Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Old School Meals


You know when you have some habit, something you usually do, somewhere you regularly check, especially with people you do care about, although such things are totally out of date, you will always, always love to keep it on your list.

Like this restaurant I've always been into.

Jadi di daerah Menteng, ada tempat makan nyempil di depan SD Obama. Namanya Restoran Miranda. Atau Tan Goey? Well I don't know, they use both names on their menu and the name board. Yang gue tau, udah dari jaman orok gue diajak makan kesitu.

Tempatnya gak cozy cozy amet. Homey sih, ada kolam ikannya terus teduh gitu ada atepnya. Tapi bagian luarnya, which is the smoking area, which is the place my family always look for at a restaurant, kadang -kadang suka panas dan banyak nyamuknya.

Makanannya semacem makanan Belanda gitu. Banyak makanan lokal juga sih. Seafood juga ada. Banyak pilihan deh pokoknya! Tapi tiap dateng kesini, gue sekeluarga gapernah mikir panjang buat pesen makanan. Selalu menu yang sama dari waktu ke waktu, dari orang ke orang.

Asparagus Soup & Chicken Steak

Sumpah ya ini recommended banget kalo ada yang tertarik kesana. Seporsi sup asparagus cukup buat berlima sampe enam orang, trus stik ayamnya... Gue yakin banget itu ayam-ayam diternak di surga sebelum akhirnya dimasak. Pokoknya setiap dateng kesana, selalu pesen 5 stik ayam gapake tapi tapi.

Hhh entah kenapa gue sekeluarga seneng banget kesini. Damai, sepi, makan diiringi percikan air dan ikan-ikan berenang, suasana 70an gitu deh macem jamannya Dono Kasino Indro. Waiter nya pun udah pada tua. Kostumnya mirip di film Warkop DKI pas mereka kerja di hotel.

Kata nyokap, itu semua waiternya  udah kerja disono dari jaman batu, pas mereka masih pada muda muda. Satu hal yang amat sangat gue suka, mereka ramah banget. Setiap kita dateng, muka-mukanya langsung pada sumringah. Mereka juga kayak udah pada apal gitu apa yang mau kita pesen.

Kadang gue suka sedih sih liat mereka. Karena restoran itu kadang sepinya suka keterlaluan. Gue sih seneng-seneng aja karena jadi berasa makan di rumah sendiri. Tapi ya gimana ya, kalo terus-terusan begitu lama-lama kan bisa tutup trus... Kenangan gue... Sirna...

Oh God. Deep inside my heart, I seriously pray for their existence.
Grandpa succeeded introducing my dad the warmth of the restaurant.
And my dad, succeeded introducing me the memories of his childhood.
So now I don't want to miss the chance, introducing to my children, about
The essence of living retro times

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Brag About Guilt

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Have you ever heard of term "gaenakan"? It's like, you want to do something, or you want to stand against something, whatever it is as long as it's related to others, and you feel guilty about it... That is "gaenakan".

Well I suffer that. I always try my best to please people. Set their mood on their best place. Show my sorry to everybody I did wrong to, even a tiny little mistake, by making it up to them so perfect and smooth, they don't even realize I'm actually paying back my faults. And I never brag about that.

While in fact, people piss me off their whole life. I'm talking about everybody. My family, my friends, everybody. They don't even know that when I do such things to them, I'd feel guilty as hell. They don't know, because I never brag about that.

People just take "gaenakan" people for granted.
They know we're too soft, too gentle to fight back,
So yeah, nothing to lose, then they use us.

I guess I know why that happens.
We never brag about that, that's why.

Sometimes I wanna be mad, I wanna be rough. I wanna be the one who's concerned, not who concerns. I wanna be the one who's waited for, not who waits for others. I wanna be the one who apologizes, not the one whom apologized to.

I wanna make mistakes,
Let people down, and
Never feel bad about it.

But I can't be mad, I can't be rough.
All because I'm feeling guilty way too much.
I know it harmed me a lot, but I just can't help it.
Maybe I should feel guilty for myself

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Road To New York

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Hi. So umm New York? Am I travelling to New York, you supposed?
Well, hopefully I am. And please, please wish me luck!

So yeah, my friends asked me to join them being a part of their team. We'll be participating in Columbia Model United Nation in New York on October this year. But damn right, there's a whole lot of things to do. For the conference preparation, also for our academic needs because umm, you know, this is our last year in campus.

We made it for the campus approval. And also, we have gladly finished our mid term exams. Next thing to do, we'll have to deal with sponsors hunting, visa proposal, conference preparation and stuff. Yet, we also have to finish the rest of our term, face our final exam, do the internship program, and the epic part is, the thesis trial for our final paper.

So what, one, two, three... Okay, it's seven steps away.
And I'm so gonna update every single things we will be done.
To appreciate our work, to New York