watched more shows, buy more toys -and it was the best buy I've ever committed in my entire life! and most importantly, saw the final firework. This time I swear, I thought I've had enough. I've felt like all the waitings, all the grievings and believings, had all been paid off. But apparently it didn't end there.

And universe wanted my heart to see more.
Only three months apart, I arrived in Australia. Not just Australia, but Gold Coast. The country's Theme Park Capital. Where one of theme parks I've always desired to visit since I was in pre-elementary school stood upon: Warner Bros. Studios. Bugs Bunny, Superman, SCOOBY DOO oh God! It was much more relatable than Universal Studios no offence, and to be a child again there, only with myself, I ACTUALLY SCREAMED MY WAY INTO THE PARK!

Probably the best roller coaster ride I've ever tried in my life.

Again, I thought that was it, at least for the year. But the dream I've always made for the last 20 years or so was just too big to stop there.

And the best thing ever, happened.
France. And Paris. And what was the first time that came to my childish head, when I told myself that I was actually going to Paris? Yes of course, Disneyland Paris. The core of all Disneyland in the world. The mecca of Walt Disney magic, and the happiest of all the happiest places on earth. It was a hassle to reach the place, but I'd kill myself if I gave in to that matter.

To actually set foot there, I still couldn't believe myself even until now. Even until I checked again and again all the photos I took there, and all the characters I encountered, and all the unnecessary yet heart-fulfilling stuff I bought. I literally visited every single corner, making myself sure that if I missed even just one little thing, no matter how small it was, then I'd miss it forever because only God knows if I could ever return there.

I was alone during the visit, again, but I think that was the best way to do it. Because I could appreciate the place however I wanted. Because I could choose any rides, stopped anywhere, cried to anything that touched my inner childhood emotion, however I felt like. Because by this way, my heart could feast the atmosphere however long it desired.

And so, my dream fairy tale ended there. For now. Of course I wanted to feel more, and of course there are more places to conquer but, I've always kept it a secret.

Because as Cinderella said,

"If you tell a wish, it won't come true."

But after last year, after I realized that wow, I visited three different world-class theme parks in just a yeara number even higher than what I've achieved for the first 23 years of my life, guess I'll take it slow for now.

I need to just sit back first,
Then tell my heart later that,
I'm ready to fulfill more dreams.

Because a dream, is a wish
My heart makes

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Bonjour, Le Meilleur!

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It’s time.

Three weeks afterwards,
And now I feel like I’m ready.
To finally start a talk about it.


Where should I begin?
Wow, I’m not sure, really...

Maybe from the fact that it was my very first trip to Europe? Could do. But how about the fact that I’ve visited the world’s Christmas Capital City, right during the Christmas eve? Or about getting lost in the midst of grand European buildings by the riverside—a scenery so typical to any writer’s beautiful description about a French Ville? Or about how I can land my feet in the mecca of advertising? Or the story of one-day-trip-ing to three other countries? Or how I end my year of 2017, and start 2018 in the world's most wanted city?

Seriously, it’s just so hard to decide because, because I can't even think I'm able to describe the trip! All I can think I could do now, is to describe my own feeling. Because this one, was distinctive. Because never in my life I felt so proud, so warm, so blessed, so contented and so moved, all in just one time.

Proud because, well, who wouldn't be proud to one's self if he could lift his ass up to Europe with his own great works -helped considerably by others' supports, too, but hell yea I played an important role on my own trip! I've been dreaming of visiting Europe for God knows how long. And to be able to arrive there, in such big trip,on the same damn year after I finish one other big trip to Australia, well, I don't think I've ever been more proud to myself than today.

Then the fact that I was there during winter, that's what made me feel so warm and blessed. Oh yes, I was there when Christmas celebration was lit. And by "there" I meant, Strasbourg. French Christmas Capital, where Christmas markets were the vein of the city, and Christmas Carols were the talks of the town. All my life, I never experienced any better Christmas celebration.

After Strasbourg I raided Lyon. France's second city with historical touches oh so pretty. It was only for two nights, but I couldn't ask a better European charm. Then I went on to Nice, the country's everbright coastal beauty, which I made as a base camp for my other visits: Cannes to fulfill my ambition as an adman, Monaco to fulfill my obsession as an F1 fan, and Ventimiglia to fulfill my... tummy - I swear I tasted just the best aglio olio in my entire life in this small infamous town. So much things I did, so many goals I accomplished, and if I didn't say that I wasn't contented, I don't know what else could make me so.

Finally I wrapped it up in the anticipated city. The main dish, the grand destination: Paris. Where I got to see the landmarks I could so far only dream of visiting. Where I got to walk down the passageways in which I usually only see from any travel article photos or French indie movies. Where I got to prove to myself that anything you wished to do, you could do if you tried hard enough.

And those, were what made me felt so moved.

Because I know I could go back there again. I know I could return and do the things I had not much time doing. I know I could even do better. Visit other European countries, check the big cities off of my bucket list, land in smaller towns I didn't even know existed.

I'm so moved to do more. Explore more, travel more,
Achieve even more than this trip I called Le Meilleur,

"The Best"

Can you guess which one is which?

So France,
And Europe too,
For the time being,

À bientôt, mon amour!

Wednesday, January 10, 2018


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For what? Listening to my neverending French trip stories?

HAHAHA—yes, that’s one.

But no, it won’t be going to happen until the end of this month, I guess. I’m still reviving from how incredible the trip was, that I don’t think I’m ready yet to talk about it. Oh wait, before I’m dragging way too far, why am I being a rude host...


Okay, that’s it, let’s go on—so yea, prepare, for what?

Well, lots, actually, but to put it in a general sense, maybe, what I meant by “prepare” is for me to be ready to do something for my future. I know, it’s big. And that’s why it needs a good deal of a preparation.

So is it something about, again, and as always, traveling? Or, since I mentioned “future”, does it have anything to do with my career?

I can’t tell. Yet.

What I can tell now is that I’m done playing around -too much. This matter I'm trying to prepare myself for is a serious thing -but still, I need to play around too. And there’s nothing in the whole world now that I want more than this -aside of playing around, of course.

Or maybe something in between?

So, Vicky Amin.
Are you ready -to play?

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Merci, Deux Mille Dis-Sept

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Oh it's that time of year again, n'est-ce-pas?

At the verge of entering a new year.
Reflecting what I've done right last year.
Well I've done alright, I think. Even better.
Because not only I succeeded—I enjoyed it.

Of course, because this was

"The Year of Doing It All Again"

The year of restarting what I've been liking.

You remembered what I assigned myself for 2016? Yes, settling down. I was so focused in finding the best job, discovering what I wanted, searching myself. I only went to Bali and Singapore -though each of which were visited three times, but that was only because I just finished a big draining year in 2015 -Hong Kong for two weeks, and Japan for six weeks, remember?

So me not having a big trip in 2016, is somewhat a drive for myself to DO BIG in 2017. To do again what I did in 2015, in 2014, 2013 even all the way back to 2010 and beyond. And I really meant it. I did it. So many things I thought I wouldn't be doing again, I did.

Even better.

Excelling in career, done. Even better. As I helped winning two new businesses for my company. Going on another long haul vacay with family, done. Even better. As it was Manado, our long-desired destination we were dying to visit. Showing that I'm a valuable adman, done. Even better. As I was shortlisted in one of Indonesia's best advertising festivals. And finally, fulfilling my never-ending hunger as a traveler, done. Done, done, done, DONE and of course, EVEN BETTER.

As this year, 2017, for the very first time in my life I did two big trips. Went on two grand journeys. Visited two big countries and best part of that is, I unlocked two new continents.

In just one year.
Damn I can't believe myself.

It's always been at least one big trip each year. Or maybe two, one big, the other one was still, yea, tolerable. Like in 2013 I did Malaysia-Thailand and The US, or in 2015 I did HK-Macau and Japan. This year, it wasn't South Korea and Australia. Or Taiwan and France. It's Australia and France, for God's sake, and EVEN BETTER. I'm doing the latter for Christmas and New Year -literally DOING as I'm now in France! which I never done before in my life!

So yeah.

Thank you, 2017,
Merci beaucoup!

Restarting what I've restarted this year. How cool is that???

I purely enjoyed every single day of the year. And I truly appreciate the way it motivated me. Because this big achievement I've done this year, makes me want to do something even bigger. Even better than ever. And I have this strong feeling that next year will be the start of it. The preparation.

So yeah, 2018.

I don't think it's going to be you,
Who would come to me and say,
"Brace yourself, Vick"

No—even better.

It's going to be me,
Who will say to you,
"Be prepared"