Saturday, October 13, 2012

If You Consider This as Abnormal, Please Let Me Know Right Away!

Before you go on, I warn you, this post might change your perception about me.

So you must know Naruto. That popular anime, and comic thing, that's just so... Popular. The story's about ninja lives. Consisting many characters of male ninjas and female ones, known more as kunoichi.

Speaking of kunoichi, I somehow have my favorite one out of many female ninjas appeared in Naruto series. Her name is Tenten.

From the buns set and suit she worn, and also her name, she's Chinese. She's a protagonist. But roll a minor part. That's why when she appears, it's such a sweet surprise because I somehow long for that.

When her thoughts are considered by other ninjas, I feel honored. Yet while she's ignored or forgotten, damn I feel like being cheated. Gosh it's weird, eh?

Guess I'm gonna stop it now.
It's not that I'm such a lonely, nerdy pervert.
I just appreciate the art of animation

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