Thursday, December 31, 2015

Arigatou, Ni Sen Juu Go

It's that time of year all over again.
The end of year, welcoming a new one.
This might be a rough goodbye for me.

Because this year,
Has been too good to be true.

2  0  1  5
The Year of  緊湊的樂趣

Now what the hell are those Chinese letters all about?
Last year's theme made sense and now, what are these?!

Okay, chill, dude.
So for 2015, I claimed it as

"The Year of Compact Fun"

Yes, those Chinese letters literally mean "Compact Fun" (well, not sure if it does literally mean that, because I was using Google Translate but, yea, at least it'll be somewhere around that phrase).

I made it in Chinese because by the time I was generating my new year's theme, the only plan I had for 2015 was my trip to Hong Kong and Macau. That's all. But I don't know, I had this sense that somehow in 2015 I'll visit somewhere else just near those two places, say like, Korea or, Japan maybe? So yea that's why I came up with the idea of using Chinese letters.

And by "Compact Fun", well, it was sort of a hope that in 2015, I'll have an unstoppable back-to-back kind of fun. Some endless fun. With no break. Eternal fun.

Which turned out, to come true.

Because since my trip to Menjangan for the new year, then went on to Hong Kong and Macau, then my second book project, then started working for SOGO and the side jobs, then all those local trips up to the ultimate two-month Japan adventure, until finally now, I'm in Bali again for another new year,

It was indeed, surprisingly compact.
Just like what I expected.

I didn't even, even know how.
It worked just the way I wanted.


2016 is ready to replace my favorite year.
And it seems like I need to find a new theme...

But you know what, I can't decide now. It's too early, maybe after a week or two I'll come up with something. And maybe after I know what I'm going to achieve for 2016, I'm not going to spoil it too much here and just let it flow for the whole year, see myself if it's going to be so much relevant like this year or not.

Although I'm pretty sure it will be.

And oh, I think I have a little sneak peek of what my theme will nearly be about. This is a mural quote my Japanese friend spotted in Harajuku for me, and I kinda like it.


Yea well,

Whatever I'm going to have for 2016.
I must give all the credits first for 2015.

Thank you, you crazy year.

I seriously didn't expect you to be this striking.
To be this great, to be this enchanting, to be this--
Oh fvck, I can't even find the best word for you.

Well just remember that you,
Have been the best year so far.

And all the things you've done to me up 'till now,
Will linger on me forever

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