Thursday, May 30, 2013

Finding The Best

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Been 10 years.

Saw the first poster in Singapore.
Everywhere in Singapore.

I fell in love pretty quick but,
Had no idea what movie that was.

Until it was released.
And I knew, I liked it.

I watched it at the movie.
Watched it again on pirated disc.
Can't get enough, I bought the original DVD.
Once aired, of course I didn't miss it on local TV.
Along the vacation, I looked for it at the hotel room TV.
I was on as it was replayed again and again by the cable TV.
And when the 3D version movie was out last year, God, I was there.

Every time. Every time I caught the movie,
I just can't stop watching it.

I know the story too well.
I even memorized some phrases
And dialogues out of head but,
I just can't stop watching it.

Cause, I don't know,
It always gave me some peaceful hours.
Enjoying the all blue screen, with colorful coral background...

Especially when it's watched inside a cold, dark room.
And it's gloomy outside. Rain falls. Damn.
Drag me to the ocean already.

Always feels like heaven.
There's no such better animation.

It's just too good to be missed.
I just can't stop watching it.

You did well, Pixar :)

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Am I Not A Cat Person

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Long ago, I thought I was a cat person.
Then I changed my mind. I'm a dog person.
But then, something inside of me tickled.

No, I'm still a dog person.
It's just, society forced me to pet a cat.

Well, two cats.

Jadi kalo kalian update terus sama aktivitas gue via Twitter -buset, artis Bu?- akhir-akhir ini, hmm gak deng, mulai Februari kemaren, gue dan keluarga gue disibukkan dengan kedatangan dua anggota keluarga baru. Dua ekor kucing belia nan menggemaskan.

Mereka berdua merubah gaya hidup keluarga kami. Dari yang tadinya suka leyeh leyeh, sekarang jadi bolak balik ngurusin kandang sama makanan. Dari yang tadinya bergidik di kala melihat ampas kucing, sekarang sudah terbiasa untuk berkomentar, "Yah, dia beraque". Dari yang tadinya kalo liat kucing liar kampung di jalanan biasa aja -bahkan kadang bawaannya pengen nendang, sekarang suka iba dan tanpa disadari, nangis :'(

Yes, those two cats. They 'annoyed' us big, big time.
Until last week, the biggest uproar happened.

Dua duanya nunjukkin tanda pengen kawin. Hm. Emang sih, yang satu jantan dan yang satu betina. Tapi ras mereka beda, dan kita gamau mereka punya anak blasteran. Jadilah kita undang dua kucing tambahan untuk masing-masing mereka nikmati. Sehingga sekarang, sampai hari ini, detik ini, ketika gue sedang mengetikkan kalimat ini, di rumah gue ada empat ekor kucing ngerepotin sedunia.

Mau kenalan? Mau dong.

Guess which one is who!?

Kucing pertama yang dateng ke rumah. Setengah kampung, setengah Persia -tapi gen kampungnya lebih dominan :'( Pas dateng masih unyu banget, baru empat bulan dan dongo. Karena baru belajar jalan, kalo lagi jalan pantatnya gebal gebol. Maka dari itu bokap memberi nama "Ebol". Ini kucing dikasih sama temen adek gue yang kucingnya baru beranak. Jadi sodara sodaranya yang lain pun udah berpindah majikan juga.

Selang beberapa minggu, Ebul muncul. Betina, pure Persia, usia lima bulan, perawakan gembul. Makanya namanya "Ebul". Doi ini anaknya mageran parah, doyannya molor di lantai. Gemes sih, tapi pupnya kadang mencret, jadi suka ilfil. Nah pas Ebul dateng, si Ebol kayak ilang pamor gitu kan. Jadilah si pejantan tengil itu suka jeles trus ngusilin si Ebul. Tapi gapapa, mereka cuma becanda kok.

Kan ceritanya minggu lalu Ebol sama Ebul kayak minta kawin gitu. Nah buat si Ebul, kita datengin kucing tetangga umur setahun yang bernama Ito. Sumpah ya ini kucing, magernya lebih parah daripada Ebul. Iyalah, umur udah setahun, badan udah segede anjing. Tapi ya gitu. Karena ukuran badannya jomplang sama si Ebul, jadinya kawinnya susah. Kayaknya sih gagal...

Nah buat si Ebol, adek gue minjem kucing temennya yang satu ras, satu ukuran, satu usia, dan satu rahim. Yes, doi ini salah satu sodara Ebol yang dikasihin ke orang. Mungkenye aja mirip banget! And the funny part was, pas nyokap gue nanya ke temennya adek gue, "Ini namanya siapa?" doi pun menjawab "Kucing, tante!" Hm. Gak funny sih. Lebih ke miris. Kasian.

Jadi selama ini, di rumah temennya adek gue itu, si "Kucing" gak diperhatiin sama siapapun. Kerjaannya pun cuma di kandang doang. Atau cuma dikasih makan, atau cuma dimandiin. Gak pernah ada interaksi. Beda banget sama di rumah gue. Ebol sama Ebul bisa beredar kemana-mana. Meski kadang mereka gak pernah bisa jalan dengan leluasa. Ya abis gimana, tiap ngacir sedikit, selalu ditangkep trus digendong. Yea we love them too much.

Nah karena kurang kasih sayang, si "Kucing" pun jadi galak. Selama di rumah gue, tiap ngeliat kucing lain dia langsung kayak marah gitu. Judes bener. Bahkan pas gue lagi sayang sayang pun, tiba-tiba dia kayak kesetanan gitu trus langsung gerogotin tangan gue...

Anyway, manggil dia si 'Kucing' malah bikin tambah miris. Karena gue belum nemu ide nama yang bagus, dan lagian, bentar lagi dia mau dibalikin ke majikannya -jadi ngasih nama unyu justru malah bikin gue makin attached dan gak mau dipisahkan, jadinya sementara ini gue manggil dia "Ebolwati".

So yeah, that's just me.
Easily got impressed, easily got carried away.
Even a cat, a not-so-worth-it-to-be-taken-care-of cat,
Could literally, easily made me attached too well to her.
Am I still not a cat person?

P.S. : It's been several days since Ebolwati returned to her home and now... I'm still feeling broken. I've missed her like I known her for so long :'(

Friday, May 17, 2013

This Is Harder Than High School

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This year is a party time for football lovers. You know,
Arsenal will come, Chelsea will come, Liverpool will come...

Ah yes, Liverpool will come.
To Indonesia, to the land I'm staying at.

This could actually be like, you know, a chance for me to show the universe that I am trying to be a good fan of Liverpool. And um, this could be the only time for them playing here! I mean, WHEN ELSE WILL THEY BE COMING TO THIS CRAPPY COUNTRY!?

But... Yeah, there's a 'but'.
You know I'm not posting this story for a scrubby reason.
This is a real deal because, you know what, Pitbull will also come this year.

Yes, Pitbull. Again.
The all-time-fave-rapper-of-mine Pitbull.
He'll come. Again. And it gave me some hard times.

I know, I should've just pick Liverpool over Pitbull but... Got to admit, I adore the Cuban bastard much much more than all Liverpool players. Combined.

And the last time he came, well since I obtained his ticket for free, I couldn't help but promised myself that the next time he's coming to Indonesia, I won't risk my chance again by waiting for some stupid free tickets. I will just buy my own ticket instead. No matter how expensive it'll be. No matter what.

And now that he's coming again,
Along with the game of Liverpool,
I don't even know how to react.

Image of Captain Gerrard is from here, and Pitbull's from here.

I drool.
I drool like a mule.

Oh how could I dare to miss the duel
Of my favorite club, right before my stool?

But you know I won't say no to my lengua española fuel.
The guy who made me love to rap like a fool.

Argh, this is so uncool.
If only I have a gold pool,
I don't have to face this mull.

So, Liverpool or Pitbull?
God this bugs me deep into my skull

P.S. : I don't know why, but I have this feeling that somehow, eventually, I get to see both of them this year.
Just, Amen o Lord :')

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Team Hot Mommas

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We're entering the second list of Animation Domination similarities.

In a dream, ideal, worth-to-be-sold family according to FOX, the first man should be so foolish that when seeing them, the audience will subconsciously clench their fists and fantasizing a scene where they can actually hit those moronic fathers in the head until they finally act normal. Phew, what a complicated sentence I got there.

But to make it balance,
FOX wants their woman, their lifetime partner,

As a dainty wife.

From left to right: Linda Belcher, Lois Griffin, Marge Simpson, Donna Tubbs-Brown and Francine Smith.
Again, pictures aren't mine. I obtained it somewhere in Google.

Are you with me? Yeah, these women are, indeed, lovely. I mean, they can stand living with their chaotic husbands and make it until three kids far. Run the errands with heart, clean up the mess those men made, give helping solutions and advice, sincerely forgive them when they make mistakes -and those husbands make mistakes all the time. Not to mention their struggle to make their husbands get along with their crazy sons, and independent daughters, and other stuff! Well perhaps, that's what they call love. BUT STILL!? Who can genuinely survive facing those bastards??

Well for Linda, maybe it's possible. After all, her husband's not so insane. Also for Francine. I mean, Stan's an ass, but he works for CIA. It's a good money I guess. But how about Marge, Lois and Donna?? Those three men they're married into are, you know, fat, not-at-all dream typed men, not making a good money... These women waste their charm for nothing.

Oh, now speaking about charm, these wives DO have it! And they're smoking hot! Especially Francine Smith. She's a typical American teenager figure, transforming into a mother. Oh let's not talk further about it, I might turn weirder speaking about these fancy women.

Well that's the Animation Domination's second requirement.
So now if you want to air your fantasy family in FOX,
Give the mothers a lovely touch

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Japanese, A New Level

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So today, I felt this massive urge to bookshop.
Hm. Not really in mood to write in English.

Ya jadi gatau kenapa tiba-tiba gue merasa terdesak banget buat beli buku. Apapun itu. Gue udah lama banget gak ngerasain sensasi beli buku di toko, pulang bawa gembolan, bongkar kresek, buka plastik bukunya trus cium bau lembaran barunya. Sumpah. Kangen :'(

Trus pergilah gue ke Gramed. Karena gatau mau beli apa, gue keliling dulu sebentar sampe akhirnya berenti di depan rak bertuliskan "Kamus".

Oke inget project akhir taun gue? Ya, belajar Bahasa Jepang. Akhir-akhir ini gue gak nyentuh sama sekali itu buku BasJep gegara tugas kampus yang menggila. Gue butuh motivasi baru buat lanjut belajar. Dan kayaknya kamus bisa ngebantu. At least nanti jadi ada dua buku yang kalo gue telantarin, panggilannya untuk dibaca pasti bakal jauh lebih kuat daripada cuma satu buku.

Tapi gak semudah itu gue ngambil keputusan buat beli. Gue berdiri di depan rak buku lamaaaaaaa banget, mikirin manfaat dan mudharat kalo beli itu kamus. Bukan karena harga loh ya. Pilihan gue malah antara beli kamus kantong yang paling mahal, atau nggak sama sekali. Ngga ada pilihan buat beli kamus yang murah *branding biar gak dianggep pelit*

Alasan kenapa gue lama banget membatu di depan rak itu,
Adalah... Karena... Google Translate.

Jadi selama ini, pas gue lagi belajar atau nonton Naruto trus tetiba nemu kata-kata baru, pasti langsung lari ke Google Translate. Nah yang gue takutin adalah, pembelian kamus ini jadi sia-sia karena ujung ujungnya gue bakal tetep pake Google Translate.

Tapi jiwa konvensional gue lagi menggelora. Gue pengen punya kamus kecil yang bisa gue bawa kemana-mana, dan bentuknya buku, bukan apps. Plus akhir-akhir ini gue baru baca artikel soal media fisik yang ninggalin kesan emosional lebih kenceng daripada media digital.

So did I buy the dictionary? Yes.

Semoga pembelian buku ini tidak sia-sia ya Rabb.
Jauhkan hamba dari godaan era internet yang kejam ini.

Well I promise, Baiburu -yes I name my dictionary that
That wherever I go, whenever it is, inside my backpack,
You'll be there

P.S. : Therefore, I name my Japanese learning book "Seisho"

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Ode to The Man

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Let's just say, I'm a huge fan of Manchester United. Well that's nonsense. Okay let's say I'm a moderate fan of Manchester United.

There's this one guy as far and as long as I ever known the club, he's so attached to it. Yea because since the day I was born, since the day I decided to be a loyal supporter of MU, the club had been managed by

The architect. The mastermind. You don't talk about performances. He had done the best for MU. Trophies, cups, leagues, victories, you name it. And don't even start talking about team selection. He hatched dozens of football stars.

From the first time I heard name Manchester United,
The only one, single name I ever heard to handle the club, was his.
Picturing the time he'd be forced to stop coaching the club, can't say how down I'll be.

But it's time to face the truth.

He's retired.
And I'm a fan of LFC.
So who am I to feel sad?

Well... I'm a human.
With a firm heart,
And emotions.

And because I'm quiet intolerant with goodbyes.
Because I got my eyes watered when it comes to farewell.
Because I couldn't help but feeling lost, although it's my fave team's rival.

Can't imagine how broken you guys are feeling now.
But I know he gave you prides you've always ever asked.
No more promises, no more owes, he's given the best legacy for all.

So long, Sir!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Team Retarded Pops

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Speaking about the Animation Domination I brought before, let's proceed to the first similarity those series have in common. Well as I mentioned before, the stories are about families. The Simpsons, the Griffins, the Browns and Tubbs, the Smiths and the Belchers. The member of those families are mostly the same at numbers; a set of parents with three children -except the Smiths, only two kids.

So what else? Well, let's say that
The man of the family, the husbands, the fathers,

Yes, they are jerks.

From left to right: Bob Belcher, Peter Griffin, Homer Simpson, Cleveland Brown and Stan Smith.
Pictures aren't mine. I obtained it somewhere in Google.

You know Homer Simpson. An absent minded guy from Springfield, an idiotic husband which the only things he ever think about is just food. And donuts. He's just so similar to Peter Griffin, Cleveland Brown and Stan Smith which, as I told you before, are all made by the same guy Seth MacFarlane. In summary, they're a set of loser dads with short-termed way of thinking.

Bob Belcher from Bob's Burgers, well as I observed from some episodes, is actually not as dumb as the other four dads. He's considered retarded, in other way. Like the way his burger restaurant is so poorly managed, and somehow he often face various unlucky moments due to his rivalry with the Pestos.

But after all, these fathers love his families. Too much. Despite their nonsense behavior, they put their families upon any other things. They truly love their wives, and -a bit- care for their children. Although yea sometimes, most of the times, they are hated by the kids, especially their daughters. But whatever, they'll fight for them.

Well that's the Animation Domination's first requirement.
So now if you want to air your fantasy family in FOX,
Create a lunatic father

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Animation Domination

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Ever heard about that? Well, tune in FOX and when you see some cartoons wrapped together, aired back-to-back like 3 to 4 episodes in a row, then let's say you're watching Animation Domination.

It consists of The Simpsons, Family Guy, Cleveland Show, American Dad and Bob's Burgers. One about a regular American family, the other one too, then about two dysfunctional African-American families, another American family, and the last one's about a French-Canadian family.

You see any similarities between those five series?

The shows are about families
- Families of five, aside the Smiths -

Yes, there are lots of other similarities among them. Well, despite the fact that Family Guy, Cleveland Show and American Dad are created by the same guy -which I started to be a fan of, lately- but still! They do have many similarities.

This is why I started the topic. I'm going to reveal about those same things these five cartoons share in common. Well, it's just my opinion tho, and a tiny few of those sameness are actually, well let's be honest, a bit forced. Yea somehow I have to keep the coolness of the topic, don't you think?

Now enough about the prologue.
Let's start the talking, well, later on.
See some FOX first, will ya?