Friday, August 30, 2013

A Kiddy Trip


I went to Bali again.

I know, no matter how denial I am trying to get rid of the island,
Somehow there's always this big, strong calling, urges me to come back.

And I never had the same way of enjoying Bali in each of my trips.

This time, the theme would be


Went there with a group of mixed friends. Some from campus, some from high school, and some others I hadn't even known before. But umm, somehow, we could manage to get along well to each other and there were no awkward moment at all. Felt like we had been friends for a longer time.

So we did many stuff together. Less likely friends, more like a family, for me. 
I don't wanna talk about the destinations because it's just typical.
Though some places we visited were new to me.

Now the highlight of the trip was the togetherness I felt,
That made me felt like a total child again.

One of us took the role as the mother. A very painstaking mother. Another girl acted like the eldest sister, concerning about how we can survive. One boy came like a protective, let's-go-wherever-you-guys-want-to-go kind of brother. And one other girl is like a twin sister who's just the same dumb and innocent as I was, whom to me, committed to look after each other.

See along the trip, I subconsciously relied everything to them. I took granted about the financial stuff and let them count, I just okay-ed what they asked, I whined to be treated some snacks, I didn't get the chance to drive the car although I offered them to, I was lost and had them worried and looking.

Uncle Clint from USA
The kiddy-like experience wasn't all coming from my friends. But also when I met some strangers, talking about age and they were like you're 21? I thought you were 17!? and when I had a very long, interesting talk with a cool dad about many stuff, mainly about being youthful and ignorant, living your own path and give no fvck to nothing... Damn I wonder how he knew that this trip's theme was "A Kiddy Trip", he treated me like his boy and it was so nice I felt like one of his sons. Well yea those, seriously made me thinking twice about getting older.

Because I'm only good at being young.
Because presence of mature people make me alive.

I'm pampered.
Pampered and scared.
An underdog, acted like a kid.

Blame on you guys, I'm one step further to becoming a mature man.

Well I have no idea whether I should be happy about this or not.
But the trip, without no doubt, made me happy and again, all spoiled.

Now guys, you seven people on my trip, you do know
Who pampered us the most, right? :)

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

To Batten, Barton, Durstine, Osborn, and Their People

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I knew BBDO for more than a year. I like the agency. It's big, it's worldwide, it's the most awarded one internationally and I'm sure, it's so prestigious to work for it.

Then I got to know it much deeper last year, when I was an intern at BCA. Met some cool people, learned how they worked, explored stories that subconsciously convincing me to try my luck there, met some cool people--oh. Have I mentioned that? Well because I did, meet some cool people.

Mas Haris
was the Creative Director. Came to BCA, presenting creative proposals. I adored him.

Mas Didit
was the Executive Creative Director. Never seen him working as an ECD but he was my lecturer at the campus tho, so, I happened to know how agency works. I adored him.

Mas Awal
was the Copywriter. The first real, agency-worked-for copywriter I ever shook hand with. I never knew how he worked but, since I never met anyone else with title "Senior Copywriter" written on his name card, I adored him already.

The three of them.

They were the reason why I shouted like a scoring dad when the HRD called me, telling that I was accepted as the copywriter intern. I finally got to see them. And some other cool people I've been stalking for since the previous year, and I've been dying to work with.

So June 17th I came to the office, but...
It was only Mas Haris who remained staying -and he's leaving soon.
I knew that Mas Didit had long gone even before I gave a fvck about the internship thingy.

But knowing that Mas Awal,
and those cool people I thought I'd be seeing in real life,
Had all resigned from the agency without me knowing because I stopped stalking...

Well I can't judge. I barely knew the rest of those people. I didn't even know well those people who left, so why should I feel down already? There must be reasons why BBDO turned to be my way. There must be reasons why I wasn't as happy as when I was accepted in BBDO, once Ogilvy called me for schedule-matching interview.

And it turned out to be real.

I got everything what I need in here. Experience, insights about agency, the professional world, the office intrigues, facts and gossips about THE other agencies -and it made me relieved that I wasn't called again, new friends, and the most important thing, of course, the experience of working as a true copywriter.

Thank you, BBDO.
With Mbak Oni, the senior copywriter.

Yes, this post is not yet ended.

On my second day of working there, I got an ID card of my own, proudly posted it in all social media I have, and stating something like "Ah, feels like hired. I hope this'll be permanent."

So thank God that wish didn't come true.
Thank God no one convinced me to stay and help a little longer.

Because now I realize,
I'm not ready yet

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Check Four: Visa & Tickets

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We passed the most crucial part.
Stuff that guarantee us, going or not.

After all the time consuming internships and busy Ramadan, we started to get down to visa application. The preparation was nerve-wrecking and hectic, but thank God right by the end of the day we were told that our visas were accepted.

Felt extra excited and mood boosted, we went straight to airline offices all around South Jakarta and again, thank God we could book the best deal. It's Etihad -or Emirates, ya? I forget, it's something starts with E- anyway.

About the fare, don't ask about the fare.
Money's not really what we concern the most right now.
I mean, we still have one whole month and anything could possibly happen.

And I'm sure something good
Is waiting around the corner.


Several steps away to New York.
God, please make it work.

And don't worry America, I'm not a turk

Saturday, August 17, 2013


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Instead of cooling down the fire, Katniss Everdeen ignited even bigger flame towards Panem. Capitol under President Snow destroyed Katniss' home District 12, and she was brought by the opposed to the abandoned-but-independent District 13 to prepare some rebellion acts. They were taking Capitol down, by making her as the symbol. The Mockingjay.

Oh, this gon' take a long time. So...

What did I feel right after? Heartbroken. Inti dari buku ini adalah perlawanan, ngerebut kemerdekaan dari kebengisan Capitol. Dan tau kan apa yang terjadi kalo orang berusaha ngerebut kebebasan? Perang. Dan tau kan apa yang terjadi di dalam perang? Orang orang tewas. Sumpah ya, gue udah susah payah ngejalin hubungan delusional sama tokoh tokoh di buku ini dan... Ya mati aja gitu. Capek hati, capek ketakutan, bahkan gue secara harfiah deg degan beneran pas lagi adegan selokan -ini personal highlight of the novel versi gue, menurut gue endingnya justru kurang nampol. Gue capek sebenernya mau bilang ini tapi serius deh Suzie,


Oh wait, I'm not finished.

One thing that disappointed me was, the death of Boggs and Finnick that felt like, easily forgotten. I mean, I know, Katniss was in a serious trouble and needed to rush out but... At least tell us more about how devastated she was about their deaths because... She knew them well. Even better and longer than she knew Rue. She sang for Rue, why couldn't she mourn even just a paragraph for her favorite commander, and her flirty-and-funny-partner-in-surviving-the-cruelty-of-Capitol??

But then again, it was okay.
Whatever you write, Ms Collins,

I adore it anyway :)

Image source: here

P.S. : So today is Indonesia's 68th independence day. And Indonesia's still broken, on major aspects. Well let's just learn from Panem, government, that they needed like 75 years before people started rebelling. So you fat bastards still have like, 7 years left to work things out. Or else, see what we can do :)

Anyhow, Dirgahayu Indonesia!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Check Three: Fasting Month & Internship

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I don't want to be late, again.
Now that it's a week after Lebaran,
And a week before my internship ends,
I guess it's about time to tick another box.

So yeah, fasting month had ended. I swear to God I thought last year Ramadan was the fastest I ever felt due to my other internship at BCA but then this year came and... The previous ones are nothing faster than this.

And about this year's internship, well, I'm so done being used haha. It's not that fully used actually but still, the existence of interns help employees a lot! Long live interns!

I actually am still having this big thirst of working as a copywriter because umm, gotta tell ya, I haven't worked my best ass off for anything. I haven't felt the true exhaustion of being a copywriter but, yea, there'll be time for that Vick, don't be such a greed. Soon you'll regret that you have said about these 'thirst' things.


Several steps away to New York.
God, please make it work.

Just like my way being an ad clerk

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Good Deeds Turn Bad

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No one ever doubt the usefulness of Wikipedia.
With Google by its side, they make a very helpful couple.
Just mention what you want to find, and Wiki will help you explain.

But -there's a but in every post.
Sometimes kind acts lead you to disappointment,

When you treat it wrong.

Long ago, I was so into Masterchef Australia. I stay tuned in each and every single episodes, said goodbye to the leaving contestants, one by one until it was down to the last two contestants -I even remember their names, it was Adam and Callum.  I never knew that the actual show had long finished before Star World aired it in Asia. So it was all, encore.

Just several days before the season finale, like an innocent little pig I browsed Wikipedia to cherish the previous moment and mourn the eliminated contestants. When on the entry, I over-read the section when they mentioned Adam as the winner. Feeling down? Yeah I was broken, but not as broke as what happened yesterday.

Once again, it's about The Hunger Games. Okay I'm sorry I can't help but keep talking about it. It's always been my nature to compulsively seek for information, articles, posters, videos, fanarts, and all maniac stuff about one thing, once I'm on a fiery love with that thing.

And yesterday was the day I regretted how corny my obsession is.

So I browsed Wiki and read the article about districts in Panem. What they are specialized about, and who the tributes they have. District one, with tributes of Marvel, Glimmer, Gloss, Cashmere, district two with Cato, Clove, Brutus, Enobaria, three with Beetee, Wiress, four, Finnick--okay. I stopped at Finnick Odair.

And why did I stop? Because I over-read that in Mockingjay, the third book of the trilogy, the book I am now halfway reading, Finnick died. I was like, Oh my God WHY DID I READ THAT?? Any chance that I didn't read that or, Wiki lies to me?? And yeah, there went my regrets.

Portrait of Finnick Odair was obtained from here.

It's like, I'm just several pages away from finding out that Finnick will die, 
And I'll be literally freaking out like he's actually one of my relatives,
And I'm gonna say something like

"Damn Suzanne Collins, you rock my ass!"

But now, I won't feel the desired euphoria.
Wikipedia successfully, proudly stole it for me.
Well umm, my impatience let Wiki stole it from me.

There, there...

Now let me summarize you the moral of the story:
Don't take good deeds for granted

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Babies, Babies Everywhere

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Recently, there's this thing inside of me,
When seeing babies, it's like, you know,
My mouth's like watering.

Yaa, you can tell that I'm sort of hungry seeing babies. They look plump, with round-reddish cheeks, and tiny little cute buttocks, all fresh and juicy. I wanna say that I don't want to eat them but, I WANT TO EAT THEM!

Lately, somehow, people have babies. And they bring it everywhere. Going to mall with babies. Riding the bus with babies. Here with babies, there with babies, what is happening here!? I'm like, Is this some kind of mating season everybody seem to keep giving birth to babies??

The top of all was the time I browsed YouTube to watch Elmo from Sesame Street. Yea you know how I adore my childhood that I brought everything I like -including all those lifelike puppets- as a part of my recent life. So yea I browsed some Elmo shows and I was exposed with this

It's a big lie if I tell you I didn't freak out when seeing them. Elmo from Sesame Street which I like, is interacting with that stuffed baby I want to eat so bad! If I could I would storm into my phone screen, steal the baby, bring him back home and have my own feast!

Damn you babies.
You make me sound like a psycho.
I'm dying to have, or if I could, buy one of you.
But can I ask one that can't grow to be an annoying toddler?


Thank God I have cats.
They're cute, huggy and spineless.
They eat much and shit a lot like babies.
Yet, they can't grow up

Thursday, August 8, 2013

On a Blaze

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Some people might knew that I like Hunger Games. Not the whole trilogy tho, since I haven't read the third book -but I'm a hundred percent sure anyway, that I'll love the whole trilogy, but THE Hunger Games itself.

You know, 24 tributes from 12 districts with different characteristics and skills, placed together in one extreme arena to kill one another and be the only winner.

On the second book, Catching Fire, the game is still on. It's much much more interesting and challenging than the previous year because, because, argh can I spoil it here? Sure why not? Because the tributes are the living winners from the previous Hunger Games.

Can you imagine it? 24 victors, 24 professional assassins, now face to face each other to win their second title. Their skills are explored by the others already, that makes it hard. But the worst part is, they've known each others for years because they share one mutual status: being a winner.

Gloss and Cashmere, brother and sister from District 1,
winner of two Hunger Games in a row.

Brutus and Enobaria, tributes of District 2. Among any other contestants who were mostly ruined
by joining the game for the second time, these two seemed to be fully ready and excited.

Beetee, wasn't powerful, but smart enough to create electric trap and won his Hunger Games.
Wiress, the female tribute, was brilliant/geeky enough to be able to win her game.

Finnick won his Hunger Games because of his ability to swim and use trident. Sharing same skills,
Mags won the earlier generation of Hunger Games and later on became Finnick's mentor.

Peeta the male protagonist from District 12 who y'all probably know, won the 74th Hunger Games.
Johanna from District 7 won her Hunger Games by pretending to be a spineless little girl.

The heroine, Katniss Everdeen.

This is crazy. Suzanne Collins is crazy. I read the book once, a year ago. I got psyched and all excited like a fool reading that, and four days ago, I re-read the book and man! I still feel the same exact pressure I felt from the first experience!

And this one, yaa, more or less contains similar thoughts.

But I don't care.

This means that now I adore Ms Collins twice than before! And perhaps, after I finish reading the third book, I'll love her thrice than before! I can't believe myself I didn't write a bigger euphoria after my first reading. This book is too damn amazing she should be awarded as Goddess of Tragedy!

Man it drives me crazy. It was because the movie trailer I watched last week, that ignited me to re-read Catching Fire and re-live everything all, over, again.

Damn I can't wait for the movie.
I'm flaming in some kind of an impatience.
I'm hungry, geeky hungry

Image source: Google
I can't remember which site, I was too excited.
The point is, those pictures aren't all mine.

Thursday, August 1, 2013



For you who have no idea, according to the Hijri calendar, I was born in the holy month of Ramadan -well that's why my middle name is 'Ramadan', and that's why I'm holy :)

But somehow, people oftenly mistaken the date. When they ask my full name and Ramadan is near, they'll be like "Oh cool, you'll be having your birthday soon!" but seriously guys, you do know that Hijri calendar's not synced with Gregorian. So my birthday is March 27, and don't you guys bother asking me some treats in Ramadan.

Although actually, I know when my Hijri birthday is.

All these years, all these 21 years living in this planet, I never knew in what Islamic date I was born. Mom and dad never had an idea either, so I convinced myself that I lost the track.

But fool me, I never realized in what era I'm living now. So weeks ago, I browsed the internet to find out what Hijri date was that when I was born on March 27. And boom, I finally answered my all time top priority question of my life.

And yes, it's today.
Ramadan 23rd. Today.

Picture of Agrabah, obtained from here.

I'm so glad I finally explored it.
Now I have two birthdays in one year.
But don't you guys bother asking me some treats
Because we're fasting, remember? :)