Saturday, September 29, 2012

When The World's Against You


I assume that you all know 9GAG. Yes, that global boredom killer website that when you're browsing that, you'll be feeling like enjoying your own story of your life.

Cause it talks so much about the golden age of 90s.
Cause it tells you your daily facts that you're barely aware of.
Cause it hates so much about Justin Bieber and all those Twilight saga.

Then it makes you feel like the whole universe is on your side. You bookmarked it on your desktop, and installed the app inside your smartphone. Your life is all about the web.

Until finally, you realized that one of your idol was started to be made fun of on that site. The role model you've been idolized lately, and you're still so in love with.

Yes, 9GAG hates Pitbull.

This can not be.

Everybody knows how much I love that Cuban man. Everybody knows how effort-ful my story was when that Mr Worldwide thing came here to Jakarta. Everybody knows how uncomfortable I am when I found out that my juniors' dancing group's catchphrase is 'Dale!'

And now that the part of my life is confronting my idol,
All I can do is preparing for some counterattacks.

Pitbull's not that bad. Pitbull's not ruining everybody else's songs by get featured with. Pitbull's not violating the music industry by mixing English and Latino.

It's not the fact that Pitbull's appearance is almost everywhere that bugged you, 9GAGers.
It's the fact that you're not Pitbull, that disturbed you and had you insulting him.

Think again :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Another Way Out For Our Nation


Today on TV. I oversaw something interesting. Something catchy. Something about Indonesia. And its attempt to get developed.

You ever heard some other nations' tourism tagline?

The sight of Singapore is from here, India's scenery is from here, and Malaysia's from here.

Those are sticking in minds, don't you think? They use a few words, with unusual selection and combination, and brought with an ear-friendly jingle. What a smokin' good strategy.

And yeah, I guess our nation's trying to do the same.
Now let's get ourselves used to announce

"Remarkable Indonesia"

Yes. Remembering Asian's recent potential in, anything, the whole globe now aims their shits on us. And our Indonesia's joined the track.

But different from those three, Indonesia's approach in this "Remarkable Indonesia" is not tourism. More to economical business or something, nah I don't understand. I personally dislike it. For me, tourism is far beyond selling. At the end we earn income, yes, but at least we also sell our value.

And word 'remarkable', umm... It's strong. It's different. But for me -again- it's just not us Indonesian. Each nation is remarkable. Singapore is remarkably unique. Malaysia is remarkably Asia-ish. India is remarkably... Well, India's 'incredible' case is somehow similar to 'remarkable', but at least the words are both started with letter 'I' and that's the essence.

Haha I'm now acting like a pro. Seriously, don't take it personally. I'm just stating my opinion about 'remarkable'. But I'm sure that the word selection must have been done by experts and, we just have to leave it to them and their strategy then.

But speaking of strategy...

I don't know whether I, am the one who's closed somehow I never even heard anything about this campaign, OR the campaign itself is not that significant. But to be honest, this was the first time I catch the ad. The promotion strategy's still low, I guess.

Alright, alright, I'm doing it again--judging and criticizing. I'm stopping now and let's see the bright side: Indonesia's eyes has finally been opened. It's time to go down the battle. Join the war, and try to win something.

Let's see if we can get something good from this.
So basically, whatever way you wish, government, whatever.
Just make sure to get us out of the current misery

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Please Be Teased

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Good evening.

Since I don't like seeing my blog so empty, I'm gonna put this here.

Please just consider.
We're worth trying

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

As-Salamu Alaykum, Liverpool

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The new season of English Premier League have been rolled for four weeks already. But umm, yea well Liverpool, again and again, haven't found their pattern yet. Alright alright, I ain't gon' talk about that. I'm not that capable to discuss strategies and techniques.

So here and now, I'm about to share about how more excited I am about Liverpool lately. Most of which is caused by the joining of these two players.

I got the picture of Assaidi from here, and Sahin from here

Other moslem football players, and they're joined to my fave team!! Oussama Assaidi was bought from SC Heerenveen by the new manager Brendan Rodgers. The 24 year old Moroccan guy is given number 11. 

While Turkish player Nuri Şahin is loaned by Real Madrid for umm, a year if I'm not mistaken? Yea just a loan. Unfortunately a friend of mine -a girl, shockingly, whose knowledge about football is a hundred times wider than me- informed me that the contract with Madrid is somehow closed, means that Liverpool can't propose a purchase of Şahin after the loan ends.

Too bad for him. If I happen to be able to contact him, I will infect his mind to stay. "Mou's just not interested in you," I will tell him. "You just see, you were there for a year only. Finally been able to make friends quiet well with Oezil already, but he loaned you away..."

Yea well, skip it. At least now for this whole season I'll cheer louder for Liverpool. About next year Şahin be back to Madrid? We still have Assaidi, people of Allah Almighty!

Hey wait, I'm not yet finished. I got another reason for loving Liverpool more and more. You know what, one of the club's sponsors is Garuda Indonesia Airlines! 

So. Damn. Cool. Seeing one of our proud brands digitally hang around Anfield Stadium... That's just priceless. All hail and long live, moslem and Indonesia!!

Now the burdens are all on you, Reds.
Just, don't make me love you because of those reasons above.
Win the game, that's the best deal

Sunday, September 9, 2012

My Beat, My Rhythm of The Street


"The unsung hero."

Sadar atau nggak, pasti ada satu atau dua hal di hidup kita yang gak kita ngeh pertolongannya. Dan klise nya, pas hal itu udah gak ada, baru kita sadar betapa kita sebenernya butuh banget sama itu hal.

Kayak motor gue.

Honda Beat oranye taun 2009. Dibeliin bokap pas gue naik kelas 3, mengingat gue bakal sibuk bolak balik sekolah - tempat les - rumah, menjelang UAN dan kawan-kawannya. Bukan cuma jadi temen seperjuangan buat gue, tapi juga buat beberapa temen gue. Bahkan saking sayangnya mereka, motor gue ini dikasih nama Bumblebeat :')

Kita udah sedeket itu. Gue sama Bumblebeat. Doi udah tau lah rahasia rahasia gue. Gimana sering teledor nya gue di jalan. Gimana gak aware nya gue sama pengendara sekitar. Gimana gue sering curi-curi tidur kalo lagi boncengin si Mpi balik ke rumahnya.

Doi juga ngerti banget gimana senggak bisa itu gue berdiam diri pas lagi nyetir. Segala nyanyian, ocehan, renungan, celaan, bacotan, hinaan, gerutuan, penyaluran ide, pujian, syukuran... Semuanya udah pernah gue tumpahin di atas itu motor.

Sampe akhirnya gue masuk masa kuliah.

Kita udah gak seintim itu. Paling banter jalan bareng cuma pas weekend. Sisanya dimonopoli sama adek gue. Ke sekolah, ke rumah temennya, kemana, kemana. Bahkan kadang sebelum gue pake, gue harus nanya dulu itu motor mau dipake apa nggak. Padahal motor motor gue. Di STNK nama masih nama gue.

Dan yang namanya anak bocah, apalagi belom pernah dibeliin motor sebelumnya, pasti bakalan minta dibeliin yang baru. Karena di rumah motor udah ada tiga, jadi kalo mau beli yang baru salah satu harus dijual. So yea, our last days finally came.

Bumblebeat pun masuk forum jual beli online. Awalnya gue masih santai-santai aja. Tapi gatau kenapa, mungkin Tuhan berencana lain, baru beberapa hari dipasang online motor gue langsung banyak yang lirik.

Sampe akhirnya minggu lalu rumah gue didatengin calon pembeli pertama. Dan terakhir. Dan status 'calon' pun ilang. Ya, Bumblebeat langsung dibawa pergi hari itu juga.

Patah hati. Banget. Udah dari kapan tau gue ngerencanain kalo itu motor mau dijual, sehari sebelumnya gue bakal keliling dulu sama temen-temen gue yang kenal baik sama doi. Tapi ternyata jual motor gak se-high-involving jual mobil. Jadilah gue pun... Telat.

Ya sudahlah. Apa mau dikata.

My laziness in taking pictures, had me got these three as the only pictures of Bumblebeat :'

That motorbike, that mighty steed.
Thanks for every trip we've been through.
I'll see you again down the road, with the new rider
But with the same beat you've always got :)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Note Eight: Farewell

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Day Goodbye

A friend of mine once told me, several days before our summer off ended, that when we had something to do by the time we were off studying, going back to campus would be a suck thing to do.

And that's just so right.

I've done my internship period weeks ago. Said goodbye and thanked everybody there, from the Public Relation Aspect to Consumer Communication Aspect to the Media Communication Aspect to the agencies I was interfered with. It was so hard, yet exciting because finally I would feel the true holiday.

Until today, I went back there to drop the report I was required to do. And they still welcomed me like I was still working there. So warm, so fun, so supportive.

Ah, goodbyes. I never liked farewell. Especially to a place where I once said it was the best choice I've ever picked. Saying goodbye, for me, is a total awkward. And writing it is a bunch of wasting time.

So yeah, I'm done with this post and stuff.
I'm done referring myself as an apprentice.
I'm done being treated as an underdog.

But I'm not done keeping the memories.

From left to right, Bu Niken, Pak Tim, Bu Litani, Kak Sonya the secretary, you do know me, and Pak Matthew

Now it's time to face the truth.
Say hell-o again to campus life

P.S. : Too bad Bu Norisa wasn't there on the photograph... She's like the boss of the bosses of mine, and it feels like awkwardly impolite without her. Sorry, ma'am ._.