Thursday, February 1, 2018

Child Again

Well ever since I returned from France,
I feel like my relationship with Disney was...


Getting stronger.

Yea yea thanks to my visit to Disneyland. It was just too magical, too unbelievable that my mind couldn't stop thinking how Disney universe relates in so many levels to me. And that final firework show, where the castle was projected with snippets of many Disney classic scenes, and the favorite songs played harmoniously with the motions, yea it wrecked my head. 

I still could remember how I got the chill when I suddenly saw Simba roared with its "Circle of Life", or when Ariel sang "Part of Your World" in French, or when Cinderella's "Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes" echoed all the way into my earlobes... I swear, I cried. No exaggerating, no lies just to make it all emotional, no. I cried.

Yet now here I am, so far from the reach of Disney magic, have no idea how to feel it all again... well, not exactly have no idea. Because if I really have no idea, I wouldn't be here writing this blog on the first place.


I always claim that I'm a Disney freak. Bullshit. Because if you ask me what my favorite cartoons are, my answer would be somewhere around "Tarzan", "Hercules", "Mulan", or the classic-est one would be "Beauty and the Beast". I would take the vintage ones for granted, and only consider Disney as the ones I actually grew up with.

Now with that background prologue, here I am, with an idea I think strong enough to prove that I AM, an avid Disney freak.

Here goes the plan: for the past two years or so, I've always had this initiation to watch ALL Disney Classics. Or what they call as Disney Animated Features. I wanted to watch ALL, not only the most popular ones like Disney Princess movies or all-time favorites like "The Jungle Book" or "Peter Pan", noI wanted, to watch, ALL.

Up until today, there are 56 of them, the first one being "Snow White" and the last one "Moana". My initial plan was to watch one or two every weekend, following its actual release order, so it'll be all finished by the last week of the year and I can redo it all over again from "Snow White" on the first week of the new year, and BAM! Now you can call me a Disney freak.

Unfortunately, my plan was just mere plan. I had no major booster to start doing it, giving the fact that I'm living a double life as an obsessive worker so my weekend has always been about work and work.

But now, I think there's no more holding back.
I've woken up from my long laziness and stupidity.
I've seen the sign, it's obvious, strong, and undeniable.
And it came straight from the core of Disney universe.

Therefore hereby, I declare each and every single weekend of 2018, to be the time for me to watch the cartoons of Walt Disney Studios, to extend the magic cast to me back in France, to show that I'm a worthy Disney devotee...

I made the layout, but each image comes from here and here.

...and, to be
Child again

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