Friday, February 10, 2012

Sophomore Term Two

Well, the college-off has done. Although I didn't do things related to academic stuff or future career preparations, I don't know why, I still feel so productive.

Yes, I kept participating some writing competitions, some of whose announcements announced and as usual, I wasn't lucky enough to win. Some others are sent and keep waiting, while some more are in progress to be finished. Well, be the winner or not, at least I tried hard enough to improve my writing skill.

I also paid a lot more focus to my health. I jogged like once in three days, cycled, swam, and also, kept practicing parkour regularly. Gosh, I really, reeeeeaaaaaaallyyyy want to master this thing. But the traceur said that if I desperately need to be fluent in this, I have to practice not just once, but seven times a week. The problem is, I can't find the perfect spot that is suitable enough for me to deal with jumping and leaping.

Next thing that kept me busy enough along the month-off was this dental issue. Yes, my adorable well-organized teeth. After 2 years vacuum of dentist visit, it turned out that my wild teeth should be arranged so I won't have to deal with leftovers among them. So, as days went by, I decided to put on braces.

Last but not least, I dedicated myself to serve my parents, especially my mom. I drove them here and there, accompanied her shopping, dropped him off and picked him up at the office, just be a faithful child. But somehow, this affected my financial status too. When mom bought things in Z or M&S and I happened to see some glowing clothes or shoes... that would be the time i said bye-bye to my penny.

Ah, now it's over. I'll be having these four months of survival in campus before another holiday. And the next one will be the summer off. Hear it, baby? SUMMER OFF!

Okay this productive feel and situation should last longer.
I have to explore some activities I can do to fill the next offs.
But first, let's face the fourth part of college!

P.S. : One thing i hate about braces is; people will straightly consider them, the ones who stakes-their-beautiful-chewing-moment-in-torture, as a follower of trendsetters. Sigh, damn it! Screw you, people who use braces for fashion's sake.


  1. Yeah, college is starting again for me too. Semangat!

    1. hahaha semangat yaaa yang masih mahasiswa! *padahal sendirinya juga*