Sunday, May 1, 2016

Settling Down, Part One

I liked today.

Sunday well spent, I suppose. As a nicely-put end of weekend I've always longed for, yea it happened.

It all started when a friend of mine, Robert, asked me if I was interested to catch some movies of Europe on Screen Festival. Okay. I haven't even once been to EoS in my life. Indie films aren't my thing. But I've been into new stuff lately, so I told him that I'd love to join him.

So the plan was to watch something at Erasmus Huis -Robert lives in Kuningan, and he's Dutch. Plus I never been there, so of course! I proposed us to meet earlier so we could grab something to eat, and he came up with this place I've been dying to visit but I haven't got a chance to -so tell me now Vick, what have you been doing so far??

We gathered near his place, walked down the pleasant Sunday morning, and apparently it became one of my favorite slackoffs so far.


Brunch and Sunday are like, the sweetest couple in the world -second best to me, after my parents. When I have to get out on a lazy Sunday, it better has an essential brunch in its agenda. And this time, it was oh so delightful. Robert read my mind when he mentioned Basque, a Spanish -or Mexican?- dining in Mega Kuningan. Roasted pollo and ensalada, iced berry tea in the middle of crowd's chattering, complemented with good talks about books and projects, damn, it doesn't feel like Jakarta at all!


The brunch occurred pretty quick since we were almost late for the film. In seconds we already hit the streets, walked through Kuningan area -another highlight I really enjoyed, with great weather and locals as well as expats alike were spotted everywhere, doing sports- and reached the embassy. We watched "The Program", a movie about cyclist Lance Armstrong.

Despite the good movie itself, watching a non-commercial piece of arts apparently sent chills up my spine. Who would've thought I enjoyed it!


The sun almost set but Robert and I still got a lot to catch up. So we decided to grab some drinks, still around Mega Kuningan -I love this neighborhood!- and talked our hearts out. About career, personal passion, the movie we just caught -and we would possibly be watching next, romance, this, that, every, thing. Seemed too much? Well that's what coffee is for. We kept talking and enjoying our sips at this Dutch styled bar, as daylight turned to shimmering darkness. Could I ask anything better to close this nice day? Yes. A typical, Sunday--


I missed Liverpool's because they were aired when I was still at the bar -good thing was, the TV in that room was playing The Reds' game. So instead of Liverpool, the game that came to my enjoyment that time was, Formula One. Yes, it had caught my attention lately, as we have one racer in the competition. He didn't win the race—he didn't even manage to pass the finish line, the Russian Grand Prix, I really remembered. But then again, it was the experience that I was seeking for. The significant feeling of anticipation and excitement of being so sporty at the end of the week... that was what I cherished.

Oh, my.

Just when I thought I couldn't love my life more, the nice life I've always been dreaming about is actually here. The life I'm pretty sure I'll always have all the time if I live in New York, or London, or Tokyo, can actually be felt here, in my hometown.

Cazbar: not only good for talks, but pretty sure for writings too. I'll be back here soon enough.


If settling down in Jakarta this nice,
I swear I'll get rid of any possibilities
In moving out abroad

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