Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Road To New York

Hi. So umm New York? Am I travelling to New York, you supposed?
Well, hopefully I am. And please, please wish me luck!

So yeah, my friends asked me to join them being a part of their team. We'll be participating in Columbia Model United Nation in New York on October this year. But damn right, there's a whole lot of things to do. For the conference preparation, also for our academic needs because umm, you know, this is our last year in campus.

We made it for the campus approval. And also, we have gladly finished our mid term exams. Next thing to do, we'll have to deal with sponsors hunting, visa proposal, conference preparation and stuff. Yet, we also have to finish the rest of our term, face our final exam, do the internship program, and the epic part is, the thesis trial for our final paper.

So what, one, two, three... Okay, it's seven steps away.
And I'm so gonna update every single things we will be done.
To appreciate our work, to New York

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