Sunday, February 19, 2012

Swatch Out, Wallet!

So let me tell you something.
I happen to be a fan of SWATCH.

Well, not a huge fan. a small fan, actually. I just started paying more attention to these watches by the end of 2010 when I first bought my Blue Rebel. And then by the middle of 2011, right when I was doing my marketing assignment about SWATCH, i bought my second one, The Lightning Flash.

And now, as time went by, some new collections released and there are two of them I would really loooooove to have. It's the

New Gent Lacquered Collection

kidrobot Collection

So the Black Lacquered is the most mind-blowing one from the first collection. What makes that really tempting to be bought is the invisibility of the watch's body. Yes! we can see the machine in blue yellow and red color inside the case.

And why black? Well, simply because the other colors seem too bright for me. And black is just suitable with almost all outfit so... I can't take my eyes off of this one...

While from the kidrobot collection, I must say, that I have this fling with Jeremyville. Ah just look at him... The green pattern, looks so unique and eye-catching in a softer way. Just compare this to the others. Well, for me the other variants are way too umm, shocking? Agree, right? Please say yes.

My God, I want those things so bad

If only I own a gold mine or money tree
If only Nicolas G. Hayek was my grandfather
If only I can raise the real, fantasy-less dollar rather
Than just sitting and saying "if only"

Image sources: here, here, here and here


  1. Hello Bang Rifky!
    Wow keren jam tangannya. Moga-moga jatuh dari langit. Heheheh...

    1. labujut gua dipanggil bang -__- haha
      kalo jam nya jatoh dari langit mah gue rela deh ketimpuk timpuk asalkan bisa punya haha

  2. Design-nya ramai, pasti harganya juga ramai... No?

    1. fufufufu SANGAT bang, 899rb kalo gasalah haha ganyampe sejuta sih tapi... :')

    2. Tapi tambah 200ribu sudah sejuta hahay.

    3. gausah 200, nambah 100 aja udah nyampe sejuta -__-
      eh ini kenapa ngomen doang dah? posting blog lagi dong hehe

  3. yang seri kidrobot itu kayak powerpuff girls yak? apakah mereka bersaudara?

    1. hahaha banyak amet ampe 8 bersodara... eh bang bilang bilang dong kalo udah masang link gue, kan biar link situ bisa gue pasang juga hahaha. thanks ya!!