Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The End, in the Beginning

So it's 2016.

I'm all excited about everything that will happen to me. The personal projects, the new team, the new job, I feel like I'm ready to settle down.

But there's one thing that kinda struck me in the beginning of this year.


Damn American Idol.

When the first season aired, I was still in pre-elementary school. My first episode ever was when I was about to leave my friend's house after a stupid slumber party, and when I was crossing the living room I saw her family watching the show. Well I'm not a big fan of the show like, never missed any episodes from the very beginning. But still I was a part of it.

It's really nice to see a star shining right before my very eyes. Sometimes it makes me positive to reach my goals too. And sometimes makes me a little out of reality too by dreaming of doing an American Idol audition - yet I'm not even American, deciding which song to do - yet I'm not even a singer, and wondering how many friends I will make during the Hollywood week. Freak huh?

It's also nice when I was investing too much emotions to the show. Shed a tear when somebody made it to the next round, felt embarrassed over failed and weird auditions, fell in love with certain contestant and when they got eliminated I would cry as if they were my family or something. Damn, I will miss this weird thing.

And Farewell Season, huh?

I never thought the show would come to an end. It's always been taken for granted like, English Premier League. Or The Simpsons. It's endless, and will start over again not long after the finale. It's been on and on, years by years, till I got to the point where, okay I think I don't need to watch this year's American Idol, I can see it next season. That's why after Philips Phillips, I stopped watching.

But well, there you go.
The last season ever is here,
With one idol left to uncover.

The premise made me firm not to miss even one episode. Because, well, everything's gonna be the last. The last audition. The last Hollywood show. The last main show. And oh, the last audition, it ended last week.

It crushed me a little when Harry asked Jen how she felt finishing the last American Idol audition ever. But nothing broke me worse than when the last concestant of the audition got the last golden ticket, and everybody was like, "Here it is, the last golden ticket ever." Oh... Fuck man...

It's crazy to notice the idea that no one will say "I'm gonna try next year" anymore in this season. And the judges can't make the rejections any easier with comforting promises like "Please come again next year."

Well, what can I say.

It's a showbiz and things like this is expected. Like Oprah Winfrey Show, and of course, FRIENDS. Who would want those two to end? Nobody. But they have to.

But American Idol, I think it's gonna be weird without them. The pioneer of all voting-based talent show. The round and round singing competition. The phenomenon.

And you know what the worst part could be?

That someday, someday really soon.
When I'll be traveling to California,
And oh believe me, someday I will
It will no longer fun for me to yell

"I'm going to Hollywood!"

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