Saturday, July 20, 2013

Team "I'm Living My Own Way" Daughters

It's Saturday already!
Gosh day passed so fast, don't you think?
Now it's time for the fourth Animation Domination! -- one more to go!

Recap, recap.
We've been talking about the dads, the moms, the sons,
So now you know where we are, and yes! Please welcome

Daddy's little girl, who hates daddy

From left to right: Tina Belcher, Meg Griffin, Lisa Simpson, Roberta Tubbs and Hayley Smith.
So yea yea, you know the pictures aren't mine, those are obtained from Google.

Well, not all of them hate their fathers.

Lisa Simpson is one with the moderate level of hating her dad. Well it's because of her brilliant side, logical way of thinking, and plus she's a Buddhist, all of those smart pants things are totally against Homer's lifestyle. That's why that fat ass sometimes ignore Lisa. The same thing goes with Meg Griffin. She's oftenly underestimated by her father because she has all the criteria of being a loser. No wonder why most of the times, Meg turns to be a rebel girl towards Peter. 

So the girls with the highest hatred level for their dads, are Roberta Tubbs and Hayley Smith. See, Roberta is Cleveland's step daughter. That explains why she doesn't really care about what Cleveland concerns. He's not her real dad anyway. Now Hayley, Hayley is a true hipster-liberal girl. She drinks alcohol, smokes marijuana, and all of it, of course, are against Sam's value as he's an ultra patriotic American guy.

While Tina Belcher, is the least likely to hate her dad remembering that Bob Belcher is the least idiotic among other dads. But still, her way of living is against her family daily habit. She's emotionless, not interesting, accused to be autistic, and what surprised me was, she's a pervert. She writes erotic stories, she peeks into boys locker room, and she fantasizes about weird sex stuff.

Anyhow, these five girls still love their fathers. They know that their dads love their families so much and they know that they love them as well. After all, they're just a bunch of growing teenagers who find it cool to act against what their fathers want.

Well that's the Animation Domination's fourth requirement.
So now if you want to air your fantasy family in FOX,
Make a different path for the girls

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