Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Journal Closing

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I thought 2012 was the sweetest one.
But I was wrong. Until I met 2013.

Which turned to be the year
I learned more about myself.

All year long, I'm telling you, all year long.
I kept exploring hidden potentials inside of me.

Potentials I thought were strong enough but eventually,
I kept exploring something bigger as days and months went by.

Flying Solo -- January - February
Never once in my mind, back then, that I'd actually ever gone traveling alone to some new places I never even been to. But I did. I completed the challenge I set to myself. And it was not only me, but my parents were also proud of what I did, my friends applauded me. A regular trip, supposedly, but the extreme touches I sprinkled, made it more interesting. I began to love myself.

First Real Jobs -- March - April
Things got more serious and it was more than just a traveling thing. So I got a freelance copywriting offer from my lecturer. To a guy in his junior year of college called "me", it was considered tremendous. I couldn't stop praising myself because, umm, she trusted me? :')

"The Field Trip" -- June - August
More about the professional world, yea as you knew I was called as apprentice by BBDO. One big, noted advertising agency worldwide. What I liked myself about this part was, I did everything by myself. Applying for the position, calling in the interview, doing the whole internship program ALTHOUGH, I have a relative who works for Lowe, I skipped the advantage and worked it all myself.

Getting American -- October
This, could actually be the highlight of the year and placed the last in this list. But after all, traveling should be placed one step below education and career so, it's placed fourth.

But still, this was the one I won't ever deny. The thing that makes me see myself higher. Although the success of this was achieved with my friends, I can't ever take myself for granted anymore. Or underestimate myself. So starting from US, when I felt down, I would just say to myself "dude, at least you been to America" :)

Done and Ready -- December
So as you know, the peak of my achievement was about myself in college. Yes. My degree. My title I worked myself to get. The phase where I could finally take a break from campus stuff. Well, the last break. Before I finally have to feel the real professional world. Not just an underdog freelance jobs. Nor a semi-real jobs called the internship.

But a real job.

That recently, has been haunting me too much.
Causing me lots of lots of thoughts and considerations.
Which actually, doesn't necessarily have to be like that tho.

Because I know somehow I can make it eventually.
Because I possess something greater than I ever even known.

I thought 2012 was the sweetest one.
But I was wrong. Until I met 2013.

And I hope I'm wrong again.
After I see 2014 :)

Friday, December 27, 2013

NP: The Lonely Hornet

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Well sorry I skipped last week's Neverland Playlist.
I told you, yes? That I was facing my thesis defense stuff.

So let's get down to business, shall we?

Jadi dari tiga video yang udah gue post sebelumnya, category yang udah muncul adalah early childhood sama younger elementary. Oke, 'younger'. Kalo ada 'younger' berarti ada apaaahh? Yes, elder elementary yang dalam kasus ini, kartun tersebut adalah

Elder Elementary

Tiap hari, seputaran Maghrib, deket deket lah jamnya kayak Captain Tsubasa. Jujur gue pegel nonton film ini. Banyakan cerita sedihnya daripada bahagianya. Ketemu mama nya juga lama banget dan berkelit kelit, udah tinggal seujung kuku tatap muka eh ada aja halangannya. Udah gitu sepanjang perjalanan kan sering ketemu serangga lain kan ya, eh udah baik baik bareng bareng menjelajah merajut tali persahabatan, mati aja gitu temen temennya. Trus satu lagi, harusnya kartun ini dilabel sadis sih soalnya banyak banget temen temen Hachi yang mati secara tragis. Yaaa gak sampe darah muncrat juga sih, tapi kalo diliat anak kelas 5 SD ya tetep disturbing juga :(

Hits banget sih ini kartun. Bahkan pas gue play openingnya barusan, nyokap gue yang lagi sibuk terdistraksi oleh per-kue-an dunia ini langsung noleh dan ikutan nyanyi. Bahkan nyokap gue!? Ya gimana nggak ya, kartunnya diputer hampir tiap hari, dan tv dikuasai gue sama adek adek gue jadi nyokap terpaksa ikutan nonton huhu kasian dicekokin film lebah ga karuan macem gini...

Sakit jiwa deh kayaknya yang ciptain ini kartun.
Gue kalo jadi penulis cerita Hatchi juga gak bakal segitunya nyiksa itu lebah.

Because sometimes...
I imagined myself flying solo

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Where To?

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You may noticed that lately, before the one-week vacuum, the posts I produced were all about childhood and childish stuff. Yea right, agree? I'm having this phobia of growing up...

When I stepped out of the trial room, it felt like
Okay this is it I'm free! I'm finally fvckin free!
Although the fact is, now I'm on the verge of

Getting into reality

Long ago I was so sure that after college I'll go straight to working. Then after a year or two, I'll be off to postgraduate stuff before I continue my professional world.

It was so firm until I talked to a friend, had my mind opened about how easy it would be for me to get a scholarship if I take the advantage of being a University of Indonesia fresh graduate. That made sense, really, because if I work first and search for scholarships later, the institution backing me up will be the place I been working for, not my college.

Yet, like I've recently been whining about, yea I'm not yet ready to face the cruelty of working. Taking 6 months off looking for the best scholarship while doing some freelance jobs, set myself free for a while while also traveling, the idea sounds like the best right?!

Until mom got in touch with her one of her old friend, it was the best idea indeed. So this friend of hers has two sons that started their undergraduate program after two years working, and of course, she convinced mom to have me do the same way. Now you know what happened next. I changed my mind again.


I'm really, seriously just one step away entering adulthood.
Yesterday was like, where should we go for summer break?

And today it's like... Like...

I'm lost

Monday, December 23, 2013

Relieved // Terrified

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It's been a while.

I skipped updating about my last times at campus, I skipped sharing about how have my final thesis been going, I skipped continuing my Neverland Playlist... I was pretty occupied lately.

Got assigned to the thesis defense by Friday last week, December 20, and it really put my last week's early weekdays in such a mess. Yea you know, because before the trial I have to get all the administrative stuff done, then drop my paper to one of my examiners, then prepare for the presentation slides, the gimmicks, the souvenirs, ARGH I swear I was going to post a luck proposal the day before my trial but... I couldn't.

Anyway speaking of the day,
I might say that I felt so blessed...
To finish things smooth, and to have them.

Left to right are Ammy, Eda and Salsa. There were also Kidung -who
were inside the room, seeing me defensing my work, Dave and Jipi.
Left to right are Mbak Nadia, my oh-so-helping-thesis-consultant-damn-I-owe-her-so-much,
Mas Whisnu the chief and Mas Jaja the examiner. Thanks so much, everybody :')

Phew, well...
Now that everything's done...
Oh of course, praise Allah, everything's done.

I'm halfway patenting my degree, my title.
It's just several mini steps away to getting my degree, my title.

Anyway today was the last day like, literally THE LAST DAY of ours, being in an official academical activity. The next one we'll have, will be our graduation ceremony.


Feels just like yesterday, I got involved in the orientation stuff.
Today, the future, the true life and the true adulthood wait before me.

I'm scared, inside out

Friday, December 13, 2013

NP: Japanese Cha Cha

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Hellooo, it's been a week since what??
Of course, the Neverland Playlist!!

Hm tanpa disadari udah tiga kali ngupload video nostalgia -termasuk tudey- dan tiga tiganya pas hari Jumat. Yaudah deh diresmiin aja kali ya supaya gue juga gak bingung skejulnya, gue bakal ngepost opening opening ini tiap hari Jumat!

Dan buat minggu ini gue udah pilih satu lagu,
Yang lebih klasik daripada dua pendahulunya.

Early Childhood

Jujur kalo ditanya episode episode Kobo Chan, gue gabakalan inget karena ini termasuk jejeran kartun super jadul yang gak longlast macem Doraemon sama Crayon Shinchan. Tapi yang pasti, gue yakin banget kalo kartun yang satu ini sangat amat membawa dampak buat gue. Kenapa begitu yakin Vick? Simply karena pas gue dengerin ulang opening ini beberapa saat silam, hati gue bergetar. Dan bahkan gue masih apal!? Either memori tajam or, pathetic :')

Tapi yang bikin gue attached sama kartun -atau opening scene?- ini sih fix karena lagunya catchy banget kali ya? Yaiyalah siapa sih yang bakalan lupa sama lirik "Nipong! Nipong! Cha, cha, cha, cha, cha!" yang nempel banget itu!? Bokap gue dengerin itu lagu satu kali sambil tidur juga pas bangun langsung apal pasti.

Huhu Kobo Chan, maaf ya yang berkesan dari kartunmu cuma lagunya doang.
Tapi gue inget satu hal lagi! Dulu dubber Kobo kalo bilang 'melon' itu 'milon'.


Sharp memory or, pathetic? :)

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Get A Horse!

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Mickey and Minnie went on a ride with their friends Horrace and Clarabelle. Clasically, big cruel antagonist Pete came to kidnap Minnie. Then there goes the rest of the story; Mickey attempted to rescue Minnie with the help of his friends, failed a little bit, came up with some good idea and poof! Pete's down and yes, I told you the whole story.

What did I feel right after? Thankful. It was only seven minutes long, and shown as the opening theatrical for Frozen but, I found it very, very appealing. Well why not? The scene was like the classic-est thing a Disney fan could ever enjoy the authentic piece of art of... Disney!

It simply brought me back to the first black and white episode of Mickey Mouse, the "Steamboat Willie". Similar plot, same exact characters. It was the first episode of a Mickey-and-friends cartoon compilation -I forgot the name of the CD- my dad bought me, then I watched it with my brothers, humming the tunes and mouthing the mini dialogues, laughing off the cliche jokes... Can I use some tissues here? I could cry now.

I enjoyed this one a lot. Feelin like an oldie when I was like the only one giggling along the classic humors -since every other audience inside the theater were like ten, fifteen years younger than me- but, umm to be honest, I'm proud.

Proud because I grew in such the best generation.
Proud because I could show those nowadays-children
The true essence of a cartoon

Image source: here

Sunday, December 8, 2013

What a Relief

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So I watched Frozen yesterday.

After all, Disney's stuff should be blog-treated better than any other movies.
Well why not? The movie's such a masterpiece.

The poster belongs to this website.

It's been a long time since I watched Disney Classic down at the cinema. The last one was Brother Bear -well I actually watched Wreck-it Ralph last year but what I meant by Disney Classic was, a human-based-story-with-some-magical-touch classic, not a parallel world of arcade kind of 'classic'. So what I'm saying is, it's been a long time not watching some musical animated feature as Disney always been specialized for -nobody sang along the story of Wreck-It Ralph, as long as I could recall, so don't blame me for skipping the movie.

With Frozen, Disney brought it back to me and I love it.

Now speaking about love, it's not a Disney Classic if there's no cliche about true love and stuff. Especially when it features a brand new princess. When the magical word of 'love' was mentioned, I was like, oh here we go again, sooo~ Disney. But as scenes went by, it wasn't the love I expected. Disney twisted it well and I fell for it.

And I liked Anna. A lot. A type of woman I'll be spending most of my time with. While Elsa, man, she's a fine queen within. Queen. Oh yea she's a queen! Not a princess like people bragged about so, the Disney Princess line-up is no longer in a mess! Although if they still put Elsa as one of the princesses, I don't mind I'll never consider her as one anyway. Disney complicated stuff but I guess I won't ever bother about it.

To sum it up, the movie was fascinating. Entertaining and easy, the humor apparently, was fresh -either the comedy was purely fresh or I simply have a low sense of humor- I liked it a lot when children at the cinema laughed. The music, the story, the Olaf... Disney relive my childhood vision and I adore it.

This pic has nothing to do with my post storyline but umm, I just like it. It's from here.

After all, Disney's stuff should be blog-treated better than any other movies.
Well why not? After all these years, demand changed, techs been growing,
But they remained the same, creating childhood and maintaining ones...

Nothing could change Disney.
Even future won't be able to.
What a relief :)

Friday, December 6, 2013

NP: The Green Captain

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Hi 90s kids, I'm back!

Pasti pada mikir, "ah mana nih si viki ngomongnya doang mau sok sok bikin kesan youthful di blognya... abis ngepost soal Digimon trus ilang..." kaaan?? Nggak? Yah sedih :(

Oke gapapa tetap semangat lah ya.
Karena tudey, playlist gue bakal ditambah.
Dengan skuad impian bocah lelaki 10 tahun silam,

Younger Elementary

Sejatinya, gue bukan tipe anak cowok yang sporty dan suka main bola. Dulu aja pas SD posisi gue cuma jadi bek yang kalo kebobolan bakal disalah-salahin... Tapi gamungkin gasih ada anak 90an yang gak nonton Tsubasa?? Gue nggak semaniak itusih sama kartun ini tapi berubung diputer hampir tiap hari, di waktu yang pas sepulang les dan sebelum waktu belajar, ya gue nonton deh. Eh tapi jangan berprasangka kalau gue gasuka Tsubasa loh ya. Jujur, gue nikmatin banget ini kartun.

Walopun waktu seolah olah lama banget di dunia mereka -satu pertandingan bisa dipotong jadi beratus ratus episode- dan kadang gue suka gedek banget sama komentatornya karena DIA SELALU NGEBEBERIN STRATEGI TIM, after all, Captain Tsubasa sangat amat menghibur dan berdampak cukup signifikan. Buktinya, setiap gue sok sok main bola, pose yang gak pernah absen adalah tangan terkepal, kaki kanan terangkat ke belakang, pause sekitar tiga detik sebelum akhirnya gue teriak "TENDANGAN JARAK JAUH!!!" dan gue tendang itu bola :)

Duh, Captain Tsubasa dari SD Nankatsu.
Musuh bebuyutan mereka adalah Perguruan Toho.
Gue gangerti apa maksud gue ngetik dua kalimat di atas.

Well thanks to y'all,
I explored one crucial thing.
I learned what offside was

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Royal Complaint

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Once upon a time,
On the land of enchantment,
Disney stopped producing handmade classics.

And so, computer animation rules.

I have a fling with Disney Princesses. I don't know they're all charming I like it a lot. From Snow White to Tiana, from the first to the ninth princess, I put so much love to them. But starting from the tenth, I began to stop giving shit.

Rapunzel, and the eleventh princess Merida, is not an output of Disney Classics. Although still, Rapunzel was originally made by Walt Disney Pictures -unlike Merida who was produced by Pixar Studio. But after all, she's computer animated and it just violated my value of Disney Princess, who should be drawn by hands!

So hey people of Walt Disney,
I'm trying to offer some ideas here.

Why don't you stop bothering the current Disney Princess, make it only up 'till Princess Tiana, and develop a new princess line-up that is, umm, computer-animated based? You can name it let's say, "Pixar Princess"? Or, "Computer Princess"...? Maybe? Yea whatever its name would be, just separate them!

And you know you have two other princesses joining soon, and again, they're computer-animated. And the worse part is, these women, Anna and Elsa from Frozen, are sisters! What the hell were you guys thinking about?? Two princesses from one same film, and siblings, all they gotta do is just crowding and confusing the line-up!

Okay now you guys have four computer princesses already, and they're not so phenomenal, and they appeared on movies which are named after one word that are not their names -Tangled, Brave, and Frozen? Got it now? and moreover, Merida and Elsa don't have a prince?? What more common things could they share? They meant to be together, so be it!

Left to right I got it from here, here and here.

Once upon a time,
Princesses of 3D keeps appearing.
While classic ladies I always been admiring of,
Lived happily ever after