Friday, September 15, 2017

London It Is

So I mentioned about London in my last post. Now, it reminds me of a thing. Nah, not too much of a big deal. It's just a long lost passion I haven't recalled much lately.

Mmyea. The city,

Used to be my lifetime dream destination.

You know it's not mine. Pic's from here.

And it's not just about traveling. It's literally "lifetime". Because what I meant by "long lost", didn't mean after my desire to travel appeared. It began long—way long long ago. When I was much much younger, still knowing nothing about the art of traveling.

It all thanks to Harry Potter. A book where many dreams of 90s kids began. Dreams to be a wizard, dreams to have such a great fantasy, dreams of literally many kinds. As for me, the book of course was the main reason why I dreamed of being an author. But more than that, it was also the major boost to my dream of visiting England.

Rowling’s description about British touches throughout her novels was so rich and pure. So sincere that every time I imagine England, all I could experience is its peaceful atmosphere, delicious types of meals, serene castles and forests, warmth of butterbeers, beautiful houses with unique names on it—all grew in the back of my mind, and I subconsciously wished to experience that beyond just through words. Feel that in reality.

Then Agatha Christie came to me when I grew up and began to move on from the wizarding world. Peter Pan hijacked my preference of cartoon. Liverpool started demanding my attention. One by one the recollections of Harry Potter disappeared, yet switched to some other British elements. My urge to see England went away with my imagination of Ms Rowling’s novels, but I just didn’t realize that my dream was actually still alive.

Until my passion in traveling bloomed. And I realized that England is not on the same page with Europe and northern lands, that making a visit to the country needs separate plan from having a trip to the continent and the ice worlds.

So I began this fantasy of continuing my study in England. Not only for the sake of education, obviously, but for the sake of traveling. One year of study. Exploring England before school starts, going down to mainland Europe during summer break, and flying all the way up north after graduating. This plan was real, and if I ever got a chance to do so, I’d do exactly so.

At first it was just a stupid fantasy. But then signs after signs kept coming like the city is calling me. From F1’s rumor to move British Grand Prix from Silverstone to London, then me meeting a new awesome friend whom apparently live in London, to a college friend who just finished a trip to London, and finally, you know what it is: a coworker asking me to create a travel itinerary for the city.

I mean, wow. I thought it’ll only remain a dream. But it feels so close now. And I feel like it’s just not right to treat it only like a dream.

So I guess it's where “the promise” part comes in.

I promise—lol, no. I'm not going to make it sound too formal. But yea I need to make a deal with myself, to focus on this. Find the school, find the scholarship, find everything it takes for me to fly my ass up there. To try traveling, living, and studying in London.

To be honest, it’s sometimes more than just mere "visiting London". Or traveling far, or living with myself, or even going on with my study—no. Sometimes, it’s because I can no longer stand being jealous of my friends who are currently doing what I’ve been dreaming doing.

Yep, they who are now studying in Japan, settling down in Canada, just graduating and started career in Netherlands, looking for lovers in Australia—fcvk, no, HELL NO! I can’t let you guys have the worldwide fun while I, the apprentice of Mr Worldwide, got stuck here in front of my office screen in Jakarta. No.

Original pic's from here.

I am so, going.
London it is, but if God has other plans, then why not?

But yea, no.

London it is

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