Friday, August 19, 2011

Some Other Breathtaking Girls

It all started when I accidentally watched 90210 on Star World.
Then I realized a thing: most of the girls on this series are gorgeous.
Either young ones or even old ones, they're all pretty.

But wait! among those, I have my two favorites:
Naomi Clark of AnnaLynne McCord and Adrianna Tate-Duncan of Jessica Lowndes.

naomi's pic is from here, while adrianna's from here

Naomi, for me, is a semi-antagonist one of the serial. She's rich, spoiled and intriguing, but sometimes she has good manner. Even better than the protagonists.

While Adrianna, the drug user, is Naomi's 'wingman' who's always by her side in school. On other serial, this kind of partner usually has the same evil deed, and tend to help the antagonists do their evil plan. But Adrianna and Naomi are not that kind of girls.

Actually I don't really know who the main role of the serial is. Everybody seems to have their own conflicts and appear as much as the others.

But hey, who cares.
As long as these two appear often.
I'll be glad watching this
Mellow girly teenage drama


  1. Natasya Andrea PutriAugust 19, 2011 at 9:07 PM

    eeemm, gue lebih ke Naomi gitu lah yaaa

  2. iya sejenis sama lo soalnya HAHA CANDA
    ehm yang mau ulangtaun

  3. Natasya Andrea PutriAugust 20, 2011 at 12:43 AM

    makasih ya vick dibilang sejenis, baik banget deh :| kok lo tau tau an sih gue mau ulang taun? ih lo nge stalk siapa lagi vick?

  4. haha sama sama nat
    cah sok tenar lu, ngapain pake stalk orang buat tau ulangtaun lo haha peace