Friday, August 28, 2015

Go, Jack!

This is a tale of something phenomenal in Jakarta.

Let’s call him, Jack.

Jack has been the diva of my town lately. He’s a savior. Picking up people, dropping them off somewhere with his motorbike. Accepting delivery order, grabbing it straight from anywhere people wish, to anywhere people want. And guess what, it all comes with unreasonably cheap price. And convenient method too, with an app and GPS system, plus credit balance thingy it’s like—welcome, life of being a king.

Everybody’s in such a joy thanks to him. Jack and his motorbike have been the preferable choice in transportation lately—easy to call, fast in motion and most importantly, can swiftly go through the terrible Capital traffic jam. It’s like when office hour ends and a colleague asks “how do you get back home today?” common answer that will possibly be heard is

I’m gonna order Jack.

Everybody’s in such a joy thanks to him.
Everybody, but me.

Through my looking glass, Jack is a major step down for Jakarta to be a developed city. With its generous convenience, Jack makes us—THEM—Jack makes them Jakarta citizens a bunch of spoiled little brats. Well why not, his services require them to only make a request and poof, all is done.

Jack drives people away from public transportation. Jack offers a new employment line, but it requires a motorbike. And more motorbikes means more traffic. And more traffic means more pain for users of public transportation. Does it sound anything good to you?

Well you don't care. Because all you care about is your own ass. And your ass is save and sound with Jack. And that's why you prefer Jack.

But that’s not my biggest fear of Jack’s existence. I’m more concerned of how our citizen will behave now, in the future. Get used to being picked up and dropped off like princes and princesses of Far Far Away Kingdom, ugh that image disgusts me somehow. Well even before Jack appeared, we—THEY—they’ve been the laziest human being alive. Riding their own cars, taking debts only to have their own bikes, public transport is the least they would prefer.

Then the employment line, well yeah it adds up jobs for people to take but, have you ever thought it in this way: in the future, our citizen will lose their will to fight for good jobs. They will lose their will to take higher education. Because why bother? They can just apply as one of Jack's drivers, apply credits to get them motorbikes, and there they go. The future of Indonesian employment quality will be, okay, I don't really have to state that.

Now do you think Jack can help you with that?

Well still, you don't care. Because you're in a win-win solution: either you use your own ride or, just call Jack. And the future of employment line, why would you even give a damn care about that? It's all about your own ass, isn't it?

Not everybody thinks that way thoI'm not generalizing people here. And I’m pretty sure there are some people that share the same thoughts with me. Some people that, has the mental of being a developed citizen. Do you even think that far?

Once again, no, you don't think that farand no, you don't care. Because your ass is the only thing you want to bring far from where you are.

Oh I’m not gonna be shallow. Before I eat my own shit, I’m going to make a confession in advance that someday, when I’m ridiculously in an emergency circumstance, I might wanna need Jack’s service. Tho it’s going to be from someone else’s phone, using someone else’s credits, I might do. MIGHT. Because it's emergency. And emergency is the only time where I can be selfish, no? And being selfish is what Jack is all about, yes?

Still, that will be my last option.

Because honestly, I don’t like Jack. I don’t like anything that brings out the selfishness in you. There are other cool stuff like that Nebengers Community, Info Busway and KRL and all those Patas AC accounts—those who do or share something for many people’s sake that deserves more exposure, why didn't it go big? Well the fact that our people prefer to save themselves is the answer.

And that's why Jack, who’s been saving those individualistic asses,
Earned the highest spot on the road.

That's Jack. And one of our soon-to-be-spoiled princess. Pic's from here.

I’m sorry Jack, I hate you.
You do good, I appreciate it.
Still, I hate what you're doing to us.
And this might sound rude but please,

Go, Jack—go away

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