Tuesday, February 1, 2011

El Nino Turns Blue, Liverpool Turns Blue, Fans Turn Blue Too

Hi guys! Whoa, it's February already and phew, time drifts so fast like crazy. And this month, well, was colored by a single bitter fact for Liverpool. Including me yes, but it doesn't really affect my whole precious life.

Okay, and so Torres left.

Yeah, Fernando Torres. The best striker that Liverpool has. He's gone to... Err, a club from somewhere in Northern England called... Chelsea? Oh okay, that club. And look how happy he is!

I bet his mind's shouting something like, "Great I made it! I'm finally out of that hellish red club!" Ah crap, for me he's nothing. From what I saw since World Cup, Torres was no good. Okay note it, it's my own vision, a boy that is really whatsoever in football.

But still, in search of trophy? What a selfish piece of joke he is--piece of joke? Well, I don't really know what I said, I just burst out what's inside my head.

So have fun with your new team, buddy. Liverpool's got Luis Suarez and Andy Carroll for their fans to forget you. But hey you know what, when I went to Bali I bought an artificial Liverpool Jersey spelled T-O-R-R-E-S with a number 9 below them. Cool right? Now the one with that kind of name has flown away~

Mad? of course noooot, who do I think I am?
I'm nothing to Torres and I'm a new fresh fan of Liverpool.
So I'm just stating my voice by saying
Good luck to you, El Nino!

P.S. : oh and i just realized something! by this weekend, Liverpool will meet Chelsea on the EPL! can't wait to see it. hope Torres play for the blues


  1. Natasya Andrea PutriFebruary 2, 2011 at 12:32 PM

    GREAT POST!! gue juga mikir hal yang sama. Hell-o, steven gerrard aja ngga cabut wey! and WHY CHELSEA?!! darn!

  2. ckckck biasanya pengkhianat yang kabur ke club lain nanti busuk sendiri nat. apalagi kalo pindahnya ke chelsea. liat aja noh dulu andriy shevchenko langsung mlempem di chelsea abis ninggalin milan