Friday, January 27, 2017

That Friday Night

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“Yea we danced on table tops,
And we took too many shots,
Think we kissed but I forgot.”

One of my favorite song, sang by a singer I’ve always loved. I always take it for granted, that the song would be just something I could only sing—never thought that when I change all the we’s with I’s, it becomes a story of that Friday night.

That, Friday night, of mine.

Pic's from here.

Well it’s actually not a thing I’m proud of. But let’s see the bright side: I had fun, and it was the first check on the list of stuff I wish I’d be re-doing this year.

Many more to go.
Can’t wait to scream,
“Do it all again”

Sunday, January 8, 2017


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It's always exciting to have something to wait for.

Like during Ramadan, during the whole 30 days of fasting. Each and every single day, the wait for sundown can be considered becoming the vein of the month. And topped with the Eid celebration, days and weeks after the holy month often times felt so... Empty.

Good news for 2017,
I've set many plans and stuff,
For me to wait for, along the year.

Just so I feel excited to embrace each and every single sunrise.

Well not for the whole year though, it's for at least the first half of 2017. But it's not bad, eh? Not bad at all. More plans for the latter half of the year would definitely be set within the next two or three months so, let's just stick to what has been planned first.

New Year Party
With my co-workers. It is known that this certain party is my company's best night to happen. With booze and performances, social interactions and 'social interactions' LOL JK. This year, it'll be this month really, in January, and I'm really looking forward to that.

Bonus Trip
Okay I've been working really hard these past 9 months. An outing with the company sounds like a good prize, no? Yes! It's my first ever trip with people I'm working with, and it's going to happen in February! It's Hong Kong and Macau though, in which I've been there to. But this time some other people will have everything done for me. Everything. So it's seriously going to be a rewarding moment I won't miss.

Vroom Vrooms
Mmyeah. F1 will start again. One and its first Grand Prix is in March. And thrice in April, twice in May, and so on and so on, until late November Abu Dhabi will once again close the worldwide parade. This alone, will make my year awesome.

Work Anniversary
May will mark the 12 months of me working for Ogilvy. It's a big big thing for a traveler that can't ever settle his ass down for a while like me. So I gave an idea to myself, well, why don't give me a little reward? Enter Australia Trip. Yes, that trip I told you about last month, it's actually going to happen during my work anniversary. A professional milestone in which I'm supposed to celebrate at the office, that I will party for from down under.

Ramadan & Eid
Just several days after my trip, the holy month starts. It'll give me one whole June full of joyful waitings, topped with the Eid celebration—the exact same euphoria I explained earlier in this post. Only in my case, days and weeks after the holy month won't feel empty.

Because all these plans, are excluding any random plans I'm always known to make. Local island hopping, self birthday gifts, quick weekend escape, Bali, random staycation, another Grand Prix watching, or maybe a long-haul Christmas/New Year trip?

I don't know.

I don't have to think about it now.
The past me had planned much already.
The present me will enjoy all those, so...
I'll just let the future me to surprise me.

What I know now is that, this,
Is a bright start of a wonderful thing
Everybody has always gone hunting for:
Spectacular Sunset