Friday, February 4, 2011

Piggy Bank Rules!

On my story where I went to Bali, I said by the end of the post that I would go back there no matter what. And so, on July, if God allows, some of my silly buddies and I, will fly there!

Cool, isn't it? Having vacation on the island of fun with friends! Note it, F-R-I-E-N-D-S! I just can't imagine how wild it will be. Roll over the beach together, surf after high waves, dive into the deepest point of the ocean, dance like there's no tomorrow--okay it's way to excessive.

But wait, it wouldn't be that easy if...
I don't have lots of money.

Okay, money.

People said that money isn't everything.
Oh be realistic dude! Money is, everything.
Well, not in all aspects but

And a trip to Bali? well....
It will cost so much money to spend, for sure.
So that's why on this post,

"I, Rifky Ramadhan Amin, will officially announce that on this second term of my college, I will rarely spend my money for flash-term pleasure things such as watching movies, eating out and buying things prodigally."
-Bali Trip Oath-
Damn, this should be working.
Please God oh, please...
I'm longing for this trip so bad!

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