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End of Group F: Fvckest

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Forget about the previous two posts,
Because I've found the craziest of all.

End of Group F


Because F stands for "Fvckest". Pics from here and here.

Let me refresh you on what has been going on in this group for the last two matchdays. Mexico beat the crap out of the champ on their first game, while Sweden won against Korea. On the second matchday, Mexico reigned again, now over Korea, and Germany saved their ass through a dramatic last minute amazing goal by Toni Kroos, against Sweden. Current situation for the group was, Mexico first with 6pts, both Sweden and Germany have 3pts, and Korea, despite the 0pts, they still had a chance, a liiittle chance.

So these last games would be colossal, I knew, and so I tuned in again with two screens, hoping the best for I didn't know who, because I didn't even know how to predict!

Mexico was on the safest place, though it didn't necessarily mean that they went easy on Sweden. First half saw them attacking like beasts to ruin the Swedish walls -not balls HA HA funny? and Ochoa kept saving from the opponents' offense. On the other game, Korea, surprisingly, played no mercy on Germany. The champ too, dying to proceed, played crazy well. It was really entertaining and nerve-wrecking on both sides, both games, but no goals were made on the first half until finally,

Second half came.
And again, all the drama started from there on out.

It was from Mexico vs Sweden. But it wasn't Mexico. On minute 50, some guy named Augustinsson made Sweden screamed in joy as he scored the first goal of the group. At first I felt that it was okay, because Mexico would proceed anyway if they lost, until I heard the commentator saying that this could be dangerous for the green guys. Wait, why...?

Now here's what I miscalculated from Mexico. Several posts ago I said that Mexico was through to the round of 16, just because they won twice on their previous two games. Well apparently it was wrong, because Sweden and Germany both had 3pts. If both won respective games, with a number of goals made more than Mexico, then adios Maxicanos!

The moment Mexico began losing their grip. Pic's from here.

This was the point I began to start mumbling "fvck" a lot. I didn't realize such crucial analytics. And both games suddenly became totally unbearable for my panicky eyes to behold. Every chance made on German side would mean Mexico on the verge of going home. And Germany DID, attempt a lot on the second half. They kept attacking, and attacking, but goalkeeper Jo Hyeonwoo was too brilliant for them -and he instantly became one of the most adored GKs in this World Cup! 

Super entertained by how the Korean GK performed. Pic's from here.

But nightmare happened for the Mexicans.

Minute 60, a penalty was given to Sweden, of a handball. And IT WAS CONVERTED by Granqvist. Things got worse in minute 74, because Mexico suffered from an own goal. And these, were the times I constantly "fvck" the screens even more. Not because I'm stressed, nor because I'm upset, since none of them were my teams. BUT SIMPLY BECAUSE I COULDN'T JUST BELIEVE THIS WAS HAPPENING! Ten minutes before I thought Mexico would continue whatever the results would be but SEE NOW THE GOALKEEPER SO MUCH ADORED 4 YEARS AGO KEPT PICKING THE BALLS FROM HIS GOAL AND HIS TEAM WAS JUST SO CLOSE TO BE KICKED OUT!?

I felt really freaking sorry for Ochoa... pic's from here.

Towards the end of the match, I could see all the supporters of Mexico lost their focus on the game because they tried to get updates on the other one. Because if Germany win, as I said, Mexico would fly back home. But if Korea could make it a tie -which is what those Mexicans WOULD REALLY DIE to happen, then auf Wiedersehen, Germany!

But Germany were so freaking on fire I SWEAR EVERY SHOOTS THEY RELEASED TO KOREAN GOAL MADE ME SHIT MYSELF! They were unstoppable all the way until the freaking LAST MINUTES,

And it finally happened. A goal.

From Korea.


But wait.
It was an offside.

BUT WAIT, again. Because of course Korea wanted the referee to review it first with the VAR. So there went the referee to the screen, contemplated, and after a minute or two returned to the pitch and showed the gesture that

It wasn't an offside.

FUUUUUUUUUCCCCKKKKKKKK HOW COULD THIS DRAMA FEEL LIKE IT'S NEVER-ENDING!?!? I felt like I was running out of air. And those Koreans were head over heels. It looked like they just secured a spot in the semi-final round. Yes, they were THAT HAPPY, and if I were a Korean, though it didn't make any difference and after today I'd go back home anyway, I WOULD FOR THE WORLD FEEL THE SAME!

It was so difficult for Germany to get that second spot, because now they had to score two goals to replace either Mexico or Sweden. But nothing is impossible, I told myself -and I'm sure that's how the Germans told themselves. If Korea could snatch the odds, by scoring one goal against Manuel Neuer, why couldn't Germany, the champion of the world, made a comeback by scoring two before the final whistle blow?

By the time I created the scenario,
I swear I didn't make this up,
Miracle happened.

But for Korea.

BECAUSE THEY SCORED ANOTHER GOAL THROUGH HEUNGMIN SON! This time it was partly Neuer's blunder. He freaking went far to Korea's goal, and when the ball was snatched by and passed far to German's side, well, there you go. Korea's second goal, that effectively sent Germany even more fixed, back to their home.

Look at all these mixtures of emotions... I couldn't even describe mine...
Anyways, all pics belong to Zimbio okay, I'm tired to put it one by one.

This was probably the most entertaining double-games I ever watched. Sweden and Korea, both were underdogs, could win over Mexico and Germany, who are both giants? And the effect of the matches were fantastically weird too, as Mexico proceeded anyway despite the big loss, while Koreans went home super satisfied and proud despite kicked out of the tournament.

And oh! Talking about effects, and these two teams, Mexicans all over the world were in so much grateful of Koreans because as you knew, thanks to them, Mexico could proceed to the next round. The best thing happened just outside the Korean Embassy in Mexico. The fans were praising the Korean staff like a royalty! HAHA SO FREAKING FUNNY, AND IT HAPPENED ALL OVER THE WORLD! You might not want to miss this video.

And oh, wait! I found another one I'd really like to share. This is a minute-by-minute video of Mexican fans reaction over their games, and Korea vs Germany games.

LOL I'VE NEVER SEEN A BUNCH OF FANS LOOKING SO HAPPY OVER SOME OTHER TEAM'S GOALS! Those reactions are gems! And this is what World Cup should be all about, eh? Love for your nation, and love between nations!


I don't think I have anything else to talk about. I've spilled everything up there, and now I'm emotionally drained. Because dude, I've transformed from a simple "fvck", to "fvcker", and ultimately, after all those crazy dramas over both matches, I became the "fvckest".

I'm done for now.
Anything happen after this,
I'm sure it won't be as crazy.
Because should I say it again?

This one is the fvckest!

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

End of Group D: Fvcker

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No, I didn't mean a person who does a certain verb.
It's a word I used a lot on the previous set of games,
In a comparative form, because God, it was such a crazy

End of Group D


Pic's from here and here.

Unlike Group B, which both spots for first and runner-up were still questionable and the top three teams were still on the run to make it to the knockout stage, this group, already saw one winner: Croatia. Meanwhile Nigeria whose points were 3, and Argentina as well as Iceland whose points were both 1, still had to fight their asses off for the remaining seat. And that's what made this one tempting. Again, and obviously, I watched both matches on two screens.

Looking at the situation, Nigeria would go through and I was confident about it. Their points were higher. They only needed a draw, and it was against Argentina whom got tied on their first match -against Iceland, for God's sake- and lost on their second. It shouldn't be a difficult task, but just when I tried to sit back and relax, Messi scored his FIRST goal in this World Cup. Oh, finally. What took him so long, I wondered? Waiting for the team to be on the edge first then he could finally showed up? The Latin Americans got really fired up from then onwards, because all of a sudden, their future seemed much brighter. Croatia, on the other hand, didn't seem to go easy on Iceland although any result wouldn't matter to them. But Iceland, crazily, played like a hungry yeti. The first half was all about them, and how fierce they were against Croatia. Sadly, no goals were made.

Then entered second half.

On minute 49, Nigeria was awarded a penalty and Moses CONVERTED IT TO A GOAL! YEAH!! They were once more back as the runner up! And once again, everything looked so much clear for Group D because on minute 52 Croatia scored against Iceland, making them the group's absolute leader. Iceland keeps attacking, and attacking though -their headers were killer! and that's what made me restless throughout the rest of the games! Until I could finally rest.

That hopeful moment for Nigeria. Pic's from here.

Iceland got rewarded a penalty on minute 75 of a handball, and just like Nigeria, the underdog CONVERTED IT TOO THROUGH GYLFI! OMG ANYTHING REALLY COULD HAPPEN! It was a really nice comeback for the match, and also for Gylfi remembering that he missed the penalty given when against Nigeria! Both games now saw a draw, and if Iceland could make just one more goal, my newest favorite team would proceed alongside Croatia!

While this, is the hopeful moment for Iceland. Pic's from here.

But dream was just a dream. Entering the last 4 minutes of the match, LAST 4 MINUTES FOR GOD'S SAKE, WHY ALL THE MAJOR TURNING POINT HAPPENED IN THE LAST MINUTES!? the desperate Argentina climbed their ass back up there thanks to a dramatic goal from Marcos Rojo. And everyone flipped. The commentators, the spectators, the substitutes poured into the field like a leak in your shower to the floor. I'm not a big fan of Argentina, and heck I hate Messi remember? But seeing this fantastic goal, bringing back the hopes for the team, and those emotions too, well, I'm a human, and it hit me right in my tiny soft heart.

But all are ruined by the hopeful goal from Rojo. Pic's from here.

As I said, Iceland too, still had the chance to proceed if they could make one more goal against Croatia and earned the crucial 3 points. But then it wasn't them. It was Croatia instead, through a freaking MINUTE 90 GOAL -see!? What the hell is happening between the players and last minute deals!?- made by Perisic.


I know, the drama isn't as crazy as Group B. But still, I think it was more mindblowing because, remember how it started? Nigeria was statistically higher, and it should be easy to handle a team who had so far been so unstable. And Argentina, who had been humiliated by taken a draw pill against underdog Iceland, and stripped-naked in a big loss against Croatia, could make it to the next round.

No one can guess what would happen.
No one. And that's why, all these were a


End of Group B: Fvck

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I just don't know what other word to say.
Because that's what I kept saying during the games.

End of Group B


Pic's from here and here.

You know when it's the last match day of a group stage, both games between four contenders are aired at the same time. It's meant to keep all teams from losing their will to fight, but to me, it means the drama gets doubled. And of course to feel that, I have to watch both. So enter the week where I turn on two screens at a time. Yes, I'm that freaky.

So, Group B. It's been a hell of a journey for all of them, eh? Two giants, one Asian star, and one underdog whom apparently powerful despite having no luck in winning the first two matches. The last match day of this group saw an opportunity still opened for both the European giants, and Iran. And that's why this ending would become really dramatic.

And it was a real SPOT-ON decision.
Despite the twice-more screening-hassle.

Honestly, I wanted Iran to proceed. Be it with Portugal or Spain, I don't care. I hate both so it's no use to pick who I'd like to fail anyway. And my fellow Asians did play good, too! They got robbed first by the end of first half -I’m so mad but it was a good goal by Quaresma so... yea- but that’s all! Overall they did good defense that Portugal made no other goal, good attack too that Portugal found it difficult to finish as the winner.

Then the craziest thing happened at the second half. Ronaldo, as usual, pulled his “OMG I’m fouled” trick -this is what I really hate from him. He is a good player, really, but I just can’t stand his drama. Between him and Messi, whom I hate too by the way, I prefer the latter because he’s damn clean! The referee decided to review it on VAR, and congrats Portugal, it was a penalty. Of course Ronaldo took the chance. He hit the ball, and... NO GOAL OMG FUCK I SCREAMED SO LOUD REALIZING THAT THE BITCH’S DIRTY GAME FAILED ALLAH KNEW BETTER WHO TO HELP! An Iranian GK, named Ali Beiranvand, whom apparently a runaway kid from Tehran, blocked a freaking PENALTY KICK FROM THAT RENOWNED CRISTIANO RONALDO! Swallow your pride, star, you’re a Messi—you remember the opening match of Argentina against Iceland right??? It felt the same, ONLY MILLION TIMES BETTER BECAUSE THE STAKES WERE HIGHER! Phew, okay let’s move on... to the other match.

The phenomenal block! I swear I never screamed so loud before. Pic's from here.

Morocco, surprisingly, played freaking awesome too. Well, not surprisingly, because it was quiet obvious from the beginning. They were only unfortunate by conceding an OG when against Iran, and lost against Portugal -which score was only 1-0 anyway, so it was still really good! Facing Spain, they were like beasts, and they scored the first goal! And guess what made this feel even better? Because it happened thanks to Ramos’ error. It was the first, it was nicely executed, and it was taken from Ramos feet and scored in front of his face! SUCK IT YOU FOOL!

The moment I believed Ramos began to get the karma he deserved. Pic's from here.

It wasn’t long until Spain made a comeback. Moroccan meddled defense was taken advantage by Isco, and there’s the goal for Spain. HOWEVER, Morocco made another comeback! Oh God, why did they just show their power when they were already unqualified??? After a series of attacks, they scored one more goal through En-Nesyri’s header and BOOM, gone are Spain’s hopes.

But you know I wouldn’t highlight these matches if it just ended like that right?

With this situation, Portugal and Spain would go through because they originally just needed a draw. But entering stoppage time, Iran were rewarded a penalty due to Portugal’s handball. Fuck. I didn’t see this coming man, IT WAS STOPPAGE TIME FOR GOD’S SAKE! Some guy named Karim Ansarivard took the chance, looking so nervous, AND I WAS TOO OH GOD THEY’RE MY FELLOW ASIANS AND MUSLIMS! It was really a knee-shaking experience, because the odds were obviously against Iran but PRAISE ALLAH ALMIGHTY THE PENALTY WAS CONVERTED! Iran was now the group’s runner up, sharing the same points with Spain but less conceded goals!

An unexpected comeback from Iran. I swear I never once felt so enjoyed
watching a match full of penalties before. Pic's from here.


As Iran were preparing for the penalty, Spain -I don’t know what kind of a lucky charm had Ramos been using for the team- made another goal through Iago Aspas... HOWEVER, as the Spaniards were celebrating, the linesman was apparently raising his flag—yes, baby, IT WAS A FREAKING OFFIDE! Oh my God I swear my heart just popped out of my ass and now it’s back. Iran just scored their penalty I couldn’t imagine unimagining them on the next—HOWEVER!!! YES ITS STILL ON NOW YOU UNDERSTAND WHY I FIND THESE GAMES CRAZY RIGHT?! Spain couldn’t just accept it they convinced the referee to review the VAR and so he did, and... oh God I swear it was only two seconds but it felt forever.

The goal was given.

And that’s how I lost my faith in rooting too much for a team. Within seconds, Iran’s chance was gone... Oh, Allah. Seriously, why? They would proceed if Spain's goal remained declined. Their successful penalty and the decision of Spain's goal happening on the very same time, just because both relying on VAR, IT WAS CRAZY TREMBLING! But frankly, it really was entertaining. Not a fan of the result, especially looking at those Iranian players in tears oh God sometimes I hate watching football because of this... but again, it's the match that matters. The whole games were unbelievably unexpected!

And this was just the second group.
There are other big teams on other groups,
Waiting to show some fvcking good dramas.


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Tickets to Fight For

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So, Matchday Two just ended.

We saw some teams actually made it through the next round: Russia, Uruguay from Group A, France from Group C, Croatia from Group D, Mexico from F and England along with Belgium from G.

And that’s all.
I know. Shocking, right?
So where are the other big teams?

Well that’s the beauty of World Cup. Especially THIS World Cup, because so far, YOU SIMPLY CANNOT GUESS WHAT WOULD BE HAPPENING?! We expected Germany, Argentina, Portugal, Spain, and some other names shining on 2014 to at least secure 6pts at this point of competition. What really happens is, the big fights are still resuming on at least 5 groups, in which mostly have those big names in it.

Let’s start with Group B, where Spain and Portugal, both with 4pts, need to beat Morocco and Iran respectively on the next matchday. Morocco is definitely out of the cup, along with Group A’s Saudi Arabia and -fuck you, Ramos- Egypt. Iran, surprisingly, are still in the running for the Round of 16 with 3pts. A win against Portugal, or at least a draw with a note that Spain lose the game, will send Iran to the next round. Odd chance, but one cannot predict.

Argentina on Group D, shockingly, are on bottom two with only 1pt. They will have to fight with Nigeria, who possess 3pts, as both has the same big chance to go through. However, newcomer Iceland, also 1pt, are still in the running too—because if Nigeria lose, and Iceland score big against Croatia, the tiny nation will end up in the group’s second place.

In Group E, Brazil may be on top, but they haven’t secured their spot in the next round with only 4pts. They will battle Serbia, whose 3pts still can make them proceed. Other contender is Switzerland, who are also having 4pts. They need to win over Costa Rica and whatever the result is on the other match, they’ll go anyway.

Now Group F. This is my favorite odd. Both Germany and Sweden have 3pts. They only need to at least have a draw (with the note that the other lose the match), to go on. BUT. South Korea, eventhough they have NO POINTS, still have a chance too, IF, they win super big against Germany, AND, Sweden lose against Mexico with lots of goals conceded. Tough one for Korea, but it is an actual opportunity that many don’t realize.

Last but DEFINITELY not the least, Group H. Oh my favorite group. No so-big-team here, but they’re all equally strong, open, and entertaining! Either Japan (4pts), Senegal (4pts), and Colombia (3pts) still really can make it through, so both matches will be like a battlefield for all four teams. Yea, four, because Poland, despite already kicked out, will of course do whatever they can to save their faces from going home humiliated.

For God’s sake, this is only the Group Stage. It’s not even finished but IT IS SO FREAKING MINDBLOWING!!!



Alright, chill.
Let’s enjoy the cup!
Here come the last matches
Of the Group Stage!

Match Thirty One: Who's Bigger Now?

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You know when you're not the best team,
You tend to play more relaxed, loose, and easy.
Serious, of course, but not much under-pressure.

That's what I felt for

Japan vs Senegal
Group H, again

Pic's from here.

Probably one of the most entertaining matches yet.

I told you, this group is apparently more appealing than others. The bigger ones were to Colombia and Poland, though they're not as big as Brazil nor France. The smaller ones of the group, Japan and Senegal, whom at first may not be the preferred spotlights, turned out to be crazy fantastic. On each of their first games, they were remarkable enough to each kick the "bigger" teams' asses 2-1. Now with such confident, they're scheduled to meet each other,

And it was a kickass match!

Senegal scored first, through Mane. It wasn't of a quality goal, but it was Mane -YNWA!- so I kinda enjoyed it. Japan then made a counterattack through Takashi Inui, and this time it was a quiet beautiful goal. It was a 1-1 tie now, and gotta say, I felt satisfied already if the match were to end that way. But I might not want to post about them if it actually ended there.

The game got crazier from there onward. Japan, especially, through stars Inui and Osako, attacked like they were not Asians -I'm so proud of their performances!!! But that doesn't mean that Senegal just stood still. 19-year old Wague made it 2-1 and brought the team up in the air for a while. Yes, for a while, because only 8 mins later, the newly-in Keisuke Honda made it back to a tie, scoring his 4th World Cup goal, which completed his record of always scoring in each World Cup he entered -twice in 2010, once in both 2014 and 2018, making himself the World Cup Asian top scorer.

It really was an enjoyable match. Both were strong and aggressive, neither played dirty, and the supporters! There was this viral video showing two Japanese and Senegalese supporters were singing together in joy after the match, so friendly and merry, and guess what they were singing! Once Piece theme!!! Lol wait let me check... ah, here it is!


The two of them once again left the pitch unbeaten, and they deserve it. Next on the last matchday of the group, they'll each once again meet the so-called bigger teams.

And maybe it's THE time to show,
Who the bigger ones are