Saturday, February 12, 2011

Help, I'm Being Abducted by an Addictive Alien Called TV


Recently, I'm really into movies. Well not kinds of cinema movies actually, but the serial ones. Yeah, Star World sent me to this trap hole.

It all began with How I Met Your Mother. I'm sure, nobody not know of what this show is -confusing grammar treated, nah who cares! So 5 friends, two dudes and two gals with one Ted, telling stories of how life is in New York. Well, especially love life.

I then I started frequently watching Gary Unmarried. Man, I love this one. I just like how a widower with 2 kids ruins each other's life with his ex-wife and her soon-to-be husband who used to be their marriage councelor. Yes, complicated. But that's the interesting side of this show.

And just this morning, oh I don't know whether I should be grateful or miserable but I accidentally watched Cougar Town 4 episodes straight in a row!! And you know what? I just fell for it. I couldn't ever deny Courteney Cox's charm, oh God I love her like damn!

Is American Idol included? Well, I watch this just for J.Lo actually

But wait. I got one more serial that I totally adore. Compared to all above mixed? This one is way better. Yes indeed, it's F.R.I.E.N.D.S! For God sake, this composition of Rachel Greene, Chandler Bing, Monica and Ross Geller, Phoebe Buffay and Joey Tribbiani won't ever be replaced by other casts, EVER.

I feel like I'm overreacting in this post. Do you think so? Well, who cares. I'm just too into them. And posting it on the blog doesn't show how big my love for them is.

Well, that's all.

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Friday, February 4, 2011

Piggy Bank Rules!

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On my story where I went to Bali, I said by the end of the post that I would go back there no matter what. And so, on July, if God allows, some of my silly buddies and I, will fly there!

Cool, isn't it? Having vacation on the island of fun with friends! Note it, F-R-I-E-N-D-S! I just can't imagine how wild it will be. Roll over the beach together, surf after high waves, dive into the deepest point of the ocean, dance like there's no tomorrow--okay it's way to excessive.

But wait, it wouldn't be that easy if...
I don't have lots of money.

Okay, money.

People said that money isn't everything.
Oh be realistic dude! Money is, everything.
Well, not in all aspects but

And a trip to Bali? well....
It will cost so much money to spend, for sure.
So that's why on this post,

"I, Rifky Ramadhan Amin, will officially announce that on this second term of my college, I will rarely spend my money for flash-term pleasure things such as watching movies, eating out and buying things prodigally."
-Bali Trip Oath-
Damn, this should be working.
Please God oh, please...
I'm longing for this trip so bad!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

El Nino Turns Blue, Liverpool Turns Blue, Fans Turn Blue Too


Hi guys! Whoa, it's February already and phew, time drifts so fast like crazy. And this month, well, was colored by a single bitter fact for Liverpool. Including me yes, but it doesn't really affect my whole precious life.

Okay, and so Torres left.

Yeah, Fernando Torres. The best striker that Liverpool has. He's gone to... Err, a club from somewhere in Northern England called... Chelsea? Oh okay, that club. And look how happy he is!

I bet his mind's shouting something like, "Great I made it! I'm finally out of that hellish red club!" Ah crap, for me he's nothing. From what I saw since World Cup, Torres was no good. Okay note it, it's my own vision, a boy that is really whatsoever in football.

But still, in search of trophy? What a selfish piece of joke he is--piece of joke? Well, I don't really know what I said, I just burst out what's inside my head.

So have fun with your new team, buddy. Liverpool's got Luis Suarez and Andy Carroll for their fans to forget you. But hey you know what, when I went to Bali I bought an artificial Liverpool Jersey spelled T-O-R-R-E-S with a number 9 below them. Cool right? Now the one with that kind of name has flown away~

Mad? of course noooot, who do I think I am?
I'm nothing to Torres and I'm a new fresh fan of Liverpool.
So I'm just stating my voice by saying
Good luck to you, El Nino!

P.S. : oh and i just realized something! by this weekend, Liverpool will meet Chelsea on the EPL! can't wait to see it. hope Torres play for the blues