Thursday, October 23, 2014

It's Complicated

Yes, I'm talking about a relationship.
Between me, and Liverpool.

I'm not a big fan, really. But at least I'm not that so-called fanatic supporter who appears and cheers when the team is winning. I'm also there when they lose--oh instead, I aaaalwaaaayss happen to appear when they're losing. Always. And it's starting to be very annoying to me.

I realized about this misfortune since forever ago
But after last night, I don't think it's just a coincidence.

So yea Liverpool lost against Real Madrid in Champions League team round. 0-3. Sucks as it was aired midnight I had to sleep early and woke up around 1.30 AM. Just similar to the one against Manchester City for EPL's week 2. Same time of broadcast, same number of goals suffered. Liverpool lost both matches, when I wholeheartedly interrupt my precious sleepy time just to watch them.

Mario Balotelli last night, against Madrid. Pic's from here.

Now let's go back to last weekend's EPL matchday. Liverpool against QPR. I watched it halfway. And what's up Liv?! It's QPR and you were like, struggling?! I watched the whole first round and stopped at minute 70 something because I had some stuff to do. It was still 0-0. But then when I got back, the score changed to 2-2 and with the addition of QPR's last own goal on the last minutes, Liverpool won.

I mean, what the hell?!
Why would they score a lot
While I'm away, not watching??

The biggest proof was, of course, their whole performance last season. They were shining, blasted from the bottom and ended up securing their spot for this season's Champions League. Sweet plays, as I heard from other sources.
From other sources

Yes. For last season, I missed the whole year, EVERYTHING, because I was so busy preparing my thesis, getting ready to the US, Vietnam and Philippines, as well as doing my first freelance job. I was totally like, totally occupied. I didn't even remember that I once made a pledge to start liking this British football club called Liverpool.

I was totally disconnected from The Reds,
And they were having the time of their lives.

Can't believe I literally missed their best performance last season. Stupid me. Pic's from here.

I mean, what the hell?!
Am I bringing some, curse?

P.S. : I've been noticing this for so long, but after last night I made myself pretty sure that I'm gonna be very supportive if Liverpool ever wants to kick Glen Johnson out.

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