Monday, December 7, 2015

Living Life

It’s been an unbelievable month.
I didn’t even get a chance to update my blog.

From my last post, it wasn’t clearly said why I resigned my position in SOGO, for what reason I was brave enough to jeopardize my growing career, and why so sudden.

Well, I’m going to tell you guys briefly, because at this moment I just realized that I have a spare time to write on my blog.


I was accepted in an internship for a tourism website.
The name is, and I’m required to do it in,

Of course,


This was really crazy. I mean, the day they interviewed me and obviously gave me this sign that I was accepted, the craze started there. I mean, this is like a mixture of everything I dreamed of. Writing, traveling, and, Japan.

Long story short, five days after I resigned from SOGO I flew to Japan right away to start the program. And that explains why I had no chance to update, eh? My main job in this internship, is to explore Japan and write about all its tourist attractions. Sounds too good to be true, yes?

Well, it is.

Even up ‘till now I still couldn’t believe that out of 1.000 applicants, they picked me. Invited me to Japan, in which I’ve always been dying to visit. Assigned me with writing tasks, in which I’ve always been improving at. And on top of all, gave me chance to cover topics of traveling—in which I’ve always been trying to put my life within.

And so far it’s been a job I’ve always dreamed about since I was a little. Got a pack of name cards titled ‘reporter’, earned privilege to take photos of something that regular visitors aren’t allowed to, living life as a true journalist.

I carried my small notepad everywhere I go. I brought my laptop to cafés so I could work while sipping a cup of hot chocolate –that’s what I’m doing like right now. I asked this and that, in limited Japanese, just to find out details to complete my articles—oh, my God. I’m living life of my dream.

But now I’m near to the end.

It’s been five weeks already I guess, and I have to remember that this journalist thingy is just an internship. And it's just temporary.

Say hi to my kitty notepad and the drink I've always ordered in COFFEE shops.

But I change my mind.

I'm gonna take back word ‘just’.
And put it somewhere else better.

Because in this 'just' internship,
In this 'just' one month traveling,
I learned a lot, too lot actually.

And at least soon in Indonesia
When I'm feeling down or something,
I could always say to myself that once,

I lived life other people
Could 'just' dream of

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