Tuesday, August 24, 2010


" again, it's about mesut oezil. man, i was so relieved when i heard that barcelona stopped approaching him. and yesterday my brother told me that manchester united is a step closer to buy him. it was an oh-so-phew news to be heard

it's kinda amusing... well until today, i saw a news telling me that now it's real madrid the one who wants to get him

oh get real! you got more stars than barcelona has. now you're after oezil?

there's no way you can do it
you got kaka and cristiano ronaldo already
and i HATE them! so...
don't buy oezil, please? "

--posted on august 8, 2010


that's what i wished
and what now?

he belongs to bernabeu

poor him...
that freakin greedy club has tons of star
he will probably be played less than others
and soon when the time has come, he'll be out
good step, i suppose but...
he's had his bright times wasted

sigh... hope i'm wrong
good luck to him, then

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