Saturday, February 11, 2012

Catching Fire

Katniss survived The 74th Hunger Games. Her victory ignited the rebellion of whole Panem. President Snow saw this as a threat. Along the Victory Tour, he forced Katniss to settle down all the people of twelve districts not to act against Capitol. Or else, she placed herself in danger, along with her loved ones. Meanwhile, the 75th Hunger Games was going to be held. This third quarter is a special event, with some new rules. Unfair rules. That had Katniss back to the arena.

Catching fire.JPGWhat did I feel right after? Awalnya sih biasa aja. Penasaran, emang. Tapi selama tur kemenangan itu isinya gak begitu ngagetin. Nah pas udah masuk Hunger Games ke-75, baru deh tuh mulai seru. Apalagi karena peraturan Quell (istilah buat Hunger Games kelipatan 25) yang dibacain Presiden Snow itu sangat amat mencengangkan dan gue sendiri sampe lompat lompat gak percaya abis ngebacanya. Haha I won't tell what the rules are, cause it will be an annoying spoiler then. Nah dari situ sampe abis bener bener gak ada obat serunya.

"Ms Collins, I LOVE YOU!"

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