Saturday, July 13, 2013

Team Loser Sons

God it's been a very busy moment of my life.
I enjoyed being a copywriter so much and--
Okay, it's not a post to talk about that.

Remember about Animation Domination stuff I brought up?
I talked about the fathers and the mothers already,
And now I'm entering the third similarity.

Hats up to the useless sons.

From left to right: Gene Belcher, Chris Griffin, Bart Simpson, Cleveland Brown Jr and Steve Smith.
The pictures, again, are not mine and I obtained those from Google.

We know Bart Simpson. We all know that brat Bart. A troublemaker, a menace, has no manner and owns a bad bad attitude towards his father, sometimes get bullied by bigger kids and befriends another loser named Milhouse. Good thing is, Bart still have his brilliant side sometimes he can enjoy the world on his own way.

A different thing goes to Chris Griffin, Cleveland Brown Jr. and Gene Belcher. They're imbecile, they're dumb, most of the times are underestimated and referred as idiots even by their own families and in addition, they're fat. To make it worse, Cleveland tend to be gay.

But the true figure of a nerd lies on Steve Smith. Extremely distinct to his father Sam who -for people who don't know his real side- looks athletic, or his mother Francine who looks like a diva, or his sister Hayley who looks cool, Steve uses glasses instead. His friends are total gawks consisting of a fat ass, an acne breeder nerd, and a geeky Asian. And oftenly, he gets manipulated by his slick alien housemate and sets into troubles.

Well that's the Animation Domination's third requirement.
So now if you want to air your fantasy family in FOX,
Beat their sons awfully

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