Friday, April 11, 2014

Black Dahlia From The Red

I know I been saying this my whole life, but I'm gonna say it again. I'm a reality show junkie. Once I start seeing one episode of anything, I mean it like, ANYTHING, I'll be there for the rest of the episodes until I figure out who the winner is, on the season finale.

So Asia's Next Top Model was last year. The contestants were all gorgeous that when cycle 2 started, I began to mock the new girls because they were no prettier than cycle 1 ones. But then when I was exposed more to the series, I got my faves. And once again, the top of my list is filled by the girl from Japan.

Her name is Marie Nakagawa

Sofia's successor. With the exact same rank: third runner up. Damn she should've been the winner because she won best photos more than anyone else.

She's shorter than Sofia -well, Sofia's too tall for anybody else. But one thing I like from her is, that she's black, and Japanese at the same time. That's just so unique! She looks exquisite with the skin it super matches her red-dyed hair. And when she was given the makeover, with that afro-kind-of hair, damn she's Whitney Houston!

And I also like her attitude. Looking not too much like a girl from Japan, but her gesture is sooooo Japanese. Super polite, bow before everybody, just what I always expected from Japanese women.

I think it's because I'm in too much love with Japanese. That every single girl, with a whole different mixture of descents and culture, always succeeded making me adore them.

Or is it,
Simply because,
Japan women are all
Blossoming flowers

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