Sunday, July 28, 2013

Team Assassin

One thing I don't like from Animation Domination, as an OCD guy, is that the Belchers' last child, is no longer a baby unlike any other third children. But that's fine. That's so, so fine. Because there's something worse.

Yes, the Smiths only have two children and OWNS AN ALIEN INSTEAD!
It really violates my keep-things-in-right-extremely-similar-order sense :(

But anyway, despite the confusing composition, the show must go on.
There's one similarity between the fifth member of the family tho.
Mmm what is it ya... Oh right. Five of them are

Killer Within

From left to right: Louise Belcher, Stewie Griffin, Maggie Simpson, Rallo Tubbs, and Roger "Smith".
And for the last time, pictures aren't mine. Try to look for them in Google.

Especially for the babies. Maggie Simpson never seen talking, or reacting to most of scenes happened around her. But there's this deep, need-to-be-dug mystery inside of her. And she's quiet familiar with guns which she used on some episodes. While Rallo Tubbs, he's not as young as Maggie, he can talk anyway. But the way he acts, the way he speaks, the way he hates his step father Cleveland, seems like there's this aggressive thug possessing his body.

Louise Belcher is the eldest among the human babies. There's no mystery lies beneath her because she's 9 and her true behavior can be explored already. But to her siblings Tina and Gene, Louise can be considered as 'devil'. She dominates them. She's a controlling-type of girl and she makes messes a lot. Slightly similar to Roger who constantly seen manipulating, cruel, self-interested and tricky. He's a non human being and not even a part of the Smiths so, I'm not gonna talk about him too much.

Now the best part of this, well as you might guessed earlier, would be Stewie Griffin. Damn he looks antagonist, cold, mafia-liked, all characteristic of bad guys are on him. But he's a baby and that makes him so mysterious. He's also sarcastic -tho people might heard his words as if he talks nonsense like a regular baby, he can do stuff adult guys can't even do, and he possesses this major hatred towards his mother Lois. He's just, so, unguessable.

Well that's the Animation Domination's fifth requirement.
So now if you want to air your fantasy family in FOX,
Develop a rebel spin-off

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