Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Best Number So Far

When I turned 20, I freaked out like a chicken. But then I explored that being 20-something wasn't that bad.

So last year when I turned 21, instead of crying of getting a lil' bit older, I was excited like a kid riding jetcoaster for the first time. And what came to me all year long, were the best twists I could ever asked on my life.

Now in 10 mins I'll be 22.

A friend who's 24, right before she turned 23, said that the number, 22, was like the best for her. She started everything, moved to Indonesia, found the best job, made friends with the sickest individuals on this planet and closed the age with a very mind-blowing birthday party I never even imagined before.

I want that kind of 22.
I'm sure I'll get that kind of 22.
22's damn good. 22's a fancy number.
Even American Sweetheart has a song about that.

So thanks 21, thank you so much.
I had such great times entitling you for this last year.
You gave me chances and I rocked everything.

Now let's have a great-10-mins flashback
To cherish all things I did while I was 21.
Before I open my eyes and realize,

That I'm a 22 year old guy

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