Tuesday, June 18, 2013


So last weekend, Saturday to Sunday, I went to Singapore. Yes, it was only two days. My mom was wondering, my dad thought it was a waste, my brothers said that, yea, in summary, they criticized me.

But somehow, traveling for only two days was really effective. I mean, the time limit you have will force you to spend every second wisely. You won't even think about slacking off or just lying around at your hotel rooms. It's like, "Move, move! Chop, chop! Sauté, sauté!" all trip long.

Then I guess I'll make this post quick as well.

Day One: Universal Studios Singapore
First of all, before I entered the gate of the studio, I warned myself that I'd turn like a freak geek when it turns to cartoon characters. Then yea, I did. Seeing Woodpecker, I freaked. Getting saved by animated Bumblebee, I thanked. Interacting with Donkey, posing with Gloria, having myself scared by the mummies... Gotta say, I acted like a fool there.

But the main spotlight was awarded to the Sesame Street. Well no, it's not because of the ride -the ride was amusing tho, but that wasn't it- it was more because of the souvenirs shop. You know what turned me on? The hand puppets. They're crazy. They have it all. From Cookie Monster to Big Bird, they do have it all.

Day Two: Symmetry
Before shopping for mom's sake, my friends and I had a brunch at this cool restaurant named Symmetry. It's placed on Jalan Kubor, which, literally, there are graveyards there. One of my friends had this idea that name "Symmetry" is another way to say "Cemetery". At first I thought it was just a make-up fact, but when I explored that they put Jack and Sally dolls in front of the restaurant, I now believed what she believed.

Now about the food, it was all brunch-time meals. I ordered Eggs Benedict which was a portion of two roasted bread, with poached eggs and bacon--well, beef bacon on top of that, served with hash brown and salad with olive oil. And seriously, that was the best brunch and, the best yolk I've ever had. I never liked yolk, anyway.


Overall, I liked every single detail of my trip.
But these two made that even cooler.

Now quick, get back to reality.

Close your blog, forget about your wonderful journey,
Go find your boss and ask for something important to do.
You do realize that you're typing this from your office desktop,

Right, boy? :)

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