Monday, June 28, 2010

End of My Curiosity

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Germany vs England
Sunday, June 27th 2010

Claim it, it's the best match ever seen. For me.

Had good times seeing those?
Sure I did too. But they didn't.

"Three Lions Promise much, but deliver little"

Poor England.
But you've tried your best!

caption and fans images taken from here

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Don't Phunk With My Heart

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Gue baru baca berita dan apa yang gue dapat?


Wawewowawewowawewowawewo apa apaan nih? Gue baru aja demen ama mereka setaun belakangan, terus sekarang mau bubar?? Eh lo berempat gilakaliye. Dateng dulu plis kemari (Indonesia, lagi) baru suka suka lo mau apa, asal jangan pada bubar.

Denger denger sih ego si Fergie terlalu tinggi jadi dia mau out. Oh tidak, justru kan dia yang paling gue dengerin dan liatin di lagu lagunya BEP.

should you leave so soon, Fergie?
Where is The Love of yours?
Don't Lie, you do need the BEP
and I Gotta Feeling that those men won't be as shiny as they are now

...without your humps

Image source: here

Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Round of 16

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It's the eleventh posts of the World Cup that I made, if i'm not mistaken.

Okay. All the group matches had done. 16 teams successfully accelerated to the next round, and the other 16... See you next time, then.

Well, I'm not gonna post the schedule of the round of 16. It's accessible and I'm not a person who likes to write something that people can easily purchase.

So, what I wanna say is... Well... I just can't wait of what the result of Germany vs England is. The match between Spain vs Portugal is interesting too, cause as you know, I'm on Spain's side and I hate Ronaldo. Wish the matadors' luck then.

But Germany vs England is just so... let's say,

' b i g '

They meet so early. Many people wonder why, including me. Yeah, those are my favorite ones beside Spain. Well, we'll see.

I don't know, either seeing them hugging.

German coach Joachim Loew (left) with Lukas Podolski (right)

Or, capturing this cold man's smile.

England coach Fabio Capello (right)

Nobody knows, because this is World Cup 2010
It's full of surprises, eh?

P.S. : I'm done with my clipping things. Wait, I mean I'm done with the first book. Haha, I don't know, it's just soooo many pictures to be cut so the next thing I know, I ran out of papers and I got to continue them on other books. Kinda freak, but who cares? It's my personal matter.

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hell No

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Half of groups of World Cup 2010 had finally done. 8 teams had successfully proceeded to the round of 16. But the last one, matches of group D, made me really sad.

I hoped these things last night when I saw the matches:
"Australia makes it to the next round or Germany ends up in the second place"


Because I want Australia to be able to play in the round of 16. They're just so unlucky by all the things they got, so I just want them to make it.

And my second hope, well... Because by being in the second place, Germany won't meet England in the round of 16. Yes, if it happens, it'll be a big match but it's way too early! I still wanna see both play at least until the quarter final round.

But you know what?

Australia lost and Germany ended up in the first place.

Good... Very good...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Man, You're Out!

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Pasti pada tau ini dong ya?

Gausah jadi pemain bola, gue aja yang gak bisa berbola langsung bergidik kalo wasit udah ngeluarin benda laknat itu. Emang sih, kalo salah ya pantes dikasih merah. Tapi gak tega gue ngeliat mungkenyeeee.

Dari kesekian pertandingan yang gue tonton, gue secara langsung menjadi 'saksi' dari 6 kartu merah ini

Tim Cahill
Germany vs Australia, June 14

Doi nekel Bastian Schweinsteiger. Gue sih ngeliatnya biasa aja, tapi secara mengagetkan wasit Meksiko Marco Rodriguez langsung ngasih kartu merah gapake basa-basi. Sumpah yang namanya kicuap, kicuap dah tuh mungke si Cahill. Miris bener dah gak tega gue liatnya. Jadinya, Australi cuma maen bersepuluh dan kalian tau sendiri kan kelanjutannya? Mereka kalah 4-0.

Miroslav Klose
Germany vs Serbia, June 18

Nah yang ini pake nabung dulu. Dua kali dapet kartu kuning dari wasit Spanyol Alberto Undiano, Klose pun diusir. Gue lupa dia nekel siapa aja tapi yang pasti Jerman langsung ketar-ketir dan mereka kalah 1-0.

Harry Kewell
Ghana vs Australia, June 19

Dan menurut gue ini yang termiris. Gue gak ngerti kenapa kalo bola kena tangan tuh mesti dapet hukuman. Padahal kan itu gak sengaja, kalo sengaja namanya maen voli. Mending deh kalo cuma dikasih kartu kuning atau cuma penalti. Ini mah kartu merah plus penalti, plus gol pula! Ya Allah, kasian deh Australi. Mana Kewell tuh baru aja maen di pertandingan ini karena baru sembuh. Huff, semoga keajaiban mendatangi kalian negara tetanggaku. Ayo maju, gue dukung kalian terus!!

Brazil vs Cote d'Ivoire, June 21

Dua kali kartu kuning, diusir, keluar. Gue gak terlalu kaget karena emang pantes. Tapi ya tetep aja, sebenernya si Pantai Gadingnya juga yang lebay. Untung Brazil tangguh dan tahan banting, Jadi mereka menang 3-1.

Yoann Gourcuff
France vs South Africa, June 22

Yang ini juga gak kalah miris. Kartu merah buat Gourcuff bukan cuma ngusir dia dari lapangan aja, tapi sekaligus ngusir Prancis dari Afsel. Gue juga gak ngerti nih kenapa wasit Kolombia Oscar Ruiz langsung ngasih merah. Yaaa gue gak terlalu meratiin sih tapi kalo liat dari ulangannya sih kayaknya gak parah-parah banget.

Luis Suarez
Uruguay vs Ghana, July 2

Nah yang terakhir ini patut diacungi jempol. Serangan Ghana yang gak bisa dihalau kiper Uruguay Fernando Muslera bikin Suarez mundur dan ninju bola yang dateng pake tangannya. Gak pake ampun, wasit Portugal Olegario Benquerenca langsung ngasih doi merah. tapi untungnya, Asamoah Gyan yang nendang penalti gak berhasil nyetak gol! Jadilah Luis Suarez dipuji-puji rakyat Uruguay karena pengorbanannya.

Kasian ya... Hah, biasa aja? Gak berprikemanusiaan lo ah.
Cukup deh. Kasian ngeliat mungke mereka berlima di atas melas banget. Nanti kalo ada kartu merah yang seru lagi, postingan ini bakal gue edit fufufu.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Oh How I Hate Them!

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Without any introductions or prologues or whatsoever, I want to tell you that i dislike them.

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Yes, big big yes, they're phenomenal. They got skills, they got ability, they got popularity.


Maybe this is the reason why I hate them. I don't know, I just don't like the way people adore them like gods or masters. It's just way too copious.

And recently, I have another one that I don't like.

pictures belong to

Okay. For your information, I used to idolize him. I did. He was so great. He played well, he played clean, he was a bright star among dull ones such as Ronaldo and Ronaldinho. Well it was, for me.

Now what do we got? He plays dirt. He tackled others, he argued referee, and overall, he's done nothing for Brazil. And as a gift, he got a red card.

Once, I ever read about him. He said that Milan was his dream club when he was little and he wouldn't go anywhere else. But now? He's in Madrid. With Ronaldo.

Yeah, I'm not supposed to criticize them as I'm fool on soccer.
But as a human, I can say whatever I want right?
Besides, it's my blog

P. S. : as a professional supporter (please, no comment), I watched portugal vs north korea though i hate ronaldo. but i have to say that it was the coolest match i ever seen in this world cup. and tonight spain will be playing. hope the best for them

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Brand New Stuffs in My Life

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gosh, i can't believe it but i'm

officially yellow

i just can't stop thanking Allah for this 'Simpsons' gift

and you know what, i'm excited
i'm excited about everything involved
excited about friends i'll meet,
excited about events i'll have,
excited about life i'll live

and even, i'm excited about things i'll learn
got to tell you, i have no idea of what i'm gonna study in this communication science

i know, sooner or later i'll reach the gloomiest time of being a college student
but who cares, that's the thing i'll face. not i'm facing.

so just do what i have to, forget about what i will do cause
here comes the beginning

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I've Been Waiting For This Match For So Long That When My Mom Asked Us to Go Outside, I Almost Refused It Tho' Finally I Could See This, But Spain...

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After 12 Months...


Tepat hari ini setahun yang lalu...


Fufufufu betah juga ya gue nulis-nulis disini. Semoga aja makin betah, makin banyak inspirasi, makin banyak PEMBACA yang paling penting sih hahay amin amin ya Allah!

Happy bornday Lifetime Journal

Oh How I Adore Them!

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I support Spain. I know, you guys had already known because I've always announced that many many times. But since the red fury hasn't done any matches, I'm not really into them yet. I repeat, not yet.

But out of Spain, I already have my own favorite players. There are two of them. Can guess who they are? Okay, it's Robin van Persie from the Netherlands and Mesut Ozil from Germany.

pictures belong to

I don't like them because of what they look. No, big no. Well, you can see how Ozil looks. Owly right? Haha, just kidding.

"So, what makes me like them?"

They're bright, they're talented, but after all...
They're moslems
Yeah, they are!

Robin van Persie is married to a Maroccan lady. So he was inverted to moslem. Well, that's what the rumors said. I don't care what's the fact, but the point is... He's moslem and I appreciate that.

While mesut ozil, it's no doubt left. He's a true moslem. Media said that Ozil always read holy Qur'an right before the matches he'll be playing. Oh wow, I really respect him.

By knowing this news, World Cup is becoming more colorful to me.
How 'bout you?

P.S. : I was just watched Portugal against Ivory Coast. Damn boring. After this, there'll be Brazil vs North Korea. Hope it'll be good so my 'begadang' won't be useless.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I Know Someday I Can


italy's finally made it; a goal. everybody's cheering and a camera capture a little boy from the supporter's seats. wearing a jacket with italian flag, he kissed it...

how proud that boy is...

when can i do that?


whenever it is, i'll wait

Saturday, June 12, 2010

What I Do Along The Game

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Akhirnyaaaaaaaaaa mulai juga nih perhelatan akbar huhuahahahahahahayy asek dah bakalan banyak begadang jangan begadang ini mah.

Tapi gatau kenapa nih, gue kalo nonton begini-ginian paling pewe tuh sendirian. Mau jingkrak sana jingkrak sini tereak-tereak macem apa pun ya sebodo amat kan gak ada yang liatin. Yaaa paling banter nonton berlimaan lah baren bonyok sama adek-adek. Lebih dari itu hmm pikir pikir dulu dah.

Ada satu ritual penting yang selalu gue kerjain kalo Piala Dunia udah tiba.

Apa itu?
Mengkliping, saudara saudara.

Ya, kegiatan gunting-gunting gambar trus ditempel-tempel kayak anak TK gitu. Aneh? nggak ah, suka-suka gue lah.

Pokoknya semua gambar mulai dari pemain, pelatih, stadion, wasit, penonton, suasana, lineup pemain, semua yang muncul di koran gue babat trus gue tempel deh di buku tulis asikasikasik. Repot sih emang tapi kan oke kalo nanti udah tua gue liat-liat lagi sambil nunjukin ke cucu-cucu.

Tapi anjirnya nih, klipingan 2002 sama 2006 nya ilang!! Huhuhuhu, terakhir gue liat tuh pas gue bawa ke sekolah, mau latian dramus trus gue kasih liat ke Viera sama Gerald. Abis itu gue gatau kemanaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah shit abibes...

"Ya Allah, tolong kembalikan mutiara-mutiaraku yang hilang itu... Yang kubuat dengan susah payah dan bersimbah keringat... Kumohon ya Allah,"

Hadduh, paling paling dah emang Piala Dunia nih. Baru mau mulai aja postingan gue soal bola udah banyak. Gapapa lah, sekali-sekali banjir postingan kan gak buruk.

Cut and stick and-
Woohoo! It's the day!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Fresher Look!


Hey, I've changed my blog design using the new Template Designer by Blogger!

Well I'm kinda bored of the old blue one but that was cool though. And about the background image... Well, I've spent an hour here sitting on my chair to look for soccer ball background but I couldn't find any. so I picked the baseball one. At least I caught the portrait of the grassy pitch.

Well, that's all. Hope you enjoy.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Life Oh Life

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hari ini pengumuman umb. dan ada dialog ini...


gimana yoy?


blm tau ni. error situsnya




tolong liatin dong vik

bisa ga?






lo pilih admin negara bukan?




nih nomor pokok mahasiswa lo 1006762713

selamat ya


Alhamdulillaaaaaaaaaaaaaah ya Allah

aaaaaahahahahaha seneng deh kalo ngeliat temen temen gue bersyukur macem gitu. tapi hasil UMB ini gak terlalu nyenengin buat gue. yaa ngerti lah kenapa

hmm jalan keluar masih banyak kok teman teman. semangat deh pokoknya yang paling penting. ditambah doa, semua jadi lancar selancar lancarnya.

klise? emang! semua orang selalu ngomongin itu tapi hasilnya kadang emang gak sesuai harapan. tapi yaaaa inilah hidup. apapun itu, manis pait asem asin pedes garing mentah mateng, ya harus kita telen

selamat ya buat yang lolos UMB. dan buat yang belom, perjuangan kalian udah banyak dan Allah gak mungkin ngasih cobaan terus kan?


Monday, June 7, 2010

La Furia Española


Wuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwu tinggal 3 hari lagi nih kawan kawan. Gak cabal dech akyu... Ya ampun beneran deh gak bisa diem gue nginget bentar lagi mau kick-off ahuahuahua.

Oh iya! Gue baru tau loh kalo Spanyol ternyata belom pernah sekali pun menangin Piala Dunia aaaaahahahahahahahahhay makin komplit aja nih perjuangan gue ngebelain si merah membara (asekdaaah, gaya lo pik udah kayak yang maniak bola padahal maen aja kagak).

Oke. Gue jadi keinget masa masa Piala Dunia sebelumnya. 2002 dukung Italia, 2006 dukung Brazil. Seru deh kalo nginget-nginget gue bangun malem, nonton sendirian trus lari-lari gak jelas kalo ada gol.

Sekarang Spanyol deh. Ntah kenapa, gue pengen aja. Apa emang udah kodratnya kali ye gue ganti-ganti jagoan tiap Piala Dunia baru. Yaaaa bodo amat. Siapa pun yang gue pilih gak bakal pengaruh juga buat kehidupan gue. Lain cerita kalo Indonesia yang maju, ye gak?

Yaaaaaaah, pokoknya gue mau nonton yang udah gue tunggu-tunggu selama 4 tahun dengan puas...

Mainnya bagus...

Pendukung bahagia...

Etssss, gamau! Gamau banget liat yang kayak begini...

Maunya kayak begini...

Tapi pialanya diganti sama...

Hahaha, makin gak sabar kan gue jadinya.
Yowes lah, pasti nonton kok tenang aje.

P.S. : Juni-Juli ini blog gue kayaknya bakalan dihujanin postingan-postingan soal bola, bola dan bola. Jadi (kalo ada yang baca sih) jangan bosen ye hahay.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Decision

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Every single human must have faced a situation called dilemma. There, we should choose one thing among others. And to face that, a strong determination is needed by us so we would be able to choose one proper option. Without any mistakes, without arguments, without regrets.

Gosh, why there should be a thing like this? I never know what happen if I choose one of those damn options.

Thank goodness if it's succeeded.
But how if it isn't?

Regrets, regrets, and tons of regrets will haunt me each night I lay my head to sleep. And seeing others cheering like crazy could make me even worse. It's just like... It's better for me to kill myself. Suicide is the main agenda.

Well it's useless by only saying, I know. I have to decide. I've grown up, and I have to show the world that I can stand by my own choice.

And this is the time...
I hope I pick the right one, wish me luck.

And I choose...

SPAIN as the team that I support in 2010!! Woohooo!!

I know I could make it.
Piece of cake!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Montre, Montre, a la Montagne...


gue baru aja pulang dari puncak


sumpah mau jujur nih. tadinya gue sama sekali gak tertarik loh. abis, yang ikut dikit banget. cuma 13 dan pas hari-H nya rahmi gak bisa karena nyokapnya sakit. alhamdulillah udah sembuh. jadi sisanya tinggal mpi, iedo, cumi, dindut, ibe, muthe, ocit, nikon, onta, fani sama aldi doang. ajegile, udah kayak indonesian idol aja yak.

tapi ternyata seru meeeen. bisa sambil olahraga lagi. tapi walaupun kegiatannya gak jauh beda sama taun lalu (bahkan sekarang gak ada acara ke air terjun segala), serunya melebihi yang sudah sudah. gatau kenapa tapi kerasa lebih asik aja.

apalagi kalo udah malem. malem pertama nonton film horor. nah malem kedua nih kite nonton miss indonesia. haha kampret heboh banget deh. udah kayak nonton tinju anjir. pas miss sulawesi utara jadi miss kulit terindah, gileeeeeeeeeeeee gue tereak-tereak kayak lagi nonton bola terus ada gol aje.

dan satu hal lagi. kita cuma bayar 100rb tapi makanan disana melimpah ruah berceceran minta diabisin anjir. pulangnya masih bisa buat makan pizza pula. dan masih ada sisa cepe lagi meeeen lo harus tau. gila kalo yang satu ini mah harus berterima kasih sebanyak banyaknya sama si iedo. untung dia jago ngatur uangnya hahay.

i like this one, five of us formed a stair

yah, begitulah liburan gue kali ini. iedo bilang sih dia siap siap aja kalo taun depan dan taun depannya lagi dan taun depannya lagi kita liburan lagi disitu. haha, baguslah

vacation with 11th grader: done