Sunday, October 28, 2012

If Only, If Only...

Here's the deal.

"All these things in this post, let's say I'm sharing it hypothetically.
So Dad -if you're reading this- please remain calm."

You remember one day, I thought when I grow older I'd love to pet a cat. Yea. Uhuh. Okay well now I don't think it's gonna work. As time went by, I learned quiet well about myself and I know I'm a lazy ass guy.

Owning a cat will make my life... you know, we both will just sit together, eat chips and watch some lame cartoon all weekend long. We'll grow older and spend our last times in front of the TV--Shoot, stop! That's, when I realize I'm not a cat person.

So yeah -here comes the part where I'm sure my dad's gonna freak out reading this- a dog will do. Dogs are active, fun, and protective. They'll bite my un-movable ass and force me to walk him down by the apartment park. They'll howl at me, try to wake me up and force my vulnerable feet to take him down to the jogging track. See, my life would be much healthier with a dog by my side.

But then I thought to myself, what kind of dog? A big one will cost me hell and effort because I gotta be wiping all his spits and poops. So then a small one it is. But still... What kind?

Okay you know how teenagers nowadays love to stalk others through the social media. In Bahasa we call that 'ngepo', from the word 'kepo' or 'kaypoh' in Singaporean. So yea basically we now have needs to ngepo somebody else.

I happened to stalk many people of BBDO Agency. Ya you know, they work for BCA and I happened to meet some of them. While doing the ritual, I found someone who has this adorable dog.

It's a Schnauzer. And I fell into a sudden love seeing him for the first time.

See? Geez look at his innocent face, and those spineless eyes... Who could say no to him? I may spend more money on him than on myself.

And his cute, crushable little figure... I can keep him inside my backpack and go inside places where pets are not allowed. Yea I'm sure I can't stand even one minute without him. Cause you know, I'll be attached to him real quick.

Then he'll be switching the role of my alarm. Every morning he'll jump to my bed, bark by me and weakly pull my blanket to wake me up. I'll stay in bed but once he starts his desperate yelp, I give in tho.

Ooo can't wait to have my own place to live. Can't wait to see a tiny four legged creature wander around my living room. Can't wait to show him to my friends and they'll all be like, "Aww what a cute dog! Can I hold him?" or "Aww you guys look marvelous together!"

Yea time flies, I get it. Maybe the next thing I know I'll be having like tons of them, breeding like uncontrollable beasts. Or maybe I'll only have one because he'll be loyal enough to walk me down my days? Well I can't tell.

What I know now is,
This post is just hypothetical


  1. I would love to get a Corgi or a Chow Chow! :)

    1. Argh yeah a puppy Chow Chow is too cute it could kill me :"