Monday, May 14, 2012

Reported to You, From Manchester

Just now, as you all probably knew, was the last matchday of the English Premier League. The top two Manchesters were head to each other's head to be the toppest. They earned the same point of 86, same winnings of 27, same draws and loses of each 5. Only the number of goals made City stayed on the first place.

And so the battle began,

Manchester United vs. Manchester City
Stadium of Light - Etihad Stadium
Sunday, May 13th 2012

You felt that too, eh? Although United was against Sunderland and City was feasting QPR, it felt like those two were the one battling. People turned hectic. I observed my twitter timeline and saw many people were like switching channels to see each match's progress.

Things started to heat up on the first half when both United and City scored one. But the best happened on the second half, in Etihad.

When QPR made it 1-1 by Cisse and Mackie, several minutes later turned things over by making it 1-2. It was so depressing for Mancini, I supposed. The commentator even said, "It's yours, United! It's yours!!" when Mackie scored. And the desperation lasted until the injury time, until United finished their game.

However, quote "Save the best for the last" truly happened.

Like a soap opera plot, City fired up after being bullied. Dzeko scored a goal by the last three minutes of the injury time, and ignited a tiny little hope for the fans. They needed less than two minutes to make one more goal, just one.

It was like a sudden death match -well, not a match actually, a sudden death minute will be suitable- for City. They scored one and they won it, they didn't score then um, they didn't win it.

And yes, miracle happened. Aguero was the one who scored the league-winning goal, ruining the temporary euphoria United just had for only two minutes.

So yea, Manchester City is the winner of EPL 2011/2012

Phew what an ending. I'm not a fan of either one, but that was a hell lot of a match. So breathtaking that I wanted to post it here. And yet, I overread on my timeline, a tweet that said,

"We are witnessing a history"

It had me thinking. He was right. This kind of drama, it's just too precious just to be told. And remembered. And talked about. It has to be recorded.

So um, you can call me 'karbitan' yea whatever
But I was one of witnesses of this epic drama
And since it's a big part of EPL's history, so
Just let me write

P.S. : Bestest ovation for the keeper of QPR and QPR themselves, because they can fought the almighty City even just with 10 people. And congrats for not being kicked out from the EPL ;)


  1. Yeah ManC won! Although I'm not a football adict. Lol.

    1. haha me neither. i just watch the game, not play one :p

  2. wkwkwkwkw bingung.

    I have absolutely no idea about football

    BUT omg did u really go to witness the match then?

    wah jadi loe emgnya d UK ya skrang? kalo gituh qta deket aja lho wkwkw

    1. hahaha udah gue duga gue salah milih kata buat judul fufu nggak kok gue di indonesia, moga moga aja beberapa taun lagi bisa jadi witness beneran :')

      anyway where in europe are you?

    2. wkwkw oh gituh gue pikirin loe lg d UK kan bhs Ingris loe lancar bgt

      wah kalo bisa ngeliat matchnya tuh keren banget dong, wkwkw cumen kalo gue si bukan fans bgt ma football matches hahah tapi gimanapun yah...wkwkw

      gue d Irlandia.

    3. haha gak juga kok... ooo Irlandia, pantes akhir akhir ini suka ada traffic dari Dublin hoho okay sering sering main ke blog gue yah hehe ;)

  3. halo gan,
    tetap semangat tinggi ya untuk jalani hari ini ! ditunggu kunjungannya :D

  4. Thanks you for your message on my blog and thank you for being a new follower. I really appreciate it.


  5. selamat buat manc city, kalian pantas juara. buat manc united, jangan terlalu berkecil hati, masih ada musim-musim lainnya.