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Tonight I will be discussing on the ongoing international tournament UEFA Euro 2016, and some little snippets about the participating nation(s). Now let's begin!

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Off to the first exclusive coverage, we have, of course, the football thingy itself. Now honestly, I missed all the group rounds because boy, I've been really damn busy the last couple of weeks. Doing work. That triple life I live, which I'm not planning to talk about right now. So yea I missed all the group matches, but still I got the updates from my timeline thanks to my fellow football-enthusiasts and George Lineker's talkative tweets.

Then drifting away a bit from sport, but still about Europe—we got the UK's off-EU referendum. Well I'm not the type of a politic lover here, but bite me, this one really fancy my arse. It's just so interesting how it all started, how it all affected the global life, and how it all unveiled many things many people had no idea about -such as how British people didn't even know that they were a part of EU, and how people couldn't differentiate between United Kingdom, Great Britain, and England.

Now with these two topics, I'd like to narrow it down.
To a simple one phrase, two nouns, three words:

Iceland and Wales

It's crazy how both amateurs performed. Looking back to their participation history in which they neither entered nor qualified, this one, the Euro 2016 series, can be actually considered as their first ever major tournament appearance. And both progressed amazingly throughout the tournament!


Has been a bad-arse since the very beginning of the cup. Even long before it. It's funny how this underdog can be a killing hound, biting all other teams. Especially when they defeated England. The momentum was spot-on, as UK just announced their #Brexit and England had to walk out of the tournament as well. People started mocking England for being lost to a team that has "more volcanoes than footballers", whose second coach was a dentist -crazy trivias how could they find these out!?

But after all, Iceland is something worth considering about. Remember, they kicked Netherlands out even before the tournament started so, it's not just mere luck. Tomorrow, they'll be facing the host France. It'll be really alluring if they win the match -and I got a feeling that they'll do- because one, the host will be taken down by a newcomer, and two, the semifinal round of this Euro will be crowded with two amateurs—the other one being


Oh Wales. Ever since #Brexit broke the internet followed by the fall of England and Northern Ireland, people started making jokes about how both UK as a nation and UK as a collective of football teams exited Europe. They took Wales for granted, assuming that the tiny dragon would also fall respectively.

But now, what do we get? This not-so-popular team just beat one of European's top teams Belgium last night with a surprise victory—even their fans go wild and couldn't believe it. Well why not, they're the last hope for the UK to stay in the competition and prove that they exiting EU didn't affect anything in their football sense.


Iceland and the last nation yet to Brexit.
If both of them do meet in the final round,
It'll be as colossal as that classic time when
Titanic met the Iceberg

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