Sunday, August 1, 2010

Moving Out

I know it's not so far from my house. I can return back home whenever I want since I only need to take a train. But still...

It's totally new for me. Everything's changed. No mom, no dad, no annoying little brothers, nothing but me and my solitary world.

Weeks before, I still felt normal. Well, it won't be as hard as it may seem, I thought. And living alone with no relations around will be a good lesson for me and my future.

But things changed when the day reached nearer. My dad tarted complaining, telling me that he's not ready to let me live alone. My brothers got me upset more and more, saying that they can no longer stick around with me more often if i'm out. My friends, they kept saying goodbye and walked away to the cities they'll be surviving at.

And yesterday, a best friend of mine texted me as I left today. It's a farewell one and it was... Well, kinda shattering.

But after all, I'll be just fine.
I'm a grown up and I can face it.
And uh, I think I just wanna say...

"Bye, joys
Welcome, struggles
Wish us luck."

P.S. : I'm entering the term of rarely be online and taking care of my blog. So, please leave comment or something and don't forget to leave your link so I can visit you back. I'm gonna start posting in no time. So long!

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