Saturday, December 16, 2017

Restart Ends Here

If you’re aware of what I've been doing this past 12 months,
Yea, everything, well no—most of them, are something to do with


From revisiting places I’ve been to, doing a big solo trip again, vacationing with family, having a Lebaran getaway with them, to trinkets like short Bali trip, F1 escape, and hosting a friend from abroad and doing that local exploration, yes, it was all, clearly, restarting things I haven’t done in a quiet long time.

That, all happened throughout the year. Literally. From that wild night New Year office party all the way to Citra Pariwara celebration some weeks ago -I was a finalist of Daun Muda Award, for God’s sake!- yea, things kept restarting—until now, when I think that this is the peak of it.

"The peak", I said, because it’s not only restarting what I’ve done years ago. But also restarting what I just did six months ago, on this exact same year.

Yep. Another big trip.
My ultimate “Restart Moment”.


I know, I know, France is not all about Eiffel but dude can I have my own moment here???
Oh, the photo's from here by the way.

No. I haven’t been to France. I haven’t even been to Europe.

But I’ve been in my position I am now. Sitting restlessly, waiting for the date to come. Feeling anxious yet excited because this’d be my very first time ever going to a certain place. Yes, I’m restarting what I’ve once felt for my previous big trips.

And I’ve been in this situation before. A trip so big that it requires so many things from so many layers of myself. A trip with lots of preparations, plannings, and considerations. A trip where I could celebrate Christmas and New Year outside my own country so yes—this kind of journey, is restarting in my life.


Never thought that it’d end this way. Really unbelievable. When I first bragged about all these “restart” shits on January, I was only foreseeing it for the next 6-7 months. Never had I imagined that it'd last until the very end of 2017, wrapped up with such amazing trip.

And this trip, will mark the final restart of this year.
The timing is right, the size of the moment is right,
So with this, I’d like to proudly say that,

Restarting succeeded

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